Prime Minister Rudd responds to demands from Meryl Dorey

On August 12 2013, in this term’s election cycle, anti-vaccination crusader and leader of the anti-vaccination Australian Vaccination Network, laid down her template for the future; a challenge to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, if you will:

AVN 6516 Dorey tweet to PMGiven that Dorey has been a successful and formidable protagonist for legislative change, this was not a challenge at which any Prime Minister should sniff. Dorey is a juggernaut. She has successfully changed the Health Care Complaints Act, so that unpalatable health practices are now more easily held to account. And she has successfully changed Section 11 of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009, as to what constitutes an appropriate name for NGOs and charities, making it easier to demand inappropriate organisation names to be changed. This is not a person to be ignored.

Well, today, the Prime Minister has been forced to act on Dorey’s challenge, From the ABC:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will announce that those who do not vaccinate their children will not get the Family Tax Benefit A end-of-year supplement.

AVN PM repsonse to DoreyHe had no choice. Once Dorey issues forth with her demands, challenges, and proclamations, parliaments and leaders must act.

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