Anti-vaccine chiropractors 24

The Chiropractic Board of Australia has had enough:

“We will not tolerate registered chiropractors giving misleading or unbalanced advice to patients, or providing advice or care that is not in the patient’s best interests,” chairman Phillip Donato said.

Dr Donato said chiropractors should only provide evidence-based treatment and anyone with concerns should report them. [Sydney Morning Herald August 9 2013]

Jason Ronan is the co-owner at Toowoomba Family Chiropractic, a Queensland business. I couldn’t find out if he is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. If he isn’t he should be.

Ronan refers to immunisation as “Government mandated mass medication”. He finds it offensive. As you can see in this screenshot, Ronan is not averse to a challenge. It appears he is challenging the CBA to take a shot at him. Ronan admits what we all suspect to be the case: these chiropractors will always share anti-vaccination misinformation with their customers, and pretend they aren’t:

I tell people it’s their choice, but then explain why we chose NOT to immunise ours

Ronan 1 mass medication beginsAlso note how he distorts the reasons for poor *influenza* uptake in Queensland Health? We all know it’s about access and time availability. Ronan states it must  be a conspiracy. Why is it always a conspiracy with these people?

This is the sort of thing Ronan deems to be appropriate immunisation information: the Dianne Harper Gardasil lie. I’ll be exploring the source of his link in the next post:

Ronan 2 Harper Gardasil lieTake up his challenge, CBA. Ronan wants you to carry out your spot checks, immediately.

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  3. JR says:

    Hi ‘Hank’, thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog. I have an issue with some of your statements. These being: 1. Gardisil vaccination. In a grown up discussion, sharing a video under the caption ‘Interesting….’ is not an endorsement of the interviewee nor of the content. It is merely an interesting video that a colleague of mine shared. 2. Do you have any proof that the low take-up rate of the influenza vaccine was due to the time constraints of the Queensland Health employees? I have no evidence that the low take-up rate was due to any particular reason, but pose the (perhaps provocative) question that given they are experts in communicable diseases, and that the vaccines are available at their place of work & at no cost, why is the rate of vaccination so low? I would have thought that if their observed outcomes of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated in the community was so great that they would have a vaccination rate higher than 45(ish)%. I look forward to your evidence that the low take up rate is due to the time constraints of Queensland doctors & nurses. Have a great day 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting. I hope the Board see your comments defending your anti-vaccinationism.

      The point of this series – I know this is difficult, so keep up – is to present examples of an anti-vaccine chiropractor presenting anti-vaccine misinformation. You have done this.

      Your post refers to immunisation as “mandated mass-medication”. I love that you’re now attempting to sound reasonable.

      You have no evidence that the take-up rate of the influenza vaccine was due in part to time constraints etc. Great. Then, why would you make an insane comment about some conspiracy? You’re funny.

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