HCCC Public Warning about the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network 2014

The anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network yesterday published its latest award.

Awarded for excellence in the fields of callousness and cruelty, dishonesty, hypocrisy, defamation, ineptitude, grandiosity, perjury, hubris, and legal vexatiousness; and with special mentions in the fields of censorship (by any means), and donation accumulation (by any means), the AVN and its head ideologue have been acclaimed with another public health warning by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

You can read the three page document at:

Public Statement – warning about the Australian Vaccination Network, Inc (‘AVN’)

Or you just view the main award:

AVN HCCC Warning March 2014At the moment this has not been officially published by the NSW HCCC, so is only a draft statement. I can’t imagine the geniuses at the AVN doing or saying anything which would dilute this warning upon official publication.

Please do your best to ensure all media, politicians, your colleagues, your friends, your family (oh hell, even your enemies) see this award.

Congratulations to a well deserved bunch of sociopaths.

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15 Responses to HCCC Public Warning about the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network 2014

  1. Sue says:

    This sociopathic organisation’s hubris and lack of insight is publicly displayed for all to see – they are publicly posting their responses to the HCCC on their website.

    Here is just one excerpt:

    ”In accordance with our correspondence of March 5, 2014 we require a response to this submission within seven (7) days of the above date. The response must outline in precise terms the impact that this submission will have on your “Investigation Report”. In particular, the response must include a fresh copy of the draft “Investigation Report” complete with any amendments consequent to this submission, as verification that the submission has been appropriately noted and actioned.

    In the event that you fail to respond appropriately within the period mentioned we will conclude that your office lacks the competence and/or integrity to carry out this investigation, and we will cease making submissions on that basis.”

    This, folks, is the response of an organisation that has been investigated by a formal complaints instrumentality to that body. The AV-SN is trying to dictate to the regulator how they should do their job.

    You can read the whole embarrassing mess at http://www.donotlink.com/e23. It gives a clear picture of what sort of people the executive of AV-SN are.

  2. sarah says:

    It’s funny they are so caught up on insisting the chicken pox vaccine containing live virus, but measles parties are encouraged? I don’t get it. Surely a child would come in contact with a live measles virus at those parties…?

  3. That response is very ‘Freeman of the Land’ styled by the AV-SN president.
    Talk about handing your organisation’s backside over on a platter.
    They don’t seem realise that the technical win in the Supreme Court did, in fact, change the legislative playing field, and does not entitle them to dictate terms.

    But then again, given Greg Beattie’s enormous hubris in dealing with authorities all the was up to the High Court, i suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Good one, Hank, and welcome back 🙂

    • Nilbeliever says:

      I recall that David Koresh at Waco was similarly bellicose when it came to dealing with relevant authorities. Didn’t work out too well for him, either…

      Oh well, if it works for Meryl we could all try telling the Tax Office or IRS or whatever that we don’t recognize their competence and authority to investigate our tax affairs.

      Wonder how far that gambit would get?.

  4. Simone Dutt says:

    “we will conclude that your office lacks the competence and/or integrity to carry out this investigation”

    Is that like the competence and/or integrity required to meet the legal obligations of an incorporated association that raises funds from the public?

  5. Angus says:

    Interesting that they complain about the amount of money spent pursuing them through courts yet fail to appreciate that this would have been unneccessary if they had simply behaved appropriately in the first plae.
    I hope therc e comes a time that we get to see that horrible person personall prosecuted for her deliberately misleading medical advice.
    And then punished appropriately without opportunity to be made the martyr (gi even her egotist-sociopathic tendency, that’s what she’s chasing.

    • Sue says:

      The role of the Health Care Complaints Commission is to investigate and prosecute complaints about health care providers. The AV(S)N has held itself to be a provider of health care information/advice, and now comes under the HCCC’s jurisdiction. How, then, is it a ”waste of money” if the investigation has found a transgression that needs to be corrected. It is no more a waste of money than the investigation and prosecution of a nurse or doctor who has been found to have acted improperly. That is what the HCCC is funded to do.

  6. Stephen says:

    For a good laugh check out the AVN’s facebook page. “Submission 1-on the Chicken Pox Vaccine” and “Submission 2 – where the HCCC orders the AVN to remove any info linking vaccines with autism. And the AVN says no.” where they seem confused about who is in charge.

    • Sue says:

      Extraordinary, isn’t it? It’s hard to imagine that a group of people with so little insight can continue to function in the world.

  7. Andy says:

    You may laugh and poke fun and take delight in one department’s dismissal of this anti-vaccination lobby group as dangerously misinformed – but the fact is the group still holds a charity licence happily granted it (and, indeed, returned to it) by another NSW government department.

    Would you care much if you were still allowed to collect free money, apparently without need to account for any of it or be held responsible for any misuse of it? I think a lot of sociopathically-inclined people could live quite happily with that sort of government “zeal”.

    Sorry, but I’m impatient by nature and take little delight in the slow grind and apparent inaction when the government is well aware of the group and its activities. The AVN was previously described in parliament as “potentially murderous”, “insane”, “profoundly disreputable” and the then-leader’s campaign was labelled “immoral”. Why do they still have a charity licence? What possible reason could the OLGR have for turning a blind eye?

  8. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the update. Pleased to see they’ve surrendered the CFA.

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