CAA's Jennifer Barham-Floreani talking at anti-vaccine chiropractic conference

Three months ago I wrote that Jennifer Barham-Floreani – one half of the Australian chiropractic glamour couple, with her husband Simon; members of the anti-vaccine pressure group the Australian Vaccination Network – is to present a talk at the CalJam chiropractic cult conference in the US. Well the time has come, and the Floreanis are at ground zero with CalJam creator Billy DeMoss and his collection of anti-vaccine heavy-hitters: Andrew Wakefield, Joe Mercola, and Sherri Tenpenny are also presenting, along with a conga-line of other anti-vaccine chiropractic heroes.

On a recent Facebook post in which identities from the Chiropractic Association of Australia heap praise upon JBF, she replies noting her pride with Billy DeMoss. Also note that CAA National board member Tony Croke is proud of JBF’s attendance at this conference:

JBF 9 Croke uber proud DeMossI want you to remember that the Floreanis are regularly sought out by media, and are promoted by the CAA as spokespersons for Australian chiropractic. Simon Floreani is a former CAA National President. Only last year he received an Outstanding Service Award from CAA Victoria:

Floreani 4 oustanding service award CAA VICThe reason I note their attendance at CalJam – in particular because JBF is presenting alongside the aforementioned anti-vaccine tour de force – is that the CAA has indicated that it will be frowning upon chiropractors soiling themselves with the company of anti-vaccinationists. In the The Australian Chiropractor President’s report in November 2013, Laurie Tassell made it quite clear what he thinks of the practice:

Tassell CAA TACIndeed, one chiropractor, Tim Shakespeare, was ejected from the board of the CAA NSW for posing with…wait for it…Billy DeMoss. Yes. The same Billy DeMoss who created CalJam, where JBF is giving a talk, on the same stage where anti-vaccine heavy hitters will be giving talks. If the CAA is serious it will be taking action against Jennifer Barham-Floreani, right? If it’s serious.

Here are a couple of reminders of the beliefs of Billy DeMoss, of whom JBF is proud. And, remember, CAA National board member Tony Croke is proud of JBF for presenting at DeMoss’ cult conference.

This is not a Poe. This is real. David Icke… and the whole omnibus. Agenda 21, chemtrails, vaccines, GMO, chemotherapy, 9/11:

DeMoss 130 Icke Agenda 21And here is DeMoss again railing against Australian health practitioners, those who can’t help shooting up the drugs, because moron brainwash something :

DeMoss 131 needle heads in land of Oz cool aidOnce again, CAA, you’ve got some work to do. It would be nice to see some public action to show how serious you are.

Update March 3 2014

Here are the obligatory Barham-Floreani photos with anti-vaccinationists. What was it the CAA National President said about these?

Billy DeMoss:

JBF 11 DeMossNone other than the king of anti-vaccinationism, Andrew Wakefield:

JBF 12 Wakefield

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