Meryl Dorey again repeats 'vaccines cause Shaken Baby Syndrome' lie at Queensland Expo

Many people have written before about what Orac calls The vilest antivaccine lie that won’t die: Shaken baby syndrome as “vaccine injury”For a greater understanding of this particularly nasty anti-vaccine lie, I highly recommend reading the Orac post.

Another person who has been on top of the vaccines cause SBS lie, longer than anyone would care to be aware of, such is its repugnance, is Peter Bowditch.

Back in 1997 a thug by the name of Alan Yurko killed his girlfriend’s 10 week old son. After being acquitted of murder, due to sloppy morgue practices, Yurko went down for manslaughter. Peter Bowditch has a very thorough timeline of events on his site.

I want to note some of the injuries listed in the post-mortem of the slaughtered baby. From Peter’s site:

Note – the baby had been crying for a few days before the father held it by its feet and hit it.

Post-Mortem Findings included minor contusions of both temporal areas of the head, small ecchymosis of the right lower eyelid, fresh subdural hemorrhages of the right and left cerebral hemispheres and at base of brain and some areas of spinal cord, and retinal bleeding. The brain was grossly edematous. In addition there were several old, healing fractures of the 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th ribs, all posterior and on the left.

To cut a long story short, chiropractic organisations and anti-vaccine activists swung in behind Yurko, where they remain to this day. As Peter Bowditch notes, Yurko was labeled a “hero” by the International Chiropractors Association’s Pediatric Council. You read that right. And one of the main medical advocates for the baby slaughterer was one Harold Buttram (remember that bit).

So, take into account the injuries suffered by that 10 week old baby; remember that the injuries he sustained (some whilst being hung upside down by his feet, and struck) led him to be the subject of a post-mortem; and now remind yourselves of what Meryl Dorey and her husband Ken Dorey said on January 7 2001, on the AVN Yahoo! Group:

Dear Barbara,

I just read this out to my husband who is great with catch phrases and he suggests – Shaken Maybe Syndrome. I like Shaken from the inside too – both are good. And a great thought – you are right – sound bites have it. And as my 16 year old niece would say – that bites!

Take care,


AVN 6808 Dorey shaken maybe syndrome Yahoo messageYou also read that right. In the Dorey household it is okay to sit around thinking up glib “catch phrases”, which have “bite”, to defend baby killers.

With all of this in mind I want you to read the following transcript, taken from Dorey’s appearance yesterday at the You Can Heal Yourself Expo, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The organisers defended Dorey’s right to be at the Expo, and staunchly defended Dorey’s right to give a presentation. Media also gave Dorey free plugs. The organisers led people to believe that the HCCC’s Public Health Warning against the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network would be on display. It wasn’t.

Read this astonishing transcript for yourself and then judge the actions of the organisers of the Expo:

Questioner: Yeah hi I was wondering with the SIDS I’ve heard that a lot of fathers and sometimes mothers have been jailed for I guess being said that they caused the deaths from shaking while their babies were sleeping or something, because the vaccinations actually cause bruises as well as the instant death. Do you have any statistics on that or something?

Meryl: I don’t have statistics but there is a book we carry it  it’s called Sudden Infant Death I can never remember the whole name it’s quite long it’s written by Harold Buttram who’s an MD, a GP who has been studying this for a long time and he has actually engaged an engineer of some kind, a mechanical engineer I think to test what sort of force is needed to shake a baby in order to cause brain damage and bleeding behind the eyes which are basically the symptoms they look at in shaken baby, and it is impossible according to this expert, it is impossible to shake a baby hard enough to cause that sort of damage without breaking their neck. I mean even if you hold the baby’s head and body at the same time and shake them, the neck has to break. So shaken baby syndrome again like SIDS, is a waste basket. It is a way of blaming the family for what may have been caused by the medical community. And bleeding behind the eyes, retinal bleeding is something that has been known to follow vaccination, it has been known to follow hypoxia or lack of oxygen. There are so many things that can cause that symptom and um, in Australia there is a doctor by the name of Archie K who also put a lot of those symptoms they’re looking at with shaken baby down to lack of vitamin C, he even believed that vaccinations caused uh, ah a deficit of vitamin C and that those would cause the bruising and the broken bones that a lot of people were seeing in this babies as well. Uh yeah, shaken baby syndrome is being used, so is Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy.

And she wonders why reasonable people will not debate her. Sometimes there are just no words.

Update 1 hour later:

This is precisely the problem with allowing someone to lie their face off at vulnerable parents:

AVN 6809 Zaiga Virsis never vaccinating due to Dorey talk at Expo


I want to give a huge shout out to many people who contributed to this post: Of course, Peter Bowditch, who has been all over this for years; the two ninjas who politely attended the Expo and made it possible to see the above words; and the OTTER who transcribed like a now wounded sea mammal.

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