Public Apology from Mr Phillip Ebrall

Earlier this year a public apology was meant to be published in the Chiropractic Journal of Australia, regarding comments made in an editorial by Mr Phillip Ebrall. The comments, and others, can be found in my post from December 2013:  The Phillip Ebrall Monologues: chiropractor at large.

The apology was never printed because the CJA went into hibernation. The defamatory comments were also printed in The Australian Chiropractor, the magazine of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. The public apology was not published there either.

On request, Mr Ebrall (Former Assistant Editor, CJA) has kindly provided us with a copy of his apology:


The editorial of December 2013 (Chiropr J Aust 43) used the descriptors ‘fringe-dwellers’ and ‘scum ring’ to describe what has unfortunately been taken as the entirety of one particular group. As the author of those comments I unhesitatingly withdraw them and apologise for any upset this may have caused.

It must be appreciated that politically motivated sub-groups do exist however I fully accept it is not appropriate to use an opinion piece of writing to make reference to these in any way, let alone in a manner that may be interpreted differently than intended.

I would welcome constructive dialogue with every person who respects evidence-influenced practice with a view to working more positively and cooperatively together to improve our mutual understanding.

Phillip Ebrall
Former Assistant Editor, CJA

[Received June 26 2014]

Screenshot of apology:

Ebrall 27 apology June 26 2014

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