Anti-vaccine chiropractors 53

[Originally published as Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 3]

Since August 8 2013 chiropractors in Australia have been banned from posting anti-vaccine misinformation, well, anywhere. Period.

I’m not sure how much the Chiropractic Board of Australia has done about its anti-vaccine chiropractors: we only hear rumours. We don’t see any published evidence of action. I’d like to see some numbers, names, and some content.

Tom Dawson runs a manipulation business called Wellbeing Hawthorn. He featured in my original Anti-vaccine chiropractors series as number 3.

Then, when I visited his page in November 2013, I noticed another anti-vaccine post linking vaccines and autism. I wrote about that one, here. He removed that anti-vaccine post, dated November 27 2013.

So, he posted anti-vaccine misinformation after being told to stop, by the CBA; and, he posted more anti-vaccine misinformation after I posted about his anti-vaccination misinformation in my original series. Maybe it’s Oppositional Defiant Disorder? That steenking board won’t tell ME what to do…

But, silly me. I missed another of his posts. It was made on November 16 2013, and he still hasn’t removed it.

This is a man who posts incredulous anti-vaccine memes. This man encourages his clients to “investigate” their recommended vaccines. A man who said, last year:

Here come the medical Nazi’s, once they get the right to inject your child with things you don’t want them to, next they will remove your rights to choose for other things. Medical fundamentalism is no better than any other.

and dishonestly, and callously:

I don’t hear about unvaccinated kids dying of these diseases

 All of the children getting these diseases, dying from them and/or featured in the media HAVE BEEN VACCINATED

That’s some encouragement, right there.

Dawson 8 Gardasil post scamSo, over to you, once again, CBA.

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  1. Sue says:

    And meanwhile, celeb Aussie Chiro markets a little book that purports to offer ”some healthy alternatives” to vaccination.

  2. Annette says:

    Somehow I think the Chiropractic Board of Australia needs investigating . Seriously it is all smoke and mirrors with them, not good enough!

  3. alex, chiro says:

    Gotta say AHPRA has been pretty good to be honest…. everytime I send something there way they investigate and respond pretty quickly with an outcome… Its a process fro things to be published… From what I gather most peep are warned by AHPRA and comply pretty quickly…. furthur actin taken with non compliance….

    • Strangely enough I’ve only been in contact with AHPRA once. Awesome. AHPRA does the investigating. The CBA makes the decisions based on the investigation, from what I could gather.

      I’d still like to see some publication from the CBA, showing what has been happening. Publication would give some public confidence that they are acting.

  4. Stephen says:

    Even an atheist can enjoy Matthew 7:20 (rush for google everyone). A fair comment, I think, on some, not all, chiropractors and on the CBA.

    Nice work Hank.

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