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[Originally published as Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 6 – Fruit Mumma]

In my most recent post in this series,  Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 5 – so bad it’s like we stepped in something, or Clicking the Pug, I included several of the Chiropractic Board of Australia’s codes and guidelines, as well as statements by the CBA, and the president of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, regarding the very subject matter included here. It may be worth having a quick read if you aren’t aware of the professional requirements to which chiropractors must adhere.

On to today’s talent.*

My friend Rosalie introduced me to Fruit Mumma. My friend said Fruit Mumma is a chiropractor. So I thought I’d better see for myself. Yes, indeed, Fruit Mumma is a chiropractor and advertises herself, and trades on her profession, as such:

McBurnie 1 about page chiropractorI asked Fruit Mumma if the name I suspected to be hers indeed matched up with the AHPRA registration number I found. Instead of answering my simple question, she wanted to be a smartarse:

McBurnie 1 registration question So I checked for myself by going to her website:

McBurnie 1 website aboutAnd I also checked her Facebook profile, which is often linked from the Fruit Mumma page. Meet Ms Carlie McBurnie, who is indeed a registered chiropractor, who plies her business at Chiro & More in Victoria. Her business partners will thank her later, I’m sure:

McBurnie 21 profile pic chiropractor at Chiro and MoreI’m not going to beat around the bush, today. You guys all know just as well as me what sort of information is bad, or poor, or just stinking with the rot of a thousand fungating masses.

Speaking of the latter, this is what McBurnie thinks is information which is just right for her customers. Scheibner. Viera Scheibner. Viera Scheibner denying the effectiveness of the Polio vaccine on the Polio virus, which has of course just been redefined. And spelling like an absolute champion:

McBurnie 17 Scheibner Tolman Polio LIED TOO


I could just stop now. I really don’t need to add anything else which could possibly top citing not-a-doctor Scheibner. But, there’s just so much.

McBurnie shares the Greater Good and Safeminds as though it is an admirable thing, and alerts us all to an alternate universe in which vaccines do indeed cause autism:

McBurnie 6 Greater Good mercury vaccines autism

Behold! The Argumentum package insertium:

McBurnie 9 vaccine package insertsRemember how the Hepatitis B vaccine killed eight babies in China? No? That’s because it didn’t happen. As hard as I tried I couldn’t find any retractions from McBurnie on any of her sites:

McBurnie 14 HepB vaccine kill kids in China Natural NewsMcBurnie warns us that there’s definitely “something that all parents need to be aware of”, and it’s that…the vaccine hoax is over! Really:

McBurnie 19 vaccine hoaxOn McBurnie’s Facebook profile, the recent manufactroversy from the anti-vaccination movement gets the nod, via Jeanne Ohm‘s anti-vaccine chiropractic baby manipulating organisation, ICPA:

McBurnie 22 profile CDC liesThree months after the Chiropractic Board of Australia laid down its August 8 2013 press release, a template of acceptable conduct for chiropractors, McBurnie laid this steamer down on her Facebook page. It would almost be true if the opposite wasn’t indeed factual. This is a lie. This is a lie shared by a registered Australian chiropractor on her main Facebook business page. And it is a lie which has been there for almost one year:

McBurnie 26 HepB vax linked to SIDS

Here is a sentence which turns on itself with gnashing fangs: ‘Here are ten true facts from Mike Adams’. Behold, this was also laid down on McBurnie’s Facebook page after the CBA said “NO MORE”:

McBurnie 27 outrageous facts about vax Nat NewsAnd, finally, what is an anti-vaccine liar worth without lying about Gardasil? This registered chiropractor clearly has no clue about this topic. Not a clue. Yet it doesn’t stop her from commenting:

McBurnie 29 Gardasil liesNext we have a series of informative posts in which McBurnie tells us all about the benefits of water fluoridation.

First up McBurnie warns us that there is indeed fluoride in our tap water. She cites an article which misrepresents the Harvard Study. WARNING!

McBurnie 10 anti fluoride warningThat wasn’t so bad? How about FLUORIDE CAUSES MORE HUMAN CANCER DEATH?

McBurnie 16 fluoride causes cancer deathsAnd if that wasn’t bad enough, how about a fright-meme from the Drinking Mums. Remember, this is from a registered Australian chiropractor (and she’s not alone):

McBurnie 28 fluoride memeOne of the worst breeds of alternative health movers and shakers is the cancer cure crank. Preying on the vulnerable elicits a visceral reaction in most of us, but, unfortunately, not all. And let’s face it, some are just too stupid to recognise when they are an advocate of a substance which indiscriminately burns flesh off bodies. The Therapeutic Goods Administration advises against the use of the corrosive, Black Salve, and all its cousins. And the TGA’s Complaints Resolution Panel have repeatedly found against anti-vaccinationist Meryl Dorey for promoting the use of Black Salve in what was found to be advertising for the product. Just like this:

McBurnie 7 Black SalveThis chiropractor is clearly deranged. Whilst advising one of her mugs about the danger of facial application of the solvent, McBurnie quips, “Better out than in”. That is, ‘go ahead with the treatment anyway’. There are no words.

The thread continues with the registered Australian chiropractor telling her marks, “As far as I know it only reacts & removes to cancerous tissue”. This claim by a registered health practitioner is not only untrue, it is dangerous and negligent to the point of sociopathy:

McBurnie 8 Black Salve contThat’s not the only crank cancer cures we see on Fruit Mumma’s page. There is the ubiquitous healing cancer via detoxifying:

McBurnie 11 healing cancer via detoxThe cancer cure which is being hidden from everyone, via Tolman:

McBurnie 12 Tolman cancer cureThe astonishingly vile “Curing Cervical Cancer Naturally” (from someone who lies about the HPV vaccine – let that one sink in), via the Tolmans:

McBurnie 13 Tolmans curing cervical cancer naturallyAnd on her Facebook profile, of course, Gerson therapy; which is also, somehow, being hidden:

McBurnie 23 Gerson secret cancer cureAnd, on a different note, just to round things off in the WTF ARE YOU DOING? stakes, have some Scientology:

McBurnie 25 CCHR DVDNothing says credibility like linking to the CCHR. I mean, selling the above DVD and three others got Meryl Dorey all the accolades she carries with her to this day.

I don’t know what to say about this chiropractor. I know that a couple of chiropractors have got minor slaps on the wrist for sharing anti-vaccine misinformation. I just can’t reconcile myself to thinking that that minor punishment is even enough. These are meant to be university trained evidence based practitioners.  When and where did it become acceptable for these people to share the rubbish – and outright demonstrable lies – that they do, and call it “looking after the clients”. If you keep giving wrist-slaps, they’ll continue to laugh behind your back. And that is exactly what these chiropractors are doing with the CBA. Nothing short of deregistration is acceptable for McBurnie.

*In the time which has elapsed since the beginning of this post, until its conclusion, now, McBurnie has been busy deleting anti-vaccine misinformation from her Facebook page; blocking the public from creating new posts on her Facebook page; changing the Facebook page info so as to give the impression she is no longer giving information as a registered chiropractor; and rewriting her website, which is currently offline. It is a poor attempt. McBurnie missed heaps of anti-vaccine posts, and the other outrageous and downright repulsive stuff is still there. It is astonishing that it took members of the public to suddenly change McBurnie’s professional online claims, and her behaviour. 

McBurnie 24 new website coming soon


Again, a huge shout out to Rosalie who has done her fair share of cancer cure claim debunking on her site

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  1. is she aware of wayback machine? Probably not, not bright enough to realise, the internet is forever.

  2. wzrd1 says:

    Some people are quite ignorant of even the most basic things about the internet.
    As an example, a webpage is around forever, courtesy of things like Google cache and the Internet Wayback Machine.
    So, the scofflaw can edit to her heart’s content, the original content is safely archived and available to the public.

    As for punishment, well, I do recall the crown having a rather interesting way of punishing high treason…

    • You’re back! Was wondering where you’ve been.

      • wzrd1 says:

        Been a bit busy. Got a new job, then my father passed away, driving back and forth four hours a day to training…
        Eventually, I’ll manage to climb back out from abject poverty. 😉
        It’s just been hectic as all get out for the past few months.
        I’ve been lurking, but couldn’t afford to do without sleep long enough to interact. I’m fortunate that I can read extremely fast, otherwise I’d not been able to do even that much.

        Well, it’s nearing 04:00 and I have to be in to work around 15:30, so off to the land of nod!

        • I’m so sorry, mate. Your dad’s health was going to be my first question.

          • wzrd1 says:

            One could be factual and say that his health has improved.
            He suffered from advanced vascular dementia, courtesy of hypertension and diabetes that was poorly controlled while I was deployed. He also suffered from ESRD (his eventual cause of death, after he declined dialysis, due to discomfort and confusion over what was going on), CHF and advancing macular degeneration that was resisting all treatments. He was also nearly as deaf as a post, which made our conversations rather interesting, as I have some significant hearing loss from an IED.
            Call to my wife, whose voice was heard reasonably well by both of us for translation.*

            *True story there. A subject of mirth within our household, as well as frustration on the part of my wife (with some amusement as well).
            Well, *really* off to the land of nod.
            Got briefly distracted by a report on a mailing list I forgot I subscribed to from the Swift Sag A* monitoring program, which detected an x-ray event.
            For those who don’t know what a Sag A* is, it’s the black hole at the center of our galaxy. X-ray events indicate a possible “feeding” event, though in this case, a magnetar (neutron star with a *super* magnetic field) is inline with the event and from my view, likely is the cause of the event, as a starquake can trivially cause an x-ray event. We’ll see as more observations occur.

            Yeah, my interests are wide and diverse in the extreme. 🙂
            Good night for real.

  3. Well done Hank. It infuriates me that chiros can call themselves Dr with a Bachelor of Science degree. Surely only people who complete a PhD can call themselves Dr? I mean, I can’t call my bubbly wine Champagne because it’s not from that region, but a chiro can be called Doctor?
    And the ultimate hypocrisy – chiros like Fruit Mamma are anti-science, anti-medicine, anti-evidence, yet they want the honorific of Dr.

    • Thanks Ebony. I’ve already written a post coming tomorrow, with a tip’o’the hat to yourself.

      I think it was in 2010 the CAA, with anti-vaccine chiro Simon Floreani at the helm as president, worked out a deal with Nicola Roxon, for chiros to use the honorific in a blanket fashion, in exchange for chiropractic accepting that it must come under the regulation of the newly-formed AHPRA. Some deal, eh?

      This is hearsay, from a reliable source, so I am more than willing to be corrected. It’s just the best general explanation of the events I’ve heard.

  4. Sue says:

    Oh – and guess what ”Tolman Philosophy” is? Raw food and detox for cancer – of course! And best served on an expensive Bali retreat!

  5. SM says:

    Off to AHPRA for you, you quack

  6. @advodiaboli says:

    Reprehensible quackery. Delaying essential therapy 101.

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