Chirofest Seattle – starring Martin Harvey, Jen Barham-Floreani, and Andrew Wakefield

On September 19 2014, in Seattle, there is a happening. It’s called Chirofest.

Two Australians are appearing on the bill: Jennifer Barham-Floreani, the anti-vaccine chiropractor we’ve met many times, some of those because she appears in photos with anti-vaccinationists after appearing on the same festival bill as them; and the anti-vaccine president of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation – the board of governors of which is 89% anti-vaccine – Martin Harvey, previously seen here innating with the anti-vaccine lads. Both Harvey and Barham-Floreani are/were members of the thoroughly discredited anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination (now) skeptics Network. The ASRF is a registered charity. Its prime area of research is the magical subluxation.

I’ll say that again: the ASRF is a registered charity  whose main aim is chiropractic research, the board of which is 89% anti-vaccine, whose main area of the aforementioned research is the magical, mystical, invisible vertebral subluxation complex.

These Australian chiropractic leaders, one a research charity president, the other repeatedly cited as though her information is accurate, are appearing on the same bill as the big kahuna – the emperor – the honcho of global anti-vaccinationism, Andrew Wakefield:

Chirofest 1 Harvey JBF WakefieldAnd even better, for the charity I mentioned, they get to have their name associated with an event dripping with anti-vaccine notoriety, along with a donation from the same notorious event:

Chirofest 2 ASRF receiving funds

A Subluxation Based Chiropractic [what?]

I have raised this issue laboriously. In November 2013 Laurie Tassell, the president of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, slammed chiropractors who are bringing the profession into disrepute. From his President’s Report in The Australian Chiropractor:

Tassell 2 CAA antivax speakers not acceptable

…not acceptable.

It’s time for more evidence-based chiropractors to start demanding to know what is happening with the November 2013 promises of Laurie Tassell. There is no point critics like myself, outside the profession, seeking answers. They don’t even return my emails.

Enough evidence has been presented against Harvey and Barham-Floreani, in my blog posts alone. What is the CAA doing about it, and what has the Chiropractic Board of Australia got to say?

This isn’t going to go away.

Anyway, this is what punters missed out on if they didn’t make it last year. “Brother DeMoss” says more about this congregation than anything I could:

Chirofest 4 brother DeMoss


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