Australian Skeptic of the Year 2014

It was with quite some delight and surprise that I found out I was the winner of the Australian Skeptic of the Year gong, awarded by the Australian Skeptics, today. It was, indeed, a pleasant interruption to my usual program of furrowed-brow-fueled curmudgeonality.

I share this award with all of you who have contributed in any way to the blog, wherever in the world you reside. Thank you for all of your help.

As I was unable to attend the Convention my very good friend, Ken McLeod, accepted the award on my behalf:

First of all, a huge thank you to the Committee of Australian Skeptics, my anonymous nominator, and everyone assembled here. I apologise for my non-attendance, but, it really couldn’t be helped.

I also want to acknowledge the crucial ongoing assistance from Stop the AVN, and the Friends of Science in Medicine. The message would not get out without them.

There is a huge range of people upon whom I lean to do what I do. This is a group effort, and I thank you all.

First, there’s about 50 or so individuals who are always available as confidantes. They know who they are.

Second, there is another important group who contribute video uploading, commentary, tip-offs, and corrections; and where would any self-deprecating blogger be without their testimonials page filled with amusing unmentionables and the odd death threat.

Third, I want to acknowledge the slowly increasingly group of moderate chiropractors who are now finding their voice and speaking out against the vitalists. The private messages of support I have received from formerly alien individuals have, at times, taken my breath away. The moderate chiropractors need all the help we can afford them.

Finally, I want to thank my kids who are very, very patient, and occasionally help out.

Australian Skeptics AwardsPhoto courtesy of Shelley Stocken.

Funnily enough, a chiropractor is included on my testimonials page for asking his colleagues, of me, “is he Ken McLeod?”

Well…maybe he is, chiropractor.

Maybe he is.


In other great news, the wonderful people at the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters won The Thornett Award for the Promotion of Reason [my bold]:

The Thornett Award for the Promotion of Reason commemorates Fred Thornett, a Tasmanian Skeptic who died in 2009. In true awards fashion, we call it “The Fred”. The Fred acknowledges a member of the public or a public figure who has made a significant contribution to educating or informing the public regarding issues of science and reason. In addition to a commemorative certificate, $1000 is awarded to the recipient or to a charity or cause of their choice.

Given the calibre of previous winners, they are now in fine company, indeed.

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0 Responses to Australian Skeptic of the Year 2014

  1. Rhianna says:

    Well done Peter……if that is your real name.

  2. Annette Bannon says:

    Great blog. Would have loved to have been there :). Congratulations again!

  3. Doreen Parsons says:

    Congratulations Pete. You deserve it, and I’m proud to know you.

  4. John Bundock says:

    Fantastic, Pete. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend the Convention but I’ve been in illustrious company in Wales.

  5. tuxcomputers says:

    Has anybody ever seen Ken and Peter in the same room at the same time? Oh my god, Ken is Batman!

    Congratulation Peter, you deserve it.

  6. @advodiaboli says:

    Congratulations. Nice words of acceptance.

  7. Sue says:

    Hard-earned and well-deserved! Your acceptance speech reflects the many qualities that your fans appreciate! Hank is not just ”reasonable”, he is Heroic!

    (But don’t let that Peter guy steal your thunder).

  8. Darkly Venus says:

    Good onya! I’ve learned a lot from you, and gained a lot of strength and inspiration from your work. Love your style, and yeah yeah whatever about the curmudgeonality – there’s a big heart beating under all that fight, ya big troll.

    • I am plagued by really bad Dyslexia, causing many strange interpretations of words that I read. This is what I got from reading your words: Love your style and yeah yeah yeah’s around the curmongrolality – here’s a gib heart bleating under fat fight, Ya big troll.

      Now I admit that I do not know reasonablehank but to me he’s a very interesting fellow, indeed! And a personal thank you for making me smile today!
      Regards, Ana

  9. mochuck says:

    Well deserved Pete. I actually nominated you for this last year. Your work with the chiropractors was nothing short of amazing, if only for the sheer volume of it. But the things that you unearthed were just astounding

  10. Andy says:

    Well done “Spartacus, Brian, Ken McKleod, Sean the Blogonaut, Peter, Hank” [take your pick].

  11. Thinking_Chiro says:

    Congratulations Hank! This is definitely a shot in the arm for critical thinking (Pun Intended) and advocacy for good health and the importance of a balanced debate! Your hard work is appreciated. Thankyou!

  12. Thanks for your support, TC.

  13. ds says:


  14. Alex, Chiro says:

    Congratulations mate!

  15. bluewodeB says:

    Congratulations. Very well deserved.

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