"Shit on the door step" of immunisation providers, urge Newcastle's Healing Wave chiropractors

As we’ve come to learn, chiropractors get themselves in trouble due to their own rash actions and claims. Some chiropractors at Healing Wave Chiropractic in Newcastle appear to do this a bit.

Bryce Fleming is a chiropractor at the Warners Bay Healing Wave business. We’ve met him before in my post regarding chiropractors who brag about sneaking into hospitals, without permission, to treat their customers. Fleming stated that the more confident you are, the less questions get asked:

CAA Hospital 12 FlemingTim Shakespeare is a regular attendee on this blog. He featured only very recently due to his penchant for breaching advertising guidelines, as well as for his anti-vaccinationism, among other things. Shakespeare is the principal chiropractor at Healing Wave’s Mayfield business.

Well, today they’ve outdone themselves. In a crystal clear display of their revulsion for vaccines, and towards anyone who provides vaccines, they’ve also gone full bogan.

On June 9 2014, Fleming took a photo of a medical practice, somewhere out near Parramatta, showing his disdain for the provision of an influenza immunisation:


In reply, Shakespeare advocates defecating on the door step of the medical practice. The comment is liked by Fleming:

Attack now! Full force. Take the sign… shit on the door step.

Fleming condones Shakespeare’s proposed course of action:

Hahaha classic!

Shakes 103 shit on the doorstpe of fluvax prov FlemingIf the Chiropractic Board of Australia, the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, and the owners of Healing Wave Chiropractic don’t take action against these guys, then, we know that any pretense of being a reputable health profession is erased.

Note: Fleming’s post was made under the public setting. It is clear that he uses his Facebook profile for Healing Wave, and for chiropractic/wellness business activities. Therefore, the comments made by him, and by Shakespeare, are being made as registered Australian health practitioners, in the public domain:

Fleming 2 HW link

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  1. Sue says:

    There is no place in regulated health care for people like this. Let the rational therapists who treat musculo-skeletal problems according to scientific principles stay registered, chuck the others out with the homeopaths.

    And one other thing. If the rational guys don’t speak out loudly and publicly against the rot, your profession might not survive.

    • wzrd1 says:

      I wonder about the licensing in Australia, for common Chimpanzees are practicing chiropractic “medicine”.
      For, that is the only higher primate I’m aware of that espouses and practices the depositing scat at awkward places. They’re also known to throw it.

  2. Lisa says:

    So who do we report this clown to?

  3. Thinking_Chiro says:

    Those comments about another health profession are unprofessional and breach the code of conduct. Definitely should be reported to AHPRA/CBA!

    • Michael says:

      Can they be reported for practising pseudo-scientific BS?
      That’s a lot of reports

      • Craig Payne says:

        They can be reported for pseudo-scientific BS if they post that BS in social media. The AHPRA social media guidelines are clear: “Registered health practitioners should only post information that is not in breach of these obligations by:
        .(some cut)
        • presenting information in an unbiased, evidence-based context, and
        • not making unsubstantiated claims.”

  4. Thank You Reasonable Hank for your blog. I would like to let your readers know of another initiative not far from the theme of this blog and it is called the EICChallenege. (http://eicchallenge.weebly.com) This is an initiative set up by three academics at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) and aims to reset the compass that have driven the Chiropractic agenda for some time now- namely Vitalistic Chiropractic. I would like to invite your readers to join in the efforts of the silent majority of evidence based (informed) chiropractors to voice their concerns against some in our profession that seem to be insistent on junk science views. Please visit the website and vote as you see fit. The minority, or fringe, views must not dictate how the public perceives our great profession. I encourage students, clinicians, academics, and concerned members of the public to vote. All you need to do is VISIT-READ-VOTE-SHARE. Thank you for your time- Andrew L Vitiello.

    • Good luck. I saw the numbers this morning, overwhelmingly in favour of getting the vitalists to present their evidence.

    • Andy says:

      The minority will dictate the perception until…

      1: The “silent majority” stop being silent and start to look like a majority.

      2: The regulators start regulating.

      Maybe your challenge will be a step in the right direction but, seriously, why are your regulators not already taking action? And why are the supposed majority of chiropractors not demanding they do take action? Why has it taken a non-chiropractic blogger to even begin to stir things just a little? Why has the chiropractic profession been so happy for so long to allow the idiots to rule? Are the vitalists really the fringe? From the outside, it doesn’t look that way.

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