Seven of seven venues now cancelled for Tenpenny anti-vaccine seminars

Venue number seven has cancelled.

Stephanie Messenger is now busy finding new venues which are appropriately ethically corrupt enough to host her, her fake foundation, and anti-vaccine fundamentalist Sherri Tenpenny. This is now seven venues out of seven who have cancelled. Good. Some of them even confirmed they were misled by Messenger, which I have always assumed went without saying.

Whilst we are still waiting for a statement (which I will add, if it happens), from Rydges South Park Hotel Adelaide, the Eventbrite page currently gives this pro-forma oppressed health freedom warrior shtick from Messenger, stating that the “venue has cancelled our booking”:

Messenger 34 Adelaide cancelled freedom bullies censor etcWe will keep you informed of any statements forthcoming, and any new venues advertised by Messenger.

A big thank you goes out to anyone who has been involved in this campaign (so far). It is only by standing up and declaring that “this will not do” that venues can adjudicate what is and is not acceptable in the interests of public health. Venue owners can’t be expected to know everything, and most of them act swiftly when made aware of the intent of those who would attempt to mislead them. So, kudos to them.

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  1. Trevor Lowe says:

    Apparently for anti-vax individuals (social reprobates that they are) bullying includes fully informing a venue so as that venue’s management can truly decide on the basis of fully informed consent….ironic isn’t it.

  2. Alie Hillier says:

    The only problem I can see is that Messenger et al won’t release the location/s prior to the dates, and then only to registered and paid attendees. it will be hard to inform these venues as to the true nature of the events, and the anti-vaxxers will be ble to claim they were successful in preventing “bullies” from disrupting the talks. Hard to see any way out of this though, without asking eventbrite to withdraw their hosting of the registration system.

    • Andy says:

      I suspect very few fence sitters, or people who genuinely expect these seminars to be about baby health, will be convinced to purchase tickets for a secret even that may be held tens, or hundreds, of kilometres from where they live. It’s not like sensible baby-health advice is hard to find elsewhere.

      So that only leaves hardcore anti-vaxxers – and they won’t be hearing much they haven’t heard before and don’t already agree with.

    • Kylie Gibson says:

      Some years ago (2-3 yrs) Ms Dorey tried the “secret location” trick here in Canberra. I don’t think she sold a single ticket as the event never went ahead. This was all part of her wonderful Troof-telling tour, in which a guy called Scotty got invited to, to tell his vaccine injury story, and absolutely (and immaculately politely) showed them up. I think it’s on YouTube somewhere.

  3. Doug says:

    I was going to write “Woo hoo!”, but fortunately for everyone’s health it now seems more appropriate to remark “Woo who???”

  4. grackle says:

    Wonderful news!

  5. sue says:

    Perhaps Sherri Tenpenny is now relieved, as she will be free to enjoy her ” holiday”.

    • wzrd1 says:

      We’d entirely not fail to enjoy a holiday “Down Under”.
      Though, there is a likelihood that we’d have problems with local animal life, in specific, certain local spiders.
      But, I’d not reject such a holiday, nor would my wife, based purely upon that.

      Though, I’ll admit, I would far, far, far prefer to retire to New Zealand. 😉

  6. Melody RN says:

    What great news to hear- I’m glad that the venues realized what a scam this tour was and decided not to associate with this public health threat.

  7. Carrie-Anne says:

    Amazing news! Public opinion is thankfully turning against this cult, no matter how much they caterwaul.

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  10. lilady says:

    That’s the way it’s done. Cut Tenpenny and her agent off at the kneecaps. Congratulations!

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