Anti-vaccine activists secretly plot to defraud the Commonwealth

As you would all be aware the Australian immunisation policy and social welfare world is abuzz with the recent changes being made to the immunisation allowance and child care payments. I’m not going to discuss those here. To be honest I still haven’t got my head around it. I will, however, be highlighting the behaviour of anti-vaccinationists to the news of the revocation of the conscientious objection section of the legislation which should never have been in place anyway. It is a hangover from times past when some people in Federal parliament thought Meryl Dorey was a fit and proper person to allow into their offices to conduct the nefarious business of the anti-vaccine fundamentalist group, the Australian Vaccination Network.

Anyway, the CO section is gone. This leaves medical exemptions, as is right and proper. And it also leaves, inexplicably, the religious exemption. The only religion currently exempted by the government, from immunisation, is Christian Science.

So, we contacted Christian Science to ask them if the church has any objections to immunisation. This is the reply:

Thank you for your email and inquiry about whether there is a Christian Science church policy on vaccination. The answer is that members of a Christian Science church are free to make their own healthcare decisions/choices, including vaccinations. There is no church policy regarding vaccinations.

So that’s it. The only religion which is recognised by government as having an objection to immunisation does not have any objection to immunisation.

The religious exemption must, therefore, be removed.

As I stated above, this post will contain examples of anti-vaccinationist responses to the forthcoming changes. You will see that these people stand for nothing. These people think nothing of committing fraud, lying about their beliefs – and in doing so denigrating the beliefs of the religions which they propose to dishonestly join – expecting medical personnel to commit fraud, and committing tax fraud. Anti-vaccinationism is a cult, and they’ll go faith-shopping until they find a religion into which their cult will fit.

The following examples come from the Facebook group, Vaccine Free Australia.

The lists begin:

VFA 10 RO Murray

Astonishingly, and without a hint of irony, one commenter speaks of remaining “true to our beliefs and knowledge”:

VFA 11 RO Murray Pedersen Grayson stay true to beliefs

Here is the first of many mentions of the fake church set up by anti-vaccine businessperson, Stephanie Messenger:


The AVN’s resident protected troll, Johanna Holland/Nicole Johnson recommends Scientology:

VFA 16 RO Holland Scientology COCL

This person needs to be told which religion she needs to join:

VFA 17 RO which religion

This commenter advocates that people join a religion in a hurry as the new changes smell of a CDC conspiracy. I suppose if you think about it hard enough, doesn’t everything?

VFA 18 RO CDC conspiracy theory

“I would do whatever it takes,” includes lying about your deeply held beliefs so as to access government benefits:

VFA 19 RO become religious

In response to an article about the “fake” Church of Conscious Living, a commenter wants to join:

VFA 20 RO join fake church

An atheist will “pretend to believe whatever it takes” to join a religion:

VFA 21 RO Everson atheist fake religion

Conspiracy theorist Everson plans to preach the bible at a medical practitioner. AVN stalwart and dog breeder Anita Bugges is all too aware that their group is commonly known to be anything but private; she has read the stream of deceit from those planning to lie to obtain benefits:

VFA 22 RO Everson Bugges delete RO posts

Having not yet submitted a CO form, this person wonders if she should just change it to a religious objection:

VFA 24 RO 1

Another vote for Messenger’s fake church:


This person just wants to know how to join a church. Belief means nothing, unless it’s anti-vaccine belief:

VFA 26 RO COCL join

You can tell how strongly held a religion’s beliefs are when those wanting to join it don’t understand it isn’t a religion:

VFA 27 RO COCL join

How easily, and quickly, one can change their beliefs when they subsist on deceit:

VFA 28 RO become religiousThis commenter advocates for Christian Science:

VFA 29 RO join COCS

It’s always good to see the Jews get a mention without the obligatory conspiracy theories about the new world order. It’s also good to see an anti-vaccinationist heap scorn on a belief system they are about to pretend to share:

VFA 30 RO Jes Seveneth Day about to become religious


VFA 31 RO Buddhist


VFA 32 RO Islam


VFA 34 RO Amish

The Taliban! Scientology! Messenger’s fake church! I think this text comes from the South Australian anti-vaccine fundamentalist, Kathy Scarborough:

VFA 33 RO VAIS Taliban Scientology COCL

Whatever religion it is, just become religious:

VFA 35 RO about to be religious

This commenter should be dashing the hopes of Messenger’s fake church by noting that it not registered as a religion. We’ll see:

VFA 36 RO COCL a business

This person will become a JW faster than you could say, “Lol”:

VFA 38 RO Jehovah

Look. I don’t know what this is. But if it’s anything like a human caterpillar I’m out:

VFA 39 RO daisy chain

I don’t know about you, but, End Time Ministries actually sound like they enjoy a laugh, once the serious business of sandwich-board-making is over for the day:

VFA 41 RO end time ministeries

“Become that religion”. It really is that easy. Personal belief really is something to be abused as a tool to defraud the Commonwealth:

VFA 42 RO become that religion

More votes for the JWs, Scientologists, and Messenger’s fake church:

VFA 43 RO COCL Scientology

Registered nurse Libby Gregg likes giving advice against immunisation. She is always wrong. Just like she is with this bad advice:

VFA 45 RO Libby Gregg gets it wrong registered nurse

This commenter wants the flock to create their own religion. More votes are given for Messenger’s fake church, whilst the poor old Buddhists are lumped in amongst this lot, where they do not deserve to be:

VFA 46 RO create our own

From the same thread the Seventh Day Adventists get a mention, along with some more poor advice that objectors don’t need to note down their religion:

VFA 47 RO create our own cont

The Taliban gets another mention, which is appropriate given they hate vaccines so much they literally murder health staff who provide vaccines. Again this is the text from the South Australian anti-vaccine grunt, Kathy Scarborough:

VFA 49 RO VAIS Taliban Scientology etc

This anti-vaccinationist states that her intention is to join Christian Science, then, simply leave after six months. Or maybe Buddhism. Easy! No disrespect to the church I’m sure. It’s just business after all. Anti-vaccine business:

VFA 51 RO join COCS then leave after 6 months

Okay, we’re almost there. I promise. I have a few extra screenshots of other dishonest plans being hatched by anti-vaccinationists.

This person is planning on committing tax fraud as a payback:

VFA 13 tax fraud

These people are counting on some medical fraud and related bribery:

VFA 14 medical fraud bribe doctor

This is a very common tactic discussed by anti-vaccinationists. They attend a doctor’s appointment so as to have a discussion about having their CO form signed. Then, when the doctor refuses to sign, as is the doctor’s right if they do not believe the parent really does understand the risks and benefits of refusing immunisation, the anti-vaccinationist leaves without paying for the consultation. Stealing means nothing to these people:

VFA 23 CO form refuse to pay doctor

This person recommends forging CO forms:

VFA 37 forge exemption form

This person advocates refusing to pay tax, as some form of payback:

VFA 40 don't pay tax

Veteran AVN member and former Facebook admin Christine Phethean wants us to take into account the Nuremberg Code. Because why not, really:

VFA 48 Phethean Nuremburg Code

And proving me wrong about the previous mention of the Jews, here is anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Stuart Everson, with his tongue hanging out, whilst shaking his fists at Ken McLeod and his Freemason cabal:

VFA 44 Everson Ken McLeod Freemasonry

This final comment from protected AVN troll Holland/Johnson has nineteen likes. Anti-vaccinationists are delightful:

VFA 15 Holland

If you made it this far, thank you.

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