Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network uses the rape analogy once more

On April 22 2015 – less than three weeks ago – the anti-vaccination fundamentalist group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, made it into every mainstream media outlet, as well as being denounced by all sides of politics, for posting this thing:

AVN 6942 forced penetration meme

Public Officer of the AVsN, ideologue Meryl Dorey, even posted this defence of her organisation’s use of the rape analogy, by referring to other definitions of the word. It did not matter that the other definitions did not equate with the intent or depiction of the act in the image used by the AVsN: Dorey makes her own definitions, and everyone else should just go and eat faeces. This link was given to her by the AVsN’s resident, protected troll: the troll Dorey claims to know nothing about:

AVN 6978 Dorey Holland troll link rape defence

In 2011 Dorey used the rape analogy, accusing doctors and judges of ordering the “rape of a child” if they order the immunisation of a child as the result of family court proceedings:

AVN 6944 Dorey rape with full penetration January 2011

And, just like her recent attempt, above, Dorey offered a similar notpology in 2011; she apologised “unreservedly”, except when she didn’t apologise, immediate after:

To anyone who was insulted or hurt by my comparing the forced vaccination of a child against the custodial parent’s wishes with rape, I do apologise wholeheartedly and without reservation.

I looked up the definition of rape prior to posting that comparison and in the dictionary sense of the word, it is accurate.

AVN 6999 Dorey 2011 rape notpology

So. There’s quite some history of this fanatical anti-vaccination pressure group causing needless hurt in the community in the name of their beliefs. So we would think – after being condemned in every mainstream online newspaper, and by all sides of politics, including medical associations, and women’s refuge organisations – that the AVsN would be more circumspect in their deranged pronouncements?

On May 5 2015 this popped up in my Tweetdeck column; from the official Twitter account of the AVsN Inc:

AVN 6996 medical rape tweet

Patriot Nurse Speaks out on Vaccines: Medical Rape or Personal Choice?

The Patriot Nurse is a prepper. She is an anti-vaccine nurse who has courted much controversy over the years. And she likes her guns. And her freedoms. Because, as you all know, Freedom isn’t Free.

The AVsN Tweet was cross-posted from the AVN Facebook page, here:

AVN 6997 patriot nurse medical rapeAnd, of course, straight under that Facebook post is this defence of the use of the rape analogy – again – by the barely literate anonymous admin “TG”:

Before anyone claims offence – by definition used in this manner: Wikipedia – The term rape originates in the Latin rapere (supine stem raptum), “to snatch, to grab, to carry off” ie personal choice taken away. TG

AVN 6998 rape justification

So, let’s have a look at the claim of the definition of “rape”, as advocated by “TG”, above, and compare it to what appears in the article posted by “TG”. Is it “to snatch, to grab, to carry off”; or is the anonymous AVN admin a brazen, inept liar who is desperate to defend its own indefensible actions?

Here is the section referring to “medical rape”, by The Patriot Nurse:

Forcing people to put a substance or object in their body is equated to “medical rape.” Who gets to decide what’s best for you? Who gets to decide what goes into your body? Who gets to decide what goes into your child’s body? If it is not you, then who is it? Is it the State? Is it a medical tyrannical establishment?

AVN 7000 Patriot Nurse medical rape object into body

We can see that, not only are the AVN/AVsN a cabal of callous liars who will do and say anything to promote their ideology; they are also terrible at it.

The terrible, useless, flailing, inept AVN/AVsN, Meryl Dorey and their anti-vaccine cult.

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