Organiser of CLIFF film festival an anti-Semitic, anti-vaccine, Sandy Hook massacre denialist

David Thrussell is the artistic director of the now infamous Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival (CLIFF), which was attempting to show the anti-vaccination film, Vaxxed, starring and directed by demonstrable fraud and liar, Andrew Wakefield. The film was pulled from the festival, only to have the viewing brought forward by one week by a new, anonymous collective. At this stage it appears that the Theatre Royal Castlemaine is leaning towards not showing the antivax film at all.

Only this morning, Thrussell was interviewed on a local radio station, MAINfm, where he was allowed to continue lying about Vaxxed and the well-funded critics of CLIFF. Thrussell repeated his lie that no critics of CLIFF had seen the film, which is untrue; many of us have seen the film, several times. Thrussell also repeated his lies that Vaxxed is not anti-vaccine (it is extremely antivax), and that the film only refers to one vaccine, the MMR (the film repeatedly refers to DPT as a cause of autism, as well as the chicken pox vaccine; and antivax activist Brandy Vaughan is also depicted perusing an easily visible document against the Gardasil vaccine). One wonders if Thrussell has seen the film. As we will see, he has been plugging it, and anti-vaccinationism, for months. So much for the disinterested film festival organiser.

Thrussell is a businessman. His business is music. One of his ventures is a band called Snog. And Snog appears to make hay, and a living, off the promulgation of conspiracy theories. One conspiracy theory in particular prompted today’s collection.

One of the worst, most repugnant conspiracy theories is Sandy Hook denialism, in which it is accused that there was no mass-murder of elementary schoolchildren and teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The victims, and their families, it is argued are all crisis actors: fakes.

Philosopher, Dr Patrick Stokes, wrote Why conspiracy theories aren’t harmless fun, on The Conversation website:

Within days, and increasingly, within mere hours and minutes, a tragic event is being filtered through a worldview that insists these events are not what they seem. Conspiracy theorists leap on the tragedy as yet more evidence of dark forces manipulating the world for their own nefarious ends. The kids killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT? They never existed. Their grieving families? “Crisis actors.” This is all Obama, you see, and his one-world-government comrades staging ‘false flag’ attacks to justify disarming the citizenry. He’s coming for your guns.


In his critical introduction to conspiracy theories, the sociologist Jovan Byford notes that the academic study of conspiracy theories went through a phase where scholars treated these theories as intriguing pop-culture artefacts that were essentially harmless. In the X-Files-inflected 90s, decades out from the horrific anti-Semitic conspiracy fantasties of Nesta Webster and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, it was easy to treat conspiracy theory as an exercise of playful postmodern irony. No-one gets hurt, right?

Tell that to Gene Rosen, who helped kids who had fled the shooting at Newtown only to be hounded with abusive phone messages from people accusing him of being a government stooge. Tell that to the families of Grace McDonnell and Chase Kowalski, two seven year olds killed at Newtown, whose parents had to endure a phone call from the man who stole the memorial to their children telling them their children never existed.

ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program covered Sandy Hook conspiracies, specifically. It is a harrowing, enraging program:

Grieving parents from the Sandy Hook massacre are being told their children never died or never even existed.

The harassment started within days of the shooting, when a young man armed with a military-style assault rifle ran amok at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut, USA, in December 2012, killing 20 first graders and six teachers.

It continues to this day.

“F*** you!! Your child never died at Sandy Hook,” is one among thousands of online posts that Lenny and Veronique Pozner have had to deal with as they mourn their six-year-old son Noah.

“Where’s Noah going to die next?” is another.

Some “gun truthers” claim Sandy Hook was a government-sponsored stunt aimed at galvanising support for tougher gun laws.

Conspiracy theorists are not harmless. They harm real people in the real world who have suffered enough.

As we have seen, conspiracy theories can spill over into real violence. And, regardless of what Andrew Wakefield claims about his followers – that they are beyond reproach – they always manage to sort him out. See this brand new video compilation of Wakefield discussing the use of violent threats and intimidation against critics, with Vaxxed devotee, Shawn Dhu, of Perth:


All of this makes Thrussell’s business and artistic interests even more nauseating. What follows is a collection of Thrussell’s various conspiracy theory postings. Please, sit back and read all of them. This guy represents the Castlemaine community. I hope they reconsider his worth among them.

Sandy Hook massacre denialism (along with many other denials of atrocities):


He even uses the term “crisis actor” in his business and artistic works. Thrussell literally trades on the term:


Denial about facts surrounding the Orlando massacre:


Back in April, Thrussell was already promoting Vaxxed:


Vaxxed promotion:


Vaxxed promotion:


Anti-vaccination “vaccine checkpoint” meme, back in April:


Vaxxed promotion:


Anti-Semitic, anti-vaccination, Illuminati lizard overlords meme:


Anti-vaccination meme:


Anti-vaccination, chemtrails, HAARP; this has it all:


Anti-vaccination meme, again:


Anti-Semitic, New World Order meme:


Anti-Semitic meme:


Anti-Semitic, Illuminati, satanism meme:


Illuminati, New World Order meme:




Illuminati deliberately drugging children meme is especially dismissive and hurtful of children living with disabilities:


Homophobia via Freemason mind control meme:




9/11, posted on September 11 2016:


False flag meme:


False flag meme:


Only images from 2016 were included, otherwise there would be too many.

Thanks for reading.


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