Allona Lahn: Meryl Dorey 2.0 complete with warnings of microchips

Last week, Queensland media outlets succumbed to lobbying from Queensland anti-vaccination activist Allona Lahn. Incredibly, one of them was ABC Sunshine Coast. It’s like no one at the station had learned anything from the past decade of embarrassing Meryl Dorey ABC interviews, and the series of upheld complaints emanating from them.

Allona Lahn (R) with homophobic, racist antivaxer. Source Facebook.

Allona Lahn with anti-vaccination activists at a screening of Vaxxed in Queensland

Rule Number 1: vet your crackpots. Ask yourself: are they lying to me? Are they an honest broker of information? Is the bedrock of their whole campaign factual?

Here is a really good litmus test: remember when Meryl Dorey complained of microchips? That should have ended her existence on the airwaves. She should never have made it into  any parliamentarian’s office.

This is Allona Lahn, on her public page, only three weeks ago:

Why not stand up now rather than later?? A question I ask everyone.
If you think the mass drugging issue is going away… it isn’t… think EVERYONE is NOT in the firing line… your in dreamland. It is only a matter of time before we are micro chipped, have facial recognition and the Government have access to your whole life, the streamlining of ALL your records, it is happening as we speak.

The mass drugging of the people from womb to tomb is on the agenda… not just vaccines but ANY drug –one third of Australians are on anti depressants, very few woman while birthing escape drugs, most elderly love their labelled little pill containers full of all sorts of colored pills, whenever you go to a Doctor you are lucky to escape without a prescription –

Think you can fly under the radar? ….. maybe for now you can but for how long? Your whole life is being linked, credit cards,drivers license, pension card, welfare card, health records, tax records, business records, insurance – all in the name of advancement and your welfare….. to keep you safe…… for convenience…… the Government know who you are….

What if YOU decide YOU don’t want the drugs prescribed? Is it YOUR choice? Or does the “expert” Doctor have the right to tell you what to do?… or the state? Is your child yours or the states? Who makes the rules to decide, you or another? Do these people REALLY have YOUR best interests at heart? Or are they on a payroll linked to the very corporations dictating to the politicians who then dictate to the Government departments and lawmakers and then you. – you have nothing to do with anything, as guess what your at the bottom of the pile…..

How many drugs are you prepared to pop and inject before you say NO? By saying NO to just one drug, how is that going to affect you in the future? – Placed in jail for not following the corporations rules? Forcibly jabbed? Fined? Where does this mass drugging stop? Who decides how many more drugs are necessary? Which drugs, how often, what dose….

I am daily contacted by people that are scared, alone, isolated, children have been removed or threats of removal, Doctors in hiding, scientists that won’t speak up, nurses that will loose their job if they don’t get jabbed, Nurses that want to speak up that can’t, mothers that are unable to get help with daycare/kindy thanks to draconian laws, pregnant women that are being coerced and manipulated, elderly that are pressured to take drugs, school drugging …. SO many people are pissed off and NOT happy with the system but in particular the coerced drugging of our children…..

So why not let’s ALL come together NOW…
before EVERYONE has to be drugged in one way or another, before ALL your rights are eroded in most areas of your life… Simple really…

IF EVERYONE that agrees with me STOOD UP, IT WOULD BE GAME OVER…… it is called PEOPLE POWER…….

Imagine the POWER that we will have when A MILLION PEOPLE hit the streets. The day is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Be the change you want to see and be….
Blessings and strength to you

“While I wait for most to find their inner strength and truth I am breathing deeping, calling on my inner patience and trusting that I am in the right place at the right time. Frustratingly I can see things have to get much worse before they get better, I don’t think it has to be this way but if people don’t stand up and make a move soon all I can see is a slippery slope…….. in the meantime I will keep doing what I do knowing that at least I am giving it my best shot and my conscious in clear….”

And this is Allona Lahn, on her public page, just four weeks ago:

This time in history injecting new born babies with disease and toxins will go down in history as criminal and barbaric….. “Cola – guaranteed happiness and higher chance of fitting in and gaining acceptance”

Are you a “Cola Mum?” jabbing your kids to “fit in and gain acceptance?” or have you done your research and read a vaccine insert?

And, still, the ABC thought it appropriate to interview her as an honest broker.


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2 Responses to Allona Lahn: Meryl Dorey 2.0 complete with warnings of microchips

  1. Reality says:

    I love the exposition of Meryl Dorey’s micro-chipping delusion from 2012.
    I seem to remember an article which had the story of an AVN member posting about trying to wake one of her friends up to the chemtrail conspiracy as well as the vaccine conspiracy and it was mentioned that Meryl had advised her follower to not get into additional conspiracies until the friend/target had been convinced of the vaccine conspiracy lest she scare the target off with too much alt (crazy) information. Meryl told her to wait on revealing the other stuff (which Meryl obviously also believed) lest the mark run away from the crazy.
    I don’t know if it was an article here at RH but I would surely like to have a link to that article with the details of Meryl’s beliefs in other wacko conspiracies…

  2. Sammy says:

    Delusional hypocrite twat… she’s calling the call to action on a platform she says she despises…..

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