New kids in town: The Dangers of Gardasil.

There was an incident last night, on the internets. It was amusing, yet, as with anything to do with anti-vaccine activists, sinister.

On the AVN Facebook page, Meryl Dorey  implored her followers to listen to the Howard Sattler program. A woman called “Celeste” was going to expose the dangers of the Gardasil vaccine. We could not let our friend, Kate, “take one for the team”, by listening in all by herself; so, many in the Eastern States listened in at 1830hrs for what turned out to be a free pass for the anti-vaccination movement.

Howard Sattler is the last man standing who will give airtime to the views of anti-vaccine activists. Meryl Dorey seeks him out whenever she is in Perth; and he obliges.

Celeste went on to describe the dangers of the Gardasil vaccine: “dangers” which have become the staple of the new anti-vaccine diet. We’ve heard them all before. I won’t go into them. Howard disagreed with nothing: he nodded “hmm” and “right” and “okay” to the list of canards which had Twitter howling “DRINK!” Here is the audio, kindly provided by Celeste and her friends:

Howard rounded off the interview by stating that, “Struth!…I’m not a medical expert…[but anyone considering getting their daughter vaccinated] should make a lot of enquiries about it, I think we can safely say that”. He made this claim based on the list of canards, and misinformation, provided by the interviewee.

I won’t link to the Dangers of Gardasil (DoG) website, but here are some of their sources:

Infowars, Sanevax, Truth about Gardasil, Prison Planet, Natural News. Seriously?

I’m serious.

Here is a wonderful example of a common lie told by these anti-vaccinationists, from the DoG Facebook page’s “Basic information”:

The 73.3% lie has been nicely answered here by Peter Bowditch.

But, the evening had not finished. Sattler took calls to discuss the Gardasil vaccine, and the “dangers” cited by Celeste. First up was “Andrew from Perth”.  Andrew completely backed up the argument put forward by Celeste, citing Michelle Bachmann (DRINK!), and her “retardation” claim, and Tony Abbott’s daughters, as further proof condemning the HPV vaccine. Andrew was there as a concern troll. No two ways about it. But, who is Andrew? He certainly didn’t tell Sattler or Sattler’s producer who he was [afterthought: or did he?].

Here is Andrew, on the AVN page, telling AVN followers how to get in contact with Sattler; noting also how the conversation was progressing, and that they need to get in there to bring the subject of Gardasil back to the airwaves:

Something strange happened to Andrew’s comments, on the AVN page, after it was made known that he was the Andrew who had just called Sattler, without declaring his interest in the DoG campaign: Andrew’s comments were disappeared.

But, who is Andrew Middleton? He is the co-founder of We are Change W.A. (a group comprised of 9/11 Truthers and other conspiracy mongers, including anti-vaccinationists). This is Infowarrior Central, folks. The real deal. Chemtrails? Tick.

So, you ask: what’s this got to do with the DoG campaign? Sorry for the hurtful purple of this next screenshot, but, it is important. DoG are supported by We are Change W.A.

Face it Howard Sattler: you got trolled by a bunch of conspiracy wingnuts; and you swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

The saddest part of this deceitful activity is that sufferers of real Adverse Events Following Immunisation may be ignored due to the dishonesty of the anti-vaccination movement, and the gullibility of shock jocks like Howard Sattler; and no one wants that.

It was almost worth it, though; just to hear Howard Sattler attempt something approaching a pronunciation of “papillomonomonamona”.

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