Perth: CHOGM versus Meryl Dorey

CHOGM has just wrapped up in Perth, Western Australia.

Fortunately for our Western friends, so has the Conscious Living Expo; which hosted such luminaries as Meryl Dorey and Dr Peter Dingle.

On Saturday 29 October, Commonwealth leaders, NGO and philanthropical groups united to wipe out the scourge of Polio. At the press conference  full support towards achieving this goal was given by the Commonwealth. British Prime Minister David Cameron summed up the importance of immunisation programs:

“Annual infection rates have fallen over the second half of the century from 350,000 to around 1000. We are in sight of the great goal of eradicating polio.”

349,ooo less Polio infections, per annum. 349,000. Polio can be eradicated.  Immunisation: it works.

Here is the official picture of the Commonwealth Heads of Government:

Meanwhile, on 30 October 2011, at another Perth location, Meryl Dorey was giving seminars in her battle for the eradication of vaccines.

Word must have got out regarding the danger to public health and safety posed by Meryl Dorey and her AVN.

Here is a picture of the number of seats filled by Meryl Dorey in her anti-vaccination seminar:

Sometimes the world seems to have its priorities right.


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