The fraudulent DMCA filing, free speech hypocrite: Meryl Dorey

In the past, Meryl Dorey has fraudulently used the DMCA take-down as a tool in silencing her critics. Dorey was caught out that time: she refused to substantiate her claims of copyright over screenshots of posts she made on Facebook. Dorey had lodged over 50 fraudulent claims, knowing that Facebook would act first, punish those who had posted, and, then, do nothing with counter DMCA claims showing that screenshots were permitted under Fair Use provisions under both US and Australian law.

Scribd, much to their credit, were on the ball. Counter DMCAs were lodged against Dorey’s fraudulent DMCAs, and Scribd took them seriously, restoring all content which had been removed due to Dorey’s mendacious activities. Dorey refused to substantiate her copyright claims, when asked; and Scribd acted.

Well, Dorey has been at it again. Several people on the Stop the AVN Facebook page have received DMCA notices. When a liar cannot answer their critics, censorship is all they have left: startling hypocrisy and dishonesty from an ideologue whose mantra is free speech. Here are two DMCA take down notices I received this morning:

Can't have anyone showing that the AVN state the very opposite of a link they post


This one was a screenshot of Dorey's open invite for everyone to join her in court

I’ll leave you with Meryl Dorey’s own take on this sort of behaviour. This is from the time the Age of Autism Facebook page was taken down for some reason.


Using your own definition, Mrs Dorey, you are one big fat hypocritical bastard who’ll stop at nothing to silence her critics.

And, you have no idea how strong, resilient, and determined we are to ensure the community is aware of your bastardry.

Update: February 21 2012

More DMCA take-downs have been lodged overnight. Here is my latest:

All of the nice terms used in the text are words uttered by Dorey about people with whom she disagrees

And here is the original screenshot: a comment by Dorey on her recent blog post:


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