Australian Vaccination Network back to censoring critics with fraudulent copyright claims

If there is one thing the free speech, health freedom, anti-censorship, anti-vaccination Australian Vaccination Network like to do, it is silence others’ right to free speech through heavy-handed censorship. You see, the AVN and its leaders do not like critics to inform the community of the activities, claims, and behaviour of the AVN and its followers. It is well-known (for over a decade), that it is nigh on impossible for any questioning members of the community to remain for too long on any AVN fora. The few that are left are generally allowed to remain as tokens of the AVN’s disingenuousness. They are usually provided with the banhammer when the AVN find it too difficult to respond to sensible comments. Then, the followers triumphantly rejoice that the AVN had rid itself of another “disrespectful troll”.

Not only does the AVN like to practice the AVN Facebook Glitch with fierce regularity; it also likes to go to any lengths to silence AVN critics on fora not controlled by the AVN. Hang the legalities of filing fraudulent DMCA takedown reports. Ethics? Ethics are a thing?

Meryl Dorey went on a fraudulent DMCA takedown spree over a year ago, boasting that she had been busy filing more than fifty false copyright claims over screenshots on the old Stop the Australian Vaccination Network Facebook group (the group was closed due to Facebook’s mandatory changes to group structures, and the group migrated fully to the Stop the AVN Facebook page). Dorey also went on a Scribd reporting spree: Scribd didn’t like what she did and reinstated all reported documents, after Dorey failed to substantiate her copyright claims.

As explained in my other page, Copyright Act 1968, it is legal to use screenshots for these purposes:

Division 3 — Acts not constituting infringements of copyright in works

40………. Fair dealing for purpose of research or study

41………. Fair dealing for purpose of criticism or review…

41A……. Fair dealing for purpose of parody or satire..

Meryl Dorey and her companions know this: they just don’t care. Whatever it takes.

Several posts have been written about the AVN’s penchant for dishonesty in filing fraudulent copyright claims:

Meryl Dorey and the Mendacious DMCA Reports.

The fraudulent DMCA filing, free speech hypocrite: Meryl Dorey

Meryl Dorey and the Fraudulent DMCAs

Meryl Dorey: False Copyright Claimant

My alleged copyright criminal activity

Now we’re a criminal gang of hypocrites

The document Meryl does not want you to see.

Meryl Dorey’s Trouble With the Truth Part 2 (Items 48-57)

Meryl Dorey’s Trouble With The Truth Part3: Lies and Fraud (Item 1)

And, these are just some of the posts which were published (I’ll add more when I find them). There many more individuals who were hit with DMCA takedown notices due to Dorey’s mendacity. Has Dorey ever substantiated any of her claims? No. Counter DMCA notices are filed by reportees as a matter of course: Dorey has never backed up her reports. Never.

So. Why bring all of this to the fore once more? Well, this morning, when I logged in to Facebook, I had a notice waiting for me:

Seems the Courageous, Anonymous AVN Facebook Admin RR, or one of her equally devout friends, took issue at their own niceties being published more widely.

And, for the pleasure of any and all who may read this, here are the pleasant remarks made by the Courageous, Anonymous AVN Admin RR. I am always delighted that the AVN and their followers produce respecty sounding noises out of their bottoms, whilst making these kinds of remarks out of their mouths. And, I’m happy that they continue to present their hypocrisy to the world: it makes our job so much easier.

Bottom feeders. Highly unpleasant people. WOT? I SMILE AT EVERYONE. I’m happy that I’m not interested in children contracting infectious diseases which may kill them. What’s not to be happy about?

“Best ignored” —–>  files fraudulent copyright claim.

Oh, now I get it…

Nasty. It’s all about being really, really nasty.

For more on how Meryl Dorey and the AVN like to respect copyright, see this article: Copyright breaches land group in trouble. The irony…it burns.

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