Judy Wilyman and Meryl Dorey: as low as it goes

Judy Wilyman is a PhD student at the University of Wollongong, under the supervision of Professor Brian Martin.

Last week, Wilyman sent a letter to the Australian Human Rights Commissioner; and, Meryl Dorey published it on the Australian Vaccination Network blog.

Amongst the claims made by Wilyman is that the death of baby Dana McCaffery is “anecdotal evidence” used in the Government’s tainted agenda to immunise children:

These programs have been promoting the whooping cough vaccine on anecdotal evidence (in particular ,Dana McCaffery’s death) and the mantra of ‘seeing sick babies gasping for air’.

Pretty ghastly stuff. David McCaffery was again forced to issue a statement in the hope that Dorey and Wilyman would leave them alone, and cease inflicting unneccessary pain on the family, by abusing the memory of their daughter:

Meryl Dorey, you have been asked time after time not to mention our daughter Dana on your website. The recent article by Judy Wilyman is false, dangerous, misleading and disrespectful. She has no expertise in the area of vaccines and has not asked, nor does she have, our permission to discuss our daughter’s death.

Let’s be clear, Dana’s death to whooping cough and the issues related to it, are not anecdotal. How can you and Ms Wilyman be so callous?

Dana died from whooping cough, a vaccine preventable disease. And we mourn her death every day. You and your friends add torture to our pain.

Ms Dorey, you and your group simply do not know us and we ask you to stop discussing Dana’s death. Her tragic death is not something that you can toy with to promote your misleading ideology.

Once again, you and Ms Wilyman are not friends of ours, or medical doctors and know nothing about Dana’s life or death.

BTW< Both of you, do not take this post as an invite to respond in any way. Leave us and our little girl alone!

David McCaffery

In August 2010, Toni McCaffery had previously issued a remarkable take-down of a previous Dorey blog post, in which Dorey again spread misinformation about the circumstances surrounding Dana’s death. How many times do these people need to be told to act honourably? Toni concludes:

Enough is enough. We just simply ask the AVN and Mrs Dorey to stop spreading false information about our daughter. She caught whooping cough. She died a torturous death. Leave her in peace and stop misleading the public.

Whooping cough is dangerous, and deadly for 1 in 200 babies.

Now after having to deal with these lies, I have to take my children to a birthday party and try to be normal.

Mrs Dorey and the AVN…please leave my family alone.

How many times, indeed. Today, Wilyman accused the McCaffery Family of being beneficiaries of monetary payment, from vaccine “lobby groups”, for their work in ensuring the community receives accurate information about vaccine preventable diseases. In effect, Wilyman used the Pharma Shill Gambit, on a family whose baby daughter died from Whooping Cough:

And Meryl Dorey is the publisher of this vile comment

I’m a little lost for words…

Nice friends you have there, Professor Martin.

Please: let all of your friends and colleagues know about these horrid, dangerous people.

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  2. @advodiaboli says:

    Brian Martin told me Dorey didn’t have to reciprocate and was allowed to censor (in effect ignore evidence) because basically people are mean to her.
    Strange man indeed.

  3. I feel physically sick. Just when you think these scum can sink no further *pow* they burrow through the bottom of the barrel.

    • This is indeed stomach-churning callousness and cruelty on the part of these freaks. Harrassing and smearing the family of someone who died through their campaign of active misinformation.

      Unspeakably vile.

  4. Marty says:

    Brian Martin, Judy Wilyman, and Brian Martin… tinfoil hat love triangle?

  5. For the life of me I can’t understand why the AVN and its acolytes have this obsessive compulsion to keep distressing a grief-stricken family. Just leave them alone.

  6. Tracey says:

    How dare they. I am lost for words.

  7. Wendy says:

    She is truly despicable and joins in perpetuating the smear campaign against a family that lost their newborn daughter to a vaccine preventable disease and who continue to perform a community service in awareness about the need for adult boosters.

    Ms Dorey started that campaign and Ms Wileyman perpetuates it by insinuating that the McCafferys do this community service for financial gain. Informed choice? No, cultish dogma.

    Oh and Judy Wileyman? Which vaccinations are mandatory? I must be living in a different Australia to you.

  8. Robin Byrne says:

    Uni of Wollongong must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for PhD candidates. Perhaps each time Wilyman opens her mouth and spouts the malicious garbage, people should call Uni of Wollongong and ask for comment.

  9. Sarah says:

    This makes me sick. I feel so sorry for the McCafferys.

  10. mochuck says:

    Judy Wileyman tries to claim that because the McCaffery family have told the story of the death of their daughter from pertussis, it is only anecdotal evidence. What she disingeuously fails to mention is that pertussis is a notifiable disease and that deaths from notifiable diseases are maintained as statistics by each state and Federal Govts. Ms Wileyman knows this only too well and so is being deliberately deceptive and misleading by claiming it is “anecdotal evidence”.
    I’m sure she also knows that the highest risk group for death from pertussis is infants < 8 weeks . She is trying to undermine efforts by researchers to reduce the incidence, morbidity and mortality of this most vulnerable population by claiming that it is "anecdotal evidence".

  11. Carolyn B says:

    Despicable. The McCafferys have been extremely brave and strong throughout all of this. They also demonstrate admirable rationality in spite of the abuse thrown at them by irrational idiots. Meryl keeps demonstrating her ignorance by referring to PCR as the “quick test” and casting unscientific aspersions about its reliability.

    If she would care to check this, she might find that the sensitivity is lacking (so false NEGATIVES are a problem, especially late in the course of the illness) but the specificity is 98% giving a positive predictive value of 95%, which is pretty good in my opinion. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC104608/

    Nothing like her “up to 100% false positive” or whatever crap it was that she was going on about.
    Her lack of understanding of the complications is also astounding. She’s clearly never seen a child in ICU with multi organ failure and has no idea what we do to attempt to keep them alive. But she doesn’t want to know. She’d prefer to doubt any deaths from vaccine preventable illnesses, claiming they’re part of some great global conspiracy.

    She is so infuriating. Not just stupid but horrible and insensitive. Nobody deserves her sympathy or respect unless they claim to be vaccine injured. Then there is no doubt, regardless of the lack of any evidence in many cases.

  12. Trevor says:

    The McCafferys constantly show a grace and decency; MD & JW display venomous evil.

  13. Christine Bayne says:

    In my mind, it’s more than just Meryl Dorey; the nocompulsoryvaccination blog is an official ‘publication’ of the Australian Vaccination Network Inc. All committee members are responsible for its content. This ‘publication’ comes courtesy of funds received via a Charitable Fundraising Authority.
    As to the AVN using this publication to harass a family that has previously directed the AVN on multiple occasions to leave them alone, some serious questions have to be asked of the Minister if this is appropriate behaviour of a CFA holder. Furthermore, is this even appropriate behaviour of an incorporated association?
    Other charitable groups seem to provide tangible benefits to its members and/or the community. The AVN seemingly exists for the purpose of harassing and vilifying everyone and everything they don’t agree with, and taking money under false pretences (i.e. accepting monies for magazines it knew would not be published under the terms the payments were made). From my viewpoint it appears that ‘charitable purpose’ in NSW means ‘money-grubbing hate group’ everywhere else.

    • Louisa Squires says:

      Well said Christine!
      The continued blatantly flagrant abuse of tax payers (ours) money for these psychopaths is disgusting. Obviously the HCCC avenue was a white elephant but surely we can find a legal path to follow that will put these evil people out of business for ever.

  14. Karen says:

    Judy Wilyman is at Wollongong now? She used to be at Murdoch Uni doing a PhD under the nutty pro-homeopath professor whose wife died of breast cancer trying to ‘medicate’ herself with homeopathic remedies.

    • Pen Dingle had rectal cancer, I think. Yes, she was under Peter Dingle until his, and her, timely exits from Murdoch. Before that she was under Martin at Wollongong, I believe, only to return to the fold.

  15. Renee Barbour says:

    So our taxation money helps to fund mickey-mouse courses at (possibly) mickey- mouse universities? Disgusting!!!

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  18. Jason says:

    Scholars or Bamboozlers? – http://gowans.wordpress.com/2011/04/10/scholars-or-bamboozlers/

    Also, perhaps a formal and professional complaint to the Head of Social Sciences at UoW about the behaviour of Brian’s student and his support of her behaviour? Dr. Richard Howson is the Head of School, http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/ssmac/staff/UOW053068.html

    Additionally, perhaps a complaint placed with UoW over the student conduct of Judy Wilyman, http://www.uow.edu.au/about/policy/rules/UOW060095.html

    • fourgirlsmum says:

      Jason, unfortunately I have had cause to lodge a complaint with Dr Howson in the past. His response was to give the entire complaint, including all contact details such as email address, home address and telephone numbers to the respondant. He then leaves the response of the complaint to the respondant to contact the complainant directly and fails to address the complaint himself.

      I have also had an official response from UoW’s complaints committee (sorry, I can’t give the precise name as it escapes me) and they informed me that a member of the public cannot complain about the behaviour and/or statements made by anyone from UoW as they only accept complaints from students and staff members! Gives the impression that UoW enables this behaviour and just sweep it all under the carpet.

  19. asdf says:

    Is it possible for the family to get a misconduct restraining order on Dorey if she, or a third party under her encouragement, discuss them online or attempt to contact them?

  20. Some people aren’t looking for anything logical, or reasonable. They can be bought, be bullies, but they can’t be reasoned or negotiated with. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

    These two are clear examples.

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  29. Carolyn says:

    Can these grubs be charged for harrassment? OMG what a bunch of heartless irrational nutjobs. Perhaps they should return to India with me to study the situation of children with access to vaccination and those without, But Judy and Meryl I bet are too cowardly to even consider doing so. To the poor families who have to, during their time of grief, deal with the Anti-Vax grubs – my thoughts are with you & yours. Keep strong and do not give these morons what they want – and that is to use the loss of your precious babies for the progression of their own agenda.

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