Erwin Alber: the world’s worst person

Most people are aware of the anti-vaccinationist, Erwin Alber. Most people are aware that there is no grotesque conspiracy theory in which he will not indulge: Holocaust-denialism; homophobia (caused by vaccines); chemtrails; AIDS-denialism. The list is endless with this guy.

What many don’t know of is his utter callousness. This is a callousness which causes real pain. This isn’t just the Facebook ramblings of a delusional conspiracy theorist. This is real-life pain. People were really harmed by his actions. His actions were deliberate, and they were calculated.

On March 6 2010 Alber decided to start commenting on the memorial page of a baby who had died from Whooping Cough. There was no reason for him to comment on there. He made this decision all on his own.

Alber posted some Kalokerinos rubbish, from He was asked to leave. He pretended to be sorry for his excursion:

Fitting that Alber should quote someone who liked to kill his patients

Obviously having gone past any boundaries of decency, instead of just leaving, Alber followed up his claims of sorrow by posting that ubiquitous picture of “Baby Ian”* to the wall of this baby’s memorial page, stating:

I may as well be hung as a wolf instead of a sheep…things cut both ways

I try not to use the word “evil”, but, I don’t know what else to say

This action was nothing but spite. Alber’s viciousness was intended to hurt. And hurt it did. How could it not hurt the grieving parents to have some crank post this image to their baby’s memorial page? Who tries to play at one-upmanship with dead babies? Who would even consider doing this?

I just wanted to do this quick post so we can keep in mind the type of sociopath held in high regard by the anti-vaccination movement. Alber is welcome on all anti-vaccination fora, and is seen as some kind of guru, being the magnet for crankery that he is. Alber has also been called “a friend of the AVN”, by Meryl Dorey. He even appeared on crank internet radio, last week.

But, remember the real pain he has caused to real grieving parents. Remember that he did this deliberately, and with malice, and with intent.

And remember, most of all, with his malicious actions at the forefront of your minds…

This is not a game.

And to all those who associate with Alber: hang your heads in shame.

*For those who don’t know, the picture to which I refer includes a septic, cellulitic baby in his last days of life. His bloated body is fully intubated, in a hospital crib. I refuse to include his photo, or link to his site. His photo is horrific. This little boy has had his memory sullied enough by the likes of Alber and other sick bastards who use his picture to push their ideology.

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14 Responses to Erwin Alber: the world’s worst person

  1. tuxcomputers says:

    I have said it before and say it again, the AVN does not care how disgusting and despicable the person is, if they are against vaccines they are welcome.

  2. Jason says:

    And just a reminder who Alber is quoting when he does his “delusional insanity” trick

    Yep, a killer quack. Man’s a genius.

  3. Erwin is a tool. Perhaps it’s time I visited the VINE age and pointed out his lack of anything resembling logical processing or intelligent thought – again.

  4. “This is not a game”. Couldn’t have said it better.

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  6. Marius says:

    Alber is clearly the owner of a raft of issues of his own. There are at least three PHDs worth of material in the unravelling of that mind.

    For all his horror, for all his contempt for reason, for all his insane babblings, he is not afraid to be honest and truthful about one thing. He is vehemently anti vaccination, and will tell you thus with pride. He has the strength of his (hideously flawed) conviction to not hide behind weasel words like “choice” and “balance”.
    For that, and only that, I applaud him.
    So I must disagree that he is the world’s worst person.
    He is the world’s second worst person.

  7. Peter says:

    I actually have some respect for Alber, much like that which I have for Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church – both are despicable almost-human beings, but neither pretends to be anything other than what he is. There are no weasel words, no attempt to appear rational or to admit that the other side might have a point. Batshit crazy and proud of it.

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  11. John Holmes says:

    Have they spent time a Calcutta slum?

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