Queensland anti-vaccine science teacher to teach students about immunisation?

Overnight an anti-vaccinationist exploded on the Facebook page of NSW Greens MLC John Kaye. Mr Kaye has been strident in his opposition to the anti-vaccine movement, and the danger they pose to our children. And, it is wholly welcome that a member of parliament is taking a strong stand:

The NSW State government has taken action against one of the most disgraceful sources of misinformation, the Australian Vaccination Network.

However there are still far too many parents falling prey to absurd and disproven voodoo claims and conspiracy theories.

Anti-vaccination campaigner, Anna Stancombe, a page administrator of the embarrassingly inept and censorious anti-vaccination Facebook page, Vaccination Education Australia, decided enough was enough. Calling the troops from VEA page, she took her rage to Mr Kaye’s page:

This rant is mostly a copypaste from her VEA rant

This rant is mostly a copypaste from her VEA rant

Stancombe is no stranger to the anti-vaccination debate. On November 30 2012, she appeared in the Moreton Bay Quest. The article  covered the Science of Immunisation booklet, released by the Australian Academy of Science. The newspaper interviewed two anti-vaccination campaigners, one of whom stated proudly of her negative effect on the community’s immunisation uptake, “I talk big and loud.” Well done. Well done.

Stancombe even lent her face to the article:

dmca stancombe photo removed

Edit April 24 1013: to view the publicly available, full-size image of Anna-Marie Stancombe, click:


Edit August 9 2015: publicly available Facebook image of Anna Stancombe/Anna Patel:

Stancombe 73 public Facebook image Patel

Image courtesy Facebook

Further information on the appalling 2011 behaviour of Stancombe/Patel can be viewed on the Ripoff Report website,  in which it is documented that Stancombe/Patel attempted to defraud an airline of damages for a baby stroller. When a baby store proprietor would not go along with her fraud she attacked him and accused him of being a paedophile, along with the website administrator of the Ripoff Report website. Collection of Ripoff Report posts on Stancombe/Patel also found here.


As many people follow Mr Kaye’s Facebook page, Stancombe’s ranting post was noticed. And, seeing the hypocrisy that Stancombe was posting there, others took her to task, given her paucity of evidence and adherence to the banhammer on her own page. Stancombe reacted as we would expect from a cornered rat: she furiously blocked people; called people stalkers, nutjobs and psychopaths; equated a commenter with the Westboro Baptist Church (no one can work out why); invoked her credentials; and, reported people when they called her out on her previous callousness of spreading anti-vaccination influenza misinformation on a memorial thread for a woman who died from influenza. Seriously, that sort of behaviour is usually reserved for the likes of Erwin Alber.

Anti-vaccinationists are cowards and hypocrites.

Anti-vaccinationists are cowards and hypocrites.

She never did respond to my request to provide some of her immunisation information. She just reported the comment. Seriously. She really did that.

Here is a list of Stancombe’s comments. She thinks we can’t see them any more, for some reason. Bear with me. The most important one is coming:

Stancombe 5 Kaye thread 2Stancombe 6 Kaye thread science degreeStancombe 7 Kaye thread 3Stancombe 8 Kaye thread Sian like WestboroStancombe 9 Kaye thread psychopathsWhich brings me back to the title of this post. Stancombe is a teacher in the Queensland education system. As she has said above, she teaches biology, maths, and science. What I would like Education Queensland to pay particular attention to is this comment from Stancombe:

Like I said not going to entertain nut jobs that spew hate. You can all hate together I have school tomorrow to teach all about the pros and cons of vaccination I win

This anti-vaccinationist is going to teach kids, in one of our schools, about immunisation, and she is going to do it with spite.

This anti-vaccinationist is going to teach kids, in one of our schools, about immunisation; and she is going to do it with spite.

I certainly hope that Stancombe’s use of the education system to spread her vicious anti-vaccine message will make its way to the Queensland Education Minister, the Hon John-Paul Langbroek MP. He can be contacted here: Education@ministerial.qld.gov.au.

And one would think that Queensland Health Minister, the Hon Lawrence Springborg MP, would also be interested in this teacher. He can be contacted here: Health@ministerial.qld.gov.au.

It might also be worth an email to the Queensland College of Teachers. They can be contacted here.

Please, let them know how you feel about anti-vaccination zealots spreading their misinformation to our children, to the detriment of public health. Whether they are nurses, or teachers, these people need to be drummed out of our public institutions. Especially when they use their positions, and credentials, to spread anti-science messages which can affect the health of our community.

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