Meryl Dorey rallies the troops against Steve Hambleton: they deliver the goods

This quick post will mostly consist of screenshots. As is my want, I like to present anti-vaccinationists in the wild; just so the community can see what lurks behind their ethically challenged claims and beliefs. I keep getting told that most vaccine refusers are well-educated. I have to take this as the truth. Who am I to question social researchers? Personally, I’m yet to see any evidence of this claim.

Anti-vaccination campaigners are severely butthurt this week. Immunisation has been in the news, due to concerns about vaccine refusal. The anti-vaccinationists have been rightfully portrayed as society’s underwear’s skidmarks which we know them to be. Just today we have seen some of their threatening behaviour published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Amy Corderoy writes:

NSW opposition health spokesman Andrew McDonald had to call the police after a scathing speech he gave in State Parliament criticising the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), a group which, despite its name, is anti-vaccination.

”May you and yours rot in hell along with the Big Pharma pricks you support,” one email said. ”May you choke on your own bullshit and die.”


Debbie says she was just trying to be a good mother when she began researching immunisation online.

One of the first sites she found belonged to the AVN. ”It all looked legitimate, I thought ‘whoa, vaccines cause autism’, so I didn’t vaccinate my baby,” she says.

But when she saw the tragic story of the death of Dana McCaffery, who in 2009 died at one month from whooping cough, she began asking questions.

“I just felt I had been scammed,” she says. “You can kill your children if they don’t get vaccinated.”

Now she argues on social media with anti-vaccination proponents and is too scared to reveal her identity because of the backlash she has received.

“I hate to even say it out loud, but they say things to me like ‘die you f—ing c–t, die’,” she says. “My children have had the same things said to them.”

On Thursday, Australian Medical Association President Steve Hambleton appeared in the SMH. He is urging a crackdown on anti-vaccination organisations, which is nice. He is also calling for a tightening of immunisation uptake, tied to school eligibility. On the same day, Meryl Dorey called out to her followers, to respond. And, respond they did: they responded with depictions of their own ignorance of immunisation, a stream of insults, and even a threat to shoot DoCS workers (I’m serious). What follows is sort of a Best of…

AVN Steve Hambleton thread

AVN SH thread wanker idiot tosser dribble

AVN SH thread shoot docs workers tool

AVN SH thread bullshit Nazi Germany corporate knob

AVN SH thread wanker communist country

AVN SH thread asshole one world government

AVN SH thread jab that man

AVN: covering themselves in glory.

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