Anti-vaccine chiropractors 14

In the previous post we met the incomparable Mark Postles. The Chiropractic Board of Australia should be busy with him for quite some time.

Postles practices his business at Coast Chiropractic Kawana, and it would appear that his daughter, Ali Postles, is also affiliated with that place of business. She appears on the business group photo:

Ali Postles 4 Coast Chiro photoAli Postles’ main place of business is in New Zealand, where she runs Simply Chiropractic. Although a NZ business person, I have included Ali Postles in this series as she is a board member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. From the ASRF website:

Ali Postles 5 ASRF picThe ASRF are really racking them up in this series.

Although not as overt in her anti-vaccinationism as her father, Ali Postles shows that she has it in her to bring out the anti-vaccine misinformation, on her professional Facebook page.

Yes, the flu shot is full of toxic chemicals, like mercury, except when it isn’t. But, citing the US’s premier anti-vaccination organisation, the NVIC, to back you up wins a prize:

Ali Postles 2 flu shot mercury NVICFlu shots are exactly like “injecting a known toxin into your body”. DRINK:

Ali Postles 3 flu shot injecting a known toxin into your bodyAnd just to round it off, have some scary anti-fluoridation nonsense. It’s poison. In your tap water, don’t you know:

Ali Postles 1 fluoride poison“This shit is killing us”. Indeed, it is.

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