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It was just brought to my attention and I’d like to inform you that my thoughts, actions, and more importantly, the way I practice has drastically changed.

You’ll notice that since 2013, there have been no references to subluxation, vaccination or anything that isn’t based in research and evidence. Admittedly, I was indoctrinated with a lot of the same dogma that you rail against in your blog. 

I can’t change what I did in the past, but I am purely a musculo-skeletal therapist in this stage in my career. 

Kudos, sir.


The Chiropractic Board of Australia has had enough:

“We will not tolerate registered chiropractors giving misleading or unbalanced advice to patients, or providing advice or care that is not in the patient’s best interests,” chairman Phillip Donato said.

Dr Donato said chiropractors should only provide evidence-based treatment and anyone with concerns should report them. [Sydney Morning Herald August 9 2013]

Jonathon Maszak conducts his business at Mackay Chiropractic, in Queensland. He is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. Maszak toes the CAA party line in his dissemination of anti-vaccination misinformation.

Vaccines and other nasties are made only with the interests of shareholders in mind. I do believe we can drink to that canard:

Maszak 6 vacccines just for shareholders wealth

Here is a post from the US’s premier anti-vaccination organisation, the NVIC, in which Maszak describes vaccinees as “pin cushions”:

Maszak 1 NVIC vaccines pin cushions scary ingredientsMaszak advises his customers against influenza immunisation:

Maszak 3 no flu shot mercury neurotoxins injected into veins

Dave Mihalovic, the anti-vaccine naturopath. BINGO! Kudos to “Ashleigh” for taking his lies to task:

Maszak 5 unvaxed are the healthiest Mihalovic articleAs expected from these people, fluoride lies:

Maszak 2 fluoride truthBecause fluoride is poison, don’t you know:

Maszak fluoride tall glass of poisonAnd, to round off the breaches, a testimonial which Maszak even promoted:

Maszak 4 testimonial

This is what the Chiropractic Board of Australia has to say about the use of testimonials:

Guidelines for advertising of regulated health services

5 What is unacceptable advertising?

This section is intended to provide a clear indication of the
type of advertising of services that the boards consider to
be unacceptable. Where examples are provided, they are
intended to assist practitioners and other persons who
advertise regulated health services to comply with the
advertising provisions of the National Law. They are not
intended to be exhaustive.

To comply with s. 133 of the National Law and these
guidelines, advertising of services must not:

(d) use testimonials or purported testimonials

Over to you, CBA. You need to do something about these people destroying your profession. Your association’s boards are packed with them. Your associations are infested.

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