More anti-science from the Foo Fighters – this time it's anti-vaccinationism

Many of you would remember the controversy surrounding the revolting AIDS-denialism of long-term Foo Fighters band member Nate Mendel. From Wikipedia:

Connection to AIDS denialist movement

In January 2000, Nate Mendel organized a sold-out concert in Los Angeles to benefit Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives, a group which denies that HIV is the cause of AIDS. At the concert, the group’s founder, Christine Maggiore, gave a speech attributing AIDS to drug use, stress, and medications, and implying that people should not be tested for HIV, nor should they take antiretroviral treatment if HIV-positive.

Responding to coverage of the Alive & Well benefit in Mother Jones magazine, Mendel wrote that “…popular ideas about AIDS are based on a hypothesis that does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.” He further condemned HIV tests for what he felt was their inaccuracy and HIV medication for its “unproven efficacy and proven toxicity.” None of these statements reflects current mainstream scientific theories. The Foo Fighters no longer list Alive & Well as a supported charity on their website as of 2008.

As you can see, the band backed away from that one. As they should; it was despicable.

But, here we are again; thirteen years later. Only this time it’s another long-term band member, Taylor Hawkins, supporting the rabid anti-vaccination groups, Age of Autism and Generation Rescue. From the AoA Facebook page:

AoA 3 Foo Fighters gigHonestly, I’ve never been much of a fan. I guess I could just feel it in the antennae. Maybe Fighting the Foo is just a euphemism for supporting callous organisations who rejoice in death and suffering.

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  1. wzrd1 says:

    What a fascinating concept!
    Fighting Foo by supporting foo-foo.

  2. @advodiaboli says:

    “… on behalf of his nephew.”
    If only they knew how utterly ridiculous that is given the perpetuation of harm, ignorance and miserable scams AoA and GR are responsible for.

  3. Denis says:

    I wonder if the same people rely upon their doctors as the source of expertise for quality contemporary pop music, and reject music programs etc due to the evils of “big music”.

  4. Tyson Adams says:

    I first heard of the Foo’s denialism via John Saffon’s Music Jamboree. As a result I refuse to buy their music, despite how good some of it is.

  5. Sebastian Jackson says:

    Citibank is sponsoring the concert. Isn’t this grounds for a complaint or even a boycott?

  6. paduggan says:

    Then in October Dave Grohl (originally the only Foo Fighter) headlined an Autism Speaks event. a group that recommend vaccination. I guess two different members of a band can have different opinions.

    • The thing is, Autism Speaks is an abomination to all autistic people. Most of them do not want a cure, or a vaccine, they just want to be included. I already feel terrible to speak for autistic people here, but since no one replied to you, I feel like I have to…
      It’s a german autistic forum, so the posts are all in german, but they post several links to websites explaining the problem with AS. There is also a Twitter hashtag #boycottAutismSpeaks which contains links and more info on the topic…

      • paduggan says:

        Fair enough. But that doesn’t change the fact that not all members are Anti-Vaxxers.

      • wereatheist says:

        AoA should as well be (and is ) an abomination to all autistic people. In addition to seeking a cure, they are peddling anti-vaccination crankery. Two evils in one bag.

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