Deranged University of Wollongong anti-vaccine PhD student directs readers to conspiracy website

We’ve met Judy Wilyman before. She likes to complain that people don’t take her seriously, and that people make fun of her, and that people are disdainful of her: she has a shit-list of these people on her website, just to show how wrong everyone else is. This is a woman who has vilified a grieving family, accusing them of carrying out immunisation advocacy for payment. She screams that she isn’t anti-vaccine. They all do.

They all do.

Well, this one takes the cake.

As I have just written to her supervisor at the University of Wollongong, Dr Brian Martin, via an impeccably timed email on another subject:

…see attached your inept PhD student’s latest email, promoting the execrable Erwin Alber and his deceitful website.

She must be doing you proud, Brian. Kudos mate. Kudos.

I couldn’t believe my eyes: Erwin Alber. She promotes Erwin Alber*:

Wilyman 22 VINE emailAll of the students past, present and future, of the University of Wollongong, are and will forever be screeching in their graves. How can this ever be lived down?

The University of Wollongong should be ashamed that it has steadfastly refused to take any serious action against this embarrassment.

*I didn’t even mention The Thinking Moms’ Revolution link.

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  1. Darwy says:

    I love how she’s trying to make herself more of an authority figure with her signature as such.

    I’m totally going to start signing posts as:

    Darwy (cand. scient.)

  2. Sue says:

    VINE for MEDICAL information about vaccines? I didn’t know Ms Wilyman had a sense of humour. Oh, wait…

  3. Stephen says:

    She is an embarrassment to the University of Wollongong.
    Her writings and sporadic media appearances bring discredit to the institution.

    I would have thought she is sailing a bit close to the wind suggesting the V**E supplies “medical information”.

    Stephen (cand. Mt Everest Climber)

  4. Let’s hope her credentials are revoked.

    Allison (cand. Cat Lady [crazy])

  5. This is dreadful….a clear case of someone thinking that a PhD means that you’re knowledgeable on all subjects.

  6. I’ve complained bitterly to the university of Wollongong about this madwoman on two occasions now. How they can keep allowing her to use their name is beyond me. Absolute disgrace.
    Kristin (cand. astronaut)

  7. alex says:

    The media also has a (responsible) role to play here i.e. too much air time!

  8. Ken McLeod says:

    Why doesn’t the University of Wollongong save time and effort and just put the PhDs in Corn Flakes packets?

  9. Annette Bannon says:

    If I was doing a PhD, I would feel very devalued as a result of the likes of Judy Wilyman.

  10. Caffeinum is spelled with an “e.” Other than that, I love your Web site!

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