Death threats against Dr Paul Offit and family published on NVIC Facebook page

Barbara Loe Fisher and her cronies at the US National Vaccine Information Center know how to get a rise out of their panting whackaloons: mention the name “Paul Offit”; make sure it’s mentioned in a Strawman; make sure it’s a dog whistle. The pack of dogs come in numbers, and they never disappoint. Fisher has trained them well.

I’ve covered this sort of thing from Fisher and her bed-wetting, illiterate minions before here and here.

The Forbes article in question is a great one. In it Dr Offit calls for an end to false balance in medical reporting. It is a noble call. The community does much better when fully informed by those who are qualified to speak in their field. Putting these qualified people up against a bubble-blowing conspiracy theorist in news stories does the community a disservice. It needs to end.

This time the NVIC have upped the ante into full-blown death threats against Dr Offit and his family. All because of a dog-whistling Strawman from the master puppeteer, Fisher. It pays the bills, folks.

I won’t say any more. They really do speak for themselves.

NVIC 37 OffitNVIC 38 Offit turd Kim Jong

We’ve met the deranged Vazquez before, here. He’s a supporter of the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network.

NVIC 40 Offit Vazquez threats

Vazquez is in charge of a small child. Think about that for a while.

NVIC 41 Offit should be in gaol damn naziNVIC 42 Offit douche bag horses ass feel sick prisonNVIC 43 Offit pussy protecting his millionsNVIC 44 Offit belongs in gaol sickAnti-vaccine pride.

Let your friends and family know what really lurks behind the fraudulent veil of decency which is portrayed by these violent organisations. This is why Dr Offit has required a heightened security presence in the past.

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