Letting the anti-vaccine freak flag fly – Ohm fires off a last one before teaching CAA members

Tomorrow US-based, anti-vaccine, subluxationist chiropractor Jeanne Ohm will be teaching Australian chiropractors at the CAA NSW AGM seminar sessions. Ohm will be teaching Australian chiropractors the speculative (at best) Webster technique, and CPD points will be granted. Chiropractors’ Association of Australia NSW president Joe Ierano – himself a former member of the disgraced anti-vaccine outfit the Australian Vaccination skeptics Network – is now very, very aware of the poor decision of bringing Ohm here, as are his other board members.

Jeanne Ohm is also the CEO of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, the ICPA. It is also a demonstrably rabid anti-vaccination organisation. 155 Australian chiropractors are members of the ICPA.

Again, 155 Australian chiropractors are ICPA members.

Ohm shared this, this morning, via “Team Wakefield”:

Ohm 25 via Team Wakefield deadly impossibility of herd immunityAnd, because the anti-vaccine Ohm is also the CEO of the anti-vaccine paediatric organisation – the ICPA – the ICPA also shared the same deranged post, via “Team Wakefield”:

ICPA 9 via Team Wakefield deadly impossibility of herd immunitySo, how good was that decision to hire Jeanne Ohm? And why does anyone who was involved in that decision still have a position at the CAA NSW?

This is the board of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, NSW:

Joe Ierano – president

Angus Steventon – vice president

Larry Whitman – treasurer

Leanne Jenkins – secretary

Christine Berman – executive member

Dennis Jang – executive member

Who made the decision that it was appropriate to secure the services of the anti-vaccine Ohm? It was at least one of the above people. It may have been all of them. Who knows? Ohm’s activities are already widely known. Who is going to take responsibility for the presence of an anti-vaccine activist who teaches baseless and speculative content to registered Australian chiropractors, which is done on behalf of AHPRA and the Chiropractic Board of Australia?

Where is the transparency and where is the accountability which are owed to CAA members, and the broader community?

At the very least it is now apparent that the right to secure and teach professional training on behalf of the CBA and AHPRA should be stripped from all CAA associations – state and national. For goodness sake,  in only the last few years they had anti-vaccinationists providing CPD training in a couple of states (two state board members from this latter one are now on the national board). And the only reason they stopped is because they got caught! And two board members of the CAA national board are also board members of the anti-vaccine-ridden, subluxation-based research organisation, the Australian Spinal Research Foundation! Is there any wonder why observers are justifiably perplexed?

Yet CAA board members around the country dig their heels in and shoot the messengers. All of this bad publicity is the fault of the nasty skeptics, and other critics, they claim.

Listen, if someone defecates in the middle of your lounge-room floor, I’m going to point it out. Especially when it is a concern for public health. Your act of ignoring it, and blaming me and others for pointing it out, doesn’t negate the need for the carpet cleaners. Pick up your shit, CAA board members. You created it.

I hope the board members of the CBA are really sitting up in their boardroom chairs. Perusing the interests and claims of CAA board members around the country, this is only going to get worse.

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