Queensland drug and bereavement counselor tells clients vaccines cause SIDS

Earlier this month, we heard the wonderful news that the Victorian health complaints process was going to be beefed up:

A new bill cracking down on dodgy health practitioners, including gay conversion therapists, will be introduced to the Victorian Parliament.

Under the legislation, Victoria’s Health Services Commissioner will be replaced with a new Health Complaints Commissioner who will be given greater powers to investigate unregistered doctors, dentists and other health service providers.

Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy said the new commissioner would crack down on providers currently not covered by state or federal law.

“We’ve had a number of challenges in terms of the sorts of services people have been provided and no legislative tools to really respond to it,” she said.

This is most welcome. This will align the Victorian complaints legislation with that of New South Wales’ Health Care Complaints Act, which was amended due to the excellent work of Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, who have a public health warning against their name, forever.

It is time for Queensland to follow suit. Queenslanders deserve a more robust health complaints act which holds rogue health practitioners to greater account, regardless of whether or not they are registered or unregistered health practitioners. The internet has given greater scope for crackpots to become health educators, and has given breadth to a previously limited audience for these unregistered health practitioners to pass off lies to their clients as legitimate health advice. Health regulators should now be equipped with greater scope to investigate charlatans; and with this greater scope needs to come sharper regulatory teeth. It is time for regulators to have greater powers to issue prohibition orders, as well as greater powers of enforcement, via prosecution. It is time for health complaints legislations, across the country, to catch up with the internet.

Brigham 27 public photo

Public photo courtesy of Facebook

Gita Brigham is an unregistered health practitioner on the Gold Coast, Queensland. On her website’s about page Brigham describes her services:

I have worked as a qualified Social Worker since 2003. Obtaining post qualifications in life coaching, business studies, and a diploma in mental health, specialising in drugs and alcohol.

Brigham also claims to have worked in child protection:

Brigham 4 former child safety worker Qld

Elsewhere, underneath her blog post which is entitled, GLOBALISATION, THE ILLUMINATI & THE ONE WORLD ORDER – yes, that’s what it really says Brigham describes her expanded roles:

Gita Brigham

Addiction & Substance Abuse Specialist


Mental Health Social Worker 

Life Coach and Author 

Former Addict and Radical Thought Leader 

So, given Brigham’s role in counseling people who are already in a very vulnerable position, and who are directly influenced by a person in a position of authority – a practitioner who holds most of the power in a relationship which is recognised as one of power imbalance – one can only be aghast at the following: firstly, there is a serious breach of confidentiality; secondly, Brigham is allowing one of her clients to maintain blame and guilt over something for which he should feel neither blame nor guilt; and, thirdly, Brigham is basing her appalling treatment of this client on anti-vaccination lies which blame SIDS on immunisation.

To the client of Gita Brigham: you have done absolutely nothing to contribute to the death of a baby. Immunisation does not cause SIDS. Immunisation is one thing which can protect against SIDS. This is not your fault.

Last night, Gita Brigham posted this in the rabid anti-vaccination group, Unvaccinated Australia:

A life gone to soon.
As some of you may know I work as private practioner on the Gold Coast, specialising in bereavement and addiction counselling. I had a client last week who was telling me a story about a baby that died of SIDS. It was late last year when he met a couple who had a healthy and happy five month old baby boy. Not long after befriending them their baby died. Soon as I heard the baby died, I wondered if the baby had recently been vaccinated, sure enough it had been. I asked him to explain the circumstances of the baby’s death. He goes on to tell me he was spending every second day at the couples house. One day he discovered in conversation that the baby boy had had not received the scheduled vaccinations. Apparently the parents of the baby did not hold a strong opinion on vaccination and they had simply been slack and not needed to take the baby to the doctor. I asked if he knew if the baby had received the Hep B and Vitamin K at birth and he wasn’t sure. When he found out the baby boy had not been vaccinated he became very adamant that the mother needed to do the right thing and take her baby to the doctor for its needles. My client has no children of his own, but because what he had seen in the media and the propaganda, he tells me his intention was to protect the baby! So it turns out he makes the mother call the doctor and make an appointment. The next morning he drives the mother and her baby boy to the doctor without a baby car seat, baby in lap of mother, to the doctors appointment.

My client tells me that because the baby had not been inoculated the doctor advised that the baby receive extra catch up vaccinations, so the mother agreed and that day the baby received god knows how many vaccinations. A couple of days later the baby is showing signs of stress and not sleeping. The father of the baby boy lies down on the lounge in the afternoon with the baby boy resting on his chest. Its a hot day so father gives the baby a bottle of water, and they both fall asleep, mother was out food shopping. About 2 hours later the father awakens to the bone chilling screams of his partner. The baby is dead on his chest, and can not be resuscitated. An innocent life gone to soon. This all occurred last year on the Gold Coast. There was an investigation and the cause of death was recorded as SIDS.

Brigham also added, in three separate comment-replies:

It was not until I advised him that vaccines have been linked to SIDS that he stopped & thought about it. He appeared to feel somewhat sad to hear this however he did not appear to very affected & carried on the conversation about his criminal drug charges.

think he feels more upset that the couple no longer want anything to do with him. This is another case of ignorance is bliss until an innocent life is lost.

I have been counselling now for over 10 years. I have heard it all & some

This egregious, harmful series of breaches are not the only ones Brigham has committed. Her business’s Facebook page is a prime example as to why Queensland should amend its health complaints legislation. We now implore the Queensland Health Minister, Cameron Dick, to introduce amendments in line with Victoria and NSW.


Brigham 11 chemtrails

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Brigham 12 crank cancer cures


Brigham 13 chemtrails

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Brigham 14 vax attempted murder


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Brigham 17 Zika vaccines Rappaport

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Brigham 18 Agenda 21

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Brigham 19 vaccine casue baby deaths

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Brigham 8 911 Truther

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Brigham 9 Icke 911

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Brigham 10 vax sterilisation Kenya



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