Antivaxer Savage bailed in NZ and asking for donations

Thanks to the man himself we now have an update on the whereabouts and latest happenings on the anti-Semitic, homophobic, white-supremacist, xenophobic, anti-vaccination activist, Christopher William Savage. This man is a hero of the Australian (and global) anti-vaccination movement who has been championed by Meryl Dorey and her Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network:

Savage 303 CM image

Image courtesy The Courier Mail.

As reported by Cindy Wockner of The Courier Mail, Savage had previously fled Bali, narrowly avoiding arrest for allegedly practising alternative medicine sans qualifications, by providing intravenous magnesium and chelation (DMSO) infusions. He had also fled Australia, where there is a current investigation into his alleged practices here.

Savage ended up in New Zealand, where a public health warning was issued after he allegedly landed a customer in the emergency department of a local hospital.

It was known that a warrant was issued for Savage’s arrest, in April/May 2016, in New Zealand; there was only speculation as to Savage’s whereabouts and current status of freedom, or otherwise. This has now been answered by Savage.

In a public post, today – since deleted from many Facebook fora – in the Vaccine Resistance Movement Facebook group, Savage published a call for funds. Savage also stated that he would offer to supply his therapeutic goods in return for funds:


After helping a vaccine injured person at no charge he turned against me and complained to NZ police. I have been arrested and charged with a serious criminal offence that carries a penalty of up to 5 years imprisonment. (Assault with a weapon) I am currently on bail to appear in Hastings Court (NZ) on 27 June 2016. I have secured a Barrister for $300 per hour which is very cost effective. Please help me pay for the legal fees which are instrumental to help me stay out of prison. For example my barrister is making submissions to change the charge to a more appropriate one that I would be happy to plead guilty for. I don’t want to spend huge amounts of money and I am not asking for money to do that. For Australian donors any amount of AUD$100 I will send you 1 litre of Ancient Magnesium Oil with Boron and Sulphur and overseas AUD$130 to show my appreciation. For bank transfer Account name LEGAL FEES BSB 484799 Account number 200766186 and for paypal please send to Thankyou.

Savage 301 VRM public post call for funds

Savage also published his May 30 2016 bail notification, showing that his next court date is on June 27 2016. The bail notification also includes the charge leveled against Savage:

Assault person with stab/cutting instrument

Savage 302 VRM post bail doc

Savage 297 bail notific May 30 2016

There will be further updates about Savage’s case as they come in.


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