Sergeant Damage

Christopher William Savage is a former serving sergeant in the Queensland Police Service. We have been following his exploits since 2012 and he has recently come to prominence once again as the darling of the No Jab No Pay anti-vaccine protest movement, for a speech he gave at the Brisbane protest. It is long past time to publish a collection of the innermost, outside-voice thoughts of former Sergeant Savage. It is my opinion that he poses a risk to public health and safety.

Savage believes that some immunisation advocates are “possessed by demons” who will not survive “on this earth very long” because they have been immunised. From the anti-vaccine group, Vaccine Free Australia:

Savage 109 provax trolls are possessed by demons not long for this world July 18 2015 VFA

I want to bookend this collection of Savage’s broader sociopolitical treatises with two screenshots. This first image is from August 2012. Savage declares that he wants his guns back, granting us some retrospective succour in the knowledge that, in 2012 at least, Savage was not in possession of firearms:

I want my guns back I said you government arseholes

Savage 3 wants his guns back

The second image comes from a post made by Savage, yesterday, on the Vaccine Resistance Movement group’s open page. The reader can now see why there is some more urgency to the Savage dilemma:

SHOULD VACCINATORS BE SHOT if they try to inject babies like this one? I say yes

Savage 87 vaccinators be shot VRM edited posts

As you can see, Savage went back and edited his post after his initial violent, inciteful comments hit Twitter within minutes.

It is Savage’s anti-vaccination claims – and the broader respect he receives from all strata of the anti-vaccine movement – which has brought him the most attention. Our favourite cast-iron, black, flying pig wrote a damning piece on Savage in 2012. Back then Savage was sharing his new Statutory Declaration – bringing him worldwide anti-vaccine fame via the likes of the UK’s Christina England – in which he claimed innocent people were being framed by the Queensland Police Service; whilst making named, outrageous accusations against former colleagues, alleging misconduct, in the treatment of parents charged with assaulting their babies amongst other childhood injuries.

Of course, by that time, Savage had already drunk heavily from the vile poison which is the assertion that shaken baby syndrome is caused by vaccines; just like SIDS and every other ailment and health condition. One spectacular result of the aforementioned 2012 Lucky Losing blog post was that it elicited a response from one of Savage’s former colleagues who was intent on asserting facts. Here is the damning response from Witness, in full:

I wish to clear this matter up in regards to Sgt Savage. I am a Witness to the events that happened at the Ipswich Watchhouse. SGT Savage only arrived at Ipswich in September 2009 from Townsville. Upon arriving he made his prescence felt and got offside with all officers who worked in the Watchhouse including senior members of the QPS. He ranted about vaccines from the day he arrived, he pushed his anti Doctor anti traditional medicine down everyones throat. He sold alternative therapies in the form of medications to other QPS Staff Members. His views were always very extreme and he seemed to be extremely fixated on anything to do with medicine, to a point of madness.

He has no medical qualifications and yet he diagnoses and sells alternative therapies and medicines. He sold some to me!!! This was brought to the attention of senior QPS members and as a result SGT Savage was removed from his duties as a Charge SGT (shift supervisor) in the watchhouse as he could not be trusted. Senior Constables would run the shift whilst SGT Savage would perform the duties of a Constable and had to be under constant supervison. He was under serious investigation for his behaviour. The placing of material in a prisoners property was in fact ordered by SGT Savage for a staff member to do. He told the only other member working with him that night (a civilian watchhouse officer) to place the material in the prisoners property. SGT Savage then went and had a long and intense conversation with that prisoner and advised him of a defence of shaken baby syndrome and also that he had put information in his property to read when he got to the jail on remand. I was appalled and could not believe SGT Savage’s behaviour on this evening. Eventually senior staff were notified and Savage was finally removed from the watchhouse and sent to the communications room at Yamanto where he could be babysat and could be kept an eye on by senior staff from the district. Savage was a person that was not to be trusted around prisoners or members of the public and also had his service weapon removed from him in Townsville as a result of his unfit behaviour.

When the world was closing in on him, he then went of sick leave and was paid for a long period of time by the QPS, whilst the QPS decided what to do with him as he was dangerous. Eventually he left the QPS under a medical cloud as medical retirement. He was never confirmed in his position as Sergeant as he was not worthy of this rank.

I observed Savage selling and diagnosing medical conditions for people with all types of illness’s including cancer, female problems, pregnancy problems etc even though he has no qualifications to support this. He is a quack!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked up his website and it appears that he is still in the business of selling stuff to unsuspecting sick people. His website is “superoxy”. He has it listed in the states with a link to the australian website????? Scam??????

I am appalled at the way that he is accusing the QPS of being frauds, cover ups, evidence fabricators, liars, framers etc. The QPS do a very good job working long hard hours for very little reward. For the QPS to be on the recieving end of a psychologically dillusional madman is appalling and the QPS should go after him for defammation and should silence him from speaking utter evil and spreading lies and information that can not be proven or supported.

Mr Savage do everyone a favour and shut up and ping off. Your are crazy and no one wants to listen to your ranting irrational and pathetic self!!!!!!!!! You are a complete and utter disgrace to the QPS and all of the worthy men and women that put their lives on the line every day for the likes of people like you.

We can’t thank Witness enough for coming forward. This is important stuff: as we will see now, Savage relies heavily on his claims as a former QPS sergeant as his major argument from authority. The claims regarding Savage’s provision of unqualified health advice and unqualified healthcare, made by Witness, will also be substantiated as we progress. All screenshots are captured from Savage’s then public, various Facebook postings. His Facebook profile is now set to private.

Savage the police sergeant

Savage boasts of accosting strangers using his former employment as an authority to push his anti-vaccine lies:

Savage 46 ex cop antivax advice in St Vinnies

Savage contacts his local  member of parliament, Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss, using his former QPS service to garner authority for his anti-vaccine delusions:

Savage 61 Truss bioweapomns

Update July 19 2015

Savage has published, on a public Facebook thread, on his  profile, the contents of his message to Warren Truss:

Savage 101 letter to Warren Truss contents

Savage uses his former rank and service number to claim that the major side effect from vaccination is “life force reduction”:

Savage 64 former sgt of police vaccines harm

This post claiming that a uniformed Savage is still serving as a police officer was shared many times. Savage commented on this post. I have not seen anywhere where Savage has corrected this claim that he is still a serving police officer:

Savage 77 uniform meme agenda 21 etc

Savage claims that a Family and Community Services case which at the time was current in the Lismore Base Hospital maternity unit – and there are real concerns regarding the mental health of the father – is a case of the hospital stealing babies:

Savage 92 LBH steals babies QPS

Here Savage omits many of the reasons he left the QPS:

Savage 95 QPS

Savage on vaccines

Savage has recently been heralded by the new leaders of the anti-vaccine movement – the organisers of the national anti-vaccine protests – as a man of truth and integrity, for his delusional speech given in Brisbane. People actually stood by whilst Savage claimed vaccines are the real cause of shaken baby syndrome; people applauded him; they clapped when he made conspiratorial claims that vaccines are a “soft kill” mechanism utilised for the purposes of global depopulation. They clapped. They glowed. They cooed. Thankfully, as Brisbane friends reported, a few left in disgust.

This glowing endorsement comes from the now-defunct Brisbane anti-vaccine protest page (notice registered nurse, Alisha Wood, praising Savage. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia can be contacted here – Queensland notifications must be made through the Office of the Health Ombudsman):

Savage 75 Alisha Wood RN Bris thread

This one from 2012 more or less explains itself:

Savage 7 vaccine scare poster age quickly gillian barre

Okay, look, this one’s just funny:

Savage 10 cognitive dissidence

Savage also shares from his friend, the callous Meryl Dorey, of the thoroughly discredited Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. This one is actually quite special:

Savage 22 share Dorey bioweapons nazi

Savage thinks Polio immunisation providers get what’s coming to them when they get murdered:

Savage 32 polio workers killed in self defence

Savage is willing to testify against these individuals so as to have them “removed from this earth”. Clearly this is more incitement of violence against those he thinks deserve it, just like the Polio vaccine providers, above:

Savage 73 testify crominal charges Murdoch Gates etc Bris protest

This post from only two days ago shows the strength of Savage’s delusions. This poor child did not die;  the child was covered in bruising from being assaulted. The only thing Savage got correct in this post was the word “and”. Even that was a stretch:

Savage 84 SBS telegraph

Savage the anti-Semite

Savage is obviously an offensive character. It is clear from his own beliefs, actions and pronouncements that he is an objectionable fellow. He is perfect for the anti-vaccination movement and they hold him close like a faeces-adorned security blanket. And this is what really gets under my craw with anti-vaccinationists: it’s not just that they pose a direct threat to public health and safety; it’s that they don’t care with whom they metaphorically to bed to get their nefarious task done. This despicable man is a hero in anti-vaccine ranks. Chris Savage, the violence-inciting anti-Semite, with a penchant for desiring the death of his enemies by bullet. There are too many images to include; I will include an addendum at the bottom of this post. I apologise for the following; however, if we don’t share this then others will not know the real Savage.

Holocaust denial:

Savage 20 holocaust denial

Savage claims that Jews are evil satan worshippers:

Savage 88 Jews evil satan worshippers

Jew bankers, Karl Marx, Obama, Communism, Antichrist. This has almost everything:

Savage 25 jew bankers etc

It’s the Jews’ fault that the term “racist” exists, because of “Jewish Mind control”:

Savage 31 racist Jewish mind control

Savage and his anti-Semitic mates can’t be sure, but, they’re pretty sure the Jews poison water supplies:

Savage 37 JEWS poison the water

“Jews are behind all major terror events”, according to former QPS police sergeant, Chris Savage. Maybe his Jewish friend Meryl Dorey can confirm this for him?

Savage 90 Jews behing all major terror events

Savage thinks The Onion is real. And he’s got the offensive anti-Semitic language to prove it:

Savage 67 Onion Jews

More anti-Semitic images at the bottom of this post. It is telling that there are so many – and even this collection is not exhaustive of Savage’s posts – that we can’t even fit them all in the main body of this post.

Savage the unqualified, unregistered health provider

You are going to think that this is a joke. It is not. Savage produced, for distribution and sale, his own intravenous decalcification kits for the administration of magnesium. This post was eventually removed from Savage’s profile after health authorities asked him what the hell he thought he was doing. He made them with his brother. He will also train the chumps who buy it:

Savage 34 IV kits decalcification

Savage is, of course, a proponent of the flesh-eating Black Salve in the treatment of cancer. The “hate filled demons of the medical mafia” are, of course, opposed to untrained individuals burning off their flesh out of a spite for evidence-based treatments:

Savage 9 blcak salve works nazis

Of course – verifying his former colleague’s accusations of unqualified health provision – Savage has his own cure for skin cancer:

Savage 40 skin cancer cure

Savage also hands out advice to families of those suffering Stage 4 colon cancer with associated metastases:

Savage 58 stage 4 colon cancer with mets treating

And who can go  past a good old Scrotum Scrub™. Not me, that’s for sure. Thanks to a friend for the brand-name:

Savage 94 Scrotum Scrub

There is nothing Savage won’t rub the wrong way.

Savage the offensive conspiracy theorist

Like many anti-vaccinationists Chris Savage has a broad range of nonsensical, insensitive, offensive beliefs that engender victim-blaming and the accusation of ill-gain by victims of tragedy and victims’ families.

One of the more offensive of the conspiracy theories is the false flag: the accusation that a particular event was staged by the government, with the complicity of victims and their families, so as to cover-up some broader evil agenda.

In 2012 Savage asserted that the massacre inside a Sikh temple by white racists was really the work of the CIA:

Savage 1 false flag shootings

Savage, like many of his colleagues, claimed that the Boston Bombing was an obvious false flag:

Savage 13 Boston false flag obvious

The New World Order conspiracy is to be expected, of course, via Infowars and Alex Jones:

Savage 5 NWO Bilderbergs etc

Chemtrails are a certainty:

Savage 38 chentrails

Offensively Savage claims that the recent infant death from raw milk was not caused by the raw milk. His evidence? Well, he doesn’t have any of that. Who cares about dead infants when there’s an ideology to uphold, right? Just another day of false flags:

Savage 33 raw milk false flag child death

And, where would any upstanding conspiracy theorist be without AIDS lies?

Savage 91 AIDS conspiracy

Savage and his ties to white supremacy

If the anti-vaccinationism, the conspiracy theories, the dangerous health products and advice, and the ugly anti-Semitism wasn’t bad enough; then the following should get a few hairs standing up on the backs of your necks. Especially considering Savage’s declarations in favour of firearms and executions.

At least someone calls him out on this astonishing  comment:

Savage 30 niggers comment

“Filthy Jew Bitch” from the Daily Stormer, a white supremacist publication:

Savage 48 filthy jew bitch post neo nazi

Again from the Daily Stormer: Savage declares that there is “no more important video than this”, arguing that genocide is being planned by Jews against Christians. Deranged:

Savage 49 Jewish plot to murder 6 million xians

The race card. One of the last refuges of a white scoudrel:

Savage 50 race card

From another white supremacist publication, the White Resister, the putrid accusation that the gas chambers of The Holocaust were faked:

Savage 54 jews fake gas chambers

No more needs to be said, here:

Savage 55 friends with nazi

Saying sorry to our Stolen Generation is, in the turbulent mind of Savage, “divisive, racial mind control”:

Savage 56 Sorry

European white supremacy comes in all colours of white:

Savage 65 white supremacist

I got nothing:

Savage 68 white genocide

Before we finish I should add that Chris Savage was a candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in the 1998 Queensland State Election. Perfect, yes?

This is the man with whom the global anti-vaccination movement is enamoured. We can see the type of person the anti-vaccination movement deems acceptable to include in its ranks; to hoist aloft as a beacon of integrity and valour; to lead the charge of the gibbering masses, blaming everything on the Jews and Jew-doctors.

It is your anti-vaccine movement, Meryl Dorey. It is yours, Sherri Tenpenny. It is yours, Barbara Loe Fisher. It is yours, Stephanie Messenger and Susan Lindberg and Kathy Scarborough and Tasha David and Bronwyn Hancock and Viera Scheibner, and all of the new unhinged zealots of the protests; it is yours Corinne Stanaway (Cos Stanway) and Damien Poulsen and Belgin Colak. It is yours Courtney Hebberman and Luke O’Hehir (Luke E Lawless). He is yours! He is yours, Judy Wilyman and Brian Martin of the University of Wollongong. He is yours.

Christopher William Savage is yours, anti-vaccination movement. Hold him. Cherish him. For he is yours.


Update July 13 2015

A clearly mentally tormented Savage declares that the government-sanctioned agenda of global depopulation by way of vaccine “bioweapons” is underway. Even more troubling, he declares that this is a “war”:


Update July 22 2015

On May 6 2015 a little boy named Levi Wibberley passed away. Levi had the genetic degenerative disorder, Krabbe Disease. This following is the Facebook page info from Levi’s page:

Levi is an 18 month old little boy living with Krabbe Disease.
Levi was born healthy and thriving and hitting all milestones at the correct age.. until 6.5 months old.. he stopped feeding and started to go floppy.
Levi under went a large amount of tests and surgeries to find out what was wrong.. at 8 months old and many hospital admissions Levi was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy Disease.
A terminal illness that many who live with it do not see their second birthday.

What is Krabbe?
Krabbe disease is a degenerative disorder that affects the nervous system. It is caused by the shortage (deficiency) of an enzyme called galactosylceramidase. This enzyme deficiency impairs the growth and maintenance of myelin, the protective covering around certain nerve cells that ensures the rapid transmission of nerve impulses.
The symptoms of Krabbe disease usually begin before the age of 1 year (the infantile form). Initial signs and symptoms typically include irritability, muscle weakness, feeding difficulties, episodes of fever without any sign of infection, stiff posture, and slowed mental and physical development. As the disease progresses, muscles continue to weaken, affecting the infant’s ability to move, chew, swallow, and breathe. Affected infants also experience vision loss and seizures.

Today, Levi’s parent’s were forced to respond to callous misinformation being spread about their little boy’s passing:

Im not normally one to ‘entertain’ the misinformed but the fact that Levi’s passing is the talk of multiple anti-vaccinators around the world really upsets me..

Levi’s disease was not caused by vaccination.. It is a genetic illness passed down from Ben and myself.. this disease can be picked up in utero before any vaccinations are administered.

Heartbroken and sick is what I feel seeing my baby used in a uneducated argument..

Levi 1 message regarding VRM Savage posts

“Heartbroken and sick”. On top of the pain of having lost their little boy these parents are made to feel even more “heartbroken and sick” by the actions of delusional, callous, cruel anti-vaccinationists; all done in the name of ideology. Savage, of course, is one of them. Levi’s mum and dad should never need to write this:

Levi’s disease was not caused by vaccination.. It is a genetic illness passed down from Ben and myself

Levi’s mum and dad were forced into defending their little boy’s dignity, and the facts surrounding their own pain, due to the actions of the contemptible, cruel Chris Savage and his foul, deranged ilk. From the VRM Facebook group:

Savage 107 Levi VRM

But, in true dishonest Savage fashion, the above version of the post is not the original; Savage went in and edited the text after being exposed for the dishonest, cruel crackpot he is. Here is the original text, sans his fake feelings for this grieving family. This is the real Savage; he does not have any interest in facts; nor does he have any concern for Levi’s family. Savage is only interested in spreading conspiracy theories which point to vaccines being the cause of all human misery. Savage only conveys concern for others after being shown for the ghoul he is:

This is classic misinformation from the media owned by Stokes who purchased the Rothschild Family Bible for 15 million…and this story is classic vaccine injury misnamed a rare disease

Savage 106 Levi vaccine

The cretin also blamed Levi’s mum for having had the influenza immunisation. From the now-deleted VRM post:

I read the symptoms and know that the mother likely had a flu vaccine and baby’s in Australia are given the Hep B at birth routinely so there is your answer

Savage 108 VRM Levi mum

And what did the offensive, dangerous Chris Savage achieve? This:

Heartbroken and sick is what I feel seeing my baby used in a uneducated argument..

Of course, Savage has form. Lot long ago he posted this execrable anti-vaccine stream of lies to the memorial page of little Riley Hughes, who died because he caught whooping cough:

Riley 110 Chris Savage

Who does that?



Addendum of Savage anti-Semitism

Holocaust denial:

Savage 15 holocaust denial nazi jews

Jews are insane psychopaths who run the world:

Savage 19 JEWS

ISIS is run by Zionists:

Savage 21 ISIS Zionist funded

This one is a grab-bag of racism:

Savage 23 racism against African Americans Jews Muslims

Anne Frank was a fraud because Jews:

Savage 28 holocaust Anne Frank fraud

Multiculturalism is caused by Jews who are to blame for this assault, according to Savage:

Savage 89 Jews bring multiculturalism assault

Jews killed JFK, of course:

Savage 41 Jews killed Kennedy

Savage claims psycho Jews are in charge who are really practising Jewish mind control, when they are done murdering Jesus:

Savage 42 Jews Russia Putin

Again with Holocaust denial:

Savage 52 Holocaust faked

Savage is upset with one of those uppity Jews who object to his Jew-talk:

Savage 53 blocked by Jew

Mamamia, GSK, and Newscorp are run by Jews for the purposes of bioweapons, or something:

Savage 62 Murdock Jew bioweapons

I’ll let Savage finish off with his own hateful words:

Savage 63 Jews Holocaust

Thanks for reading.

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