Shawn Dhu posts video threats of assault against Reasonable Hank

Shawn Dhu is a Perth resident and anti-vaccination activist who shot to fame recently for his abhorrent behaviour at the Perth Telethon Kids immunisation seminar. Dhu intimidated, defamed, interrupted, and filmed immunisation experts as they attempted to answer questions from the audience. Dhu was widely congratulated by the Australian anti-vaccination community, including the University of Wollongong’s anti-vaccination PhD, Judy Wilyman, who was also a part of the howling antivax mob at the Perth seminar.

Last night, on June 9 2016 at 2213 hours, Dhu uploaded a public video to Facebook in which he made explicit and direct threats of physical assault towards me. Dhu has previously confessed to having an extensive criminal record. It is believed that he is still on a good behaviour bond, or similar, as admitted by himself in another of his online videos (at 10:55 min).

This video is an excerpt of Dhu’s public video, and contains the threats of physical assault:


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10 Responses to Shawn Dhu posts video threats of assault against Reasonable Hank

  1. Slothman says:

    I have been following your exploits for a while Hank and I applaud you for documenting the garbage that is sprouted by the Anti Vax movement. It does make me wonder though, why they feel that “trolls” are “harassing” when all you are doing is documenting what they themselves have done. Here is a hint, if you don’t like looking like a deranged hypocrite who incites violence, I suggest you stop acting like one.

  2. Lisa C says:

    Have you reported this to the police? He is indeed making explicit threats, even though he doesn’t know your real-world identity. I think someone had also let Peter Tierney know this man has a down on him, if he doesn’t already know.

  3. Science Mom says:

    Will you please update? There seems to be a spate of increasingly violent behaviour and rhetoric coming from the anti-vaxx whackaloons. I hope it’s sooner rather than later that they are branded a terrorist group.

  4. lizditz says:

    So Dels reached to Australia? Eeeewwww. The relentless posting of the Q & As from the Vaxxed showings — with ever more inflammatory rhetoric from Wakers, Bigbush, and Our Lady of the Mammaries is whipping up the base.

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