Health Australia Party: anti-vaccine; anti-fluoride; anti-chemtrails.

The Health Australia Party – formerly the Natural Medicine Party – is busily denying the strongly held beliefs of its own senate candidates. This post contains all the evidence you will need to know about them. Only yesterday it started urging its followers to start lodging complaints to the Australian Press Council, claiming it has been misrepresented by the – whole – media:

HAP 11 media bias

The HAP is following the usual progress of all anti-vaccine, alt-med cranks who hate it when their ruses are not believed by the broader community. Pretty soon they should start lodging fraudulent DMCA take-downs, like all of those who cannot stump up with evidence.


The HAP claims it is not “anti-vaccine”, but, “pro-choice”. Those of us who have been following the lies of the anti-vaccination movement for any amount of time know that this is disingenuous, at best. “Pro-choice” is code for “anti-vaccine”.

Put simply, antivaxers know their beliefs are repugnant. They know that the community is in favour of live babies growing through to adulthood. Therefore, antivaxers rely on dishonest public relations to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt about vaccines, whilst making themselves out to be beacons of heath choice and ethics. Just ask them which vaccine from the schedule they would recommend.

Isaac Golden is the HAP’s number 1 senate candidate for Victoria. Golden claims that water (homeopathy) can be used to prevent and treat infectious disease without the need for “dangerous” vaccines.

This is an advertisement from the anti-vaccination Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – an organisation with a public health warning against its name – from one of the AVN’s 2012 newsletters:

Golden 4 AVN ad 2012 homeopathy prevent treat infectious disease

In May 2016 – only last month – Isaac Golden signed an anti-vaccination petition which demands that infectious diseases expert and public health hero, Dr Paul Offit, inject himself with 10,000 vaccines, based on a deliberate misrepresentation of Dr Offit’s own words:

Golden 1 Offit 10000 vax petition

In 2011 – and in the following years – Golden’s own PhD thesis was cited in an unsuccessful defence of Homeopathy Plus! and the latter’s claims that homeoprophylaxis can prevents infectious disease. Indeed, the TGA’s Complaints Resolution Panel noted that Golden’s PHD thesis stated that its own claims were unreliable:

…the effectiveness of the [homeopathic immunisation program] could not be established with statistical certainty given the small sample size…

Golden 5 TGA CRP

In 2013, when the ACCC took Homeopathy Plus! to the Federal Court, and won, Golden’s expert testimony/affidavit was disregarded.

Andrew Patterson is the HAP’s number 1 senate candidate for New South Wales. Patterson’s Twitter stream speaks for itself. Notably, Patterson has made his Twitter stream private in the last few days.

In May 2016, Patterson promoted the anti-vaccine film, Vaxxed, by the disgraced demonstrable fraud, Andrew Wakefield, the king of global anti-vaccinationism:

HAP 2 Vaxxed tweet

This article comes via the NVIC, the US’s premier anti-vaccination organisation:

HAP 3 NVIC tweet

This article denying the theory of herd immunity comes from Marco Caceres, an anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist:

HAP 4 Caceres tweet

This article argues against the influenza immunisation:

HAP 5 flu shot tweet

This article argues against the life-saving HPV immunisation:

HAP 6 Gardasil tweet


The HAP is open about its anti-fluoride stance. But, here’s a post from HAP national spokesperson Jason Woodforth’s Facebook profile to show just how anti-fluoride they are:

…mass poisoning…

HAP 12 Woodforth Brockovich

The Argumentum ad brockovichium. Nice.


Yesterday the HAP stated they have no policy on chemtrails:

HAP 13 no chemtrails policy

Well, they are sort of correct. They’ve had no policy on chemtrails in 2016. But, they had one last year:

HAP 1 2015 tweet chemtrails Patterson

Please, everyone, vote with your family’s health in mind.


Update July 2 2016

Included here are some more Facebook posts from the state and national executive members of the Health Australia Party.

Judy Cooke is the National Secretary:

HAP 14 Judy Cooke Dingle antivax post

HAP 15 Judy Cooke 2013 vaccines chemtrails

Catherine Chan is the NSW State Secretary:

HAP 16 Catherine Chan black salve

Cathy Nolan is the Queensland State Secretary:

HAP 17 Cathy Nolan NVIC

HAP 18 Cathy Nolan


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