Leaked email shows Health Australia Party suffering post-election implosion

Luckily for Australia the anti-vaccine, anti-fluoride, pro-baby-cracking Health Australia Party did not do very well in the 2016 federal election. Not even the donkey vote got them across the line in NSW, as was feared.

The current Senate first-preference tally shows the following totals for the states in which the HAP ran candidates:

NSW – 39,863

VIC – 12,591

QLD – 8,200

WA – 3,784

Clearly, the donkey vote has an impact in elections; Australia’s public health dodged a disease bullet.

On July 10 2016, the HAP announced that there was significant news coming:

HAP 21 big announcements

The next day, one member commented on what this news might be:

HAP 25 email to members

Indeed, yesterday, an email was sent out to HAP members from a clearly disgruntled party founder, Andrew Patterson, in which Patterson announced the departure of both himself (the Registered Officer) and co-founder, Judy Cooke (the National Secretary), from the party.

Patterson cited “negative attacks” and “recriminations and blame” from the National Executive for the decision to break from the party.

A copy of the email was leaked to us which we include, here*:

HAP 24 Patterson Cooke email resignation July 11 2016

Meanwhile – last night – the executive of the Health Australia Party continued to attract controversy, to the detriment of public health, by defending the anti-sunscreen claims made by television cook, Pete Evans:

HAP 22 Evans sunscreen

HAP 23 Evans sunscreen

Evans’ comments received immediate condemnation from medical groups, and others who have suffered from skin cancer.

ABC journalist, Mark Colvin posted his own rebuttal on Twitter:

Colvin 1 post operative skin cancer photo Twitter

Adding, pointedly:

Colvin 2 tweet follow up

*Andrew Patterson and the Health Australia Party were contacted for comment but none was provided.


Update July 13 2016

Last night, after the publication of this post, the Health Australia Party published an explanation to its members. Clearly, the dishonest and juvenile behaviour exhibited by HAP is an indication that they are eternally unfit for any public office:

HAP 26 after implosion

HAP 27 after implosion

HAP 28 after implosion

As an avid follower of anti-vaccine crackpot Cyndi O’Meara and anti-vaccine crackpot Peter Dingle (remember his poor, late, ex-wife, Penelope, who needlessly died in agony, with his assistance?), I would  heartily endorse their candidature for HAP.


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