Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network to change its name again?

The discredited and disreputable anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – formerly the Australian Vaccination Network – which has a public health warning against its name, is reported to be holding a “special general meeting” this coming Saturday, September 3 2016, in which another change of name is to be tabled for discussion.

The AVN had previously been ordered to change its name by Fair Trading NSW. It was found that “Australian Vaccination Network” did not honestly convey the true intent of the despised pressure group.

Commenting on a post in the Anti-Vaccination Australia Facebook group, antivax activist Dan DeBuriatte has noted the upcoming meeting:

The AVN have a special general meeting on Saturday to discuss a name change. I’d say there was something going on in the background but I am happy to wait until they are ready to tell us what it is…

AVN 7211 AVA De Buriatte name change August 28 2016

DeBuriatte’s comment appeared in a post in which other anti-vaccinationists questioned the whereabouts of hundreds of thousands of dollars which were pledged to the AVN, for an alleged High Court challenge to the No Jab No Pay legislation:

AVN 7212 AVA Colak where donated money gone

Of course, no amount of name-changes will ever rid the AVN and its leader, Meryl Dorey, of this:

AVN 6792 Public Warning HCCC



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3 Responses to Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network to change its name again?

  1. Mike says:

    Well judging by the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, I would think the name change will be something pretty simple – probably just changing from “AVN” to “BVN”.

    Bahamas Vaccination-skeptics Network.

    • Winston O'Boogie says:

      Just Anti-Vaccination Network would have sufficed. But Dorey didn’t want to admit they were antivax. What an imbecile.

      BTW, Lizzard (Hempel) is back on FB, and just as full of crap as her other demented profiles. Blocking that loon is paramount.

  2. Stephen says:

    One hopes the SGM on 3 September will be an opportunity to ask direct questions about legal firms, lawyers and expenditure of donations Any sensible person will not be placated with entirely false claims about a need for secrecy.

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