Anti-Vaccination Australia trolls still attacking Light for Riley

One of the most vile online acts is perpetrated by conspiracy theorists known as Sandy Hook Denialists, or Sandy Hook Hoaxers. These conspiracy-theorist liars attack the families of children who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In the eight years I have been following conspiracy theorists, it’s these Sandy Hook liars who elicit immediate and universal revulsion. And rightly so: they are so beyond our understanding of repugnant that it leaves one speechless. Families have even received death threats from these excreta.

In the eight years I have been following conspiracy theorists, anti-vaccination liars have targeted families of babies and children who have have died from disease like measles, whooping cough, and chicken pox.

These anti-vaccination liars have trolled memorial pages alleging horrific untruths: that these babies did not exist; that these babies and children were meant to die because they were weak; that the babies died because the parents had them immunised at birth; that the babies died because they were not breast-fed; that the parents are paid pharma shills; that the parents are crisis actors; that the stories of deaths were fabricated in order to fit into some government eugenics program; it goes on and on.

These attacks are orchestrated from the top of the anti-vaccination movement, the leadership of which incites its acolytes with the impetus to inflict harm on already grieving families.

These anti-vaccination liars are no different, in substance, to Sandy Hook liars. They should be accorded the same treatment. I’m still waiting for the watershed precedent where these liars get prison time for their online targeted hate. It will come. The law is lagging in its application, even though the laws are already there to apply.

Dianne Hastie – of Perth, Western Australia – is a member of the rabid antivax group, Anti-Vaccination Australia; AVA is administered by its founder, Belgin Sila Arslan/Colak.

Attacks on bereaved families are commonplace in anti-vaccination groups and, whenever there is a spike of trolling on memorial pages, one can place a safe bet that there has been an orchestration of trolling and hatred within an antivax group. It usually doesn’t take long to find the source.

On May 3 2017, Hastie posted this in Anti-Vaccination Australia; admin Arslan has allowed this post to remain published:

I’m I the only person sick of hearing about Riley yes it’s sad but it’s the same child over and over again and mum is clueless. What about all of the vaccine injured kids do they all have pages please share your pages below for me to follow and spread your stories. I can guarantee there is way more vax damaged then there is the other way. What about Maisons mum does she have a page?

The AVA members continued their ill-informed attacks. Hastie admitted to directly trolling Catherine Hughes, via Facebook private message, just like the antivax cult has been doing for two years:

I messeged her this but had no response she has seen it. I think if it wasn’t true she would have responded accordingly putting me in my place for questioning her.

This is Hastie’s screenshot of her disingenuous private message; to bereaved parents, this JAQing off – Just Asking Questions – is particularly hurtful:

So sorry for your loss babe…

This is the true face of the anti-vaccination movement. This is what they do. This is what they continue to do. Respect them accordingly.


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