Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network launches another vile attack on parents of deceased baby boy

The anti-vaccination pressure group the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network has decided that it is on a winner now that it is openly and directly attacking bereaved parents who advocate for the betterment of public health.

This puts to rest the previous dishonest claims from AVN founder and professional committee member Meryl Dorey, who stated, falsely, in 2013, “I never have and never will harass or hurt a grieving parent.”

Today the AVN went after Catherine Hughes from Light for Riley, again, because this is what Meryl Dorey, AVN president Tasha David, and their members do now. Catherine Hughes’ crime? She was given an advisory position on a university-based research group. From the group’s website:

What is SKAI?

SKAI stands for Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation. SKAI is a three-year research project that is investigating vaccination communication and developing resources to share information about childhood immunisation.

Given the successful and wide-ranging impact the Hughes have had on the provision of immunisation, especially maternal whooping cough boosters, one would argue correctly that Catherine Hughes rightfully takes her place in an advisory role for this research project.

Catherine Hughes explains:

I am happy to be a volunteer member of numerous committees. I am passionate about having a positive impact on immunisation research and love sharing the insights I have gained from speaking with parents at parenting expos and online.

My role is never as an expert, but as a parent advocate. I really believe it is important for community members to have a say in health research, because the research has an effect on the whole community.

Of course, none of this matters to anti-vaccination activists. Here’s the threads from the AVN’s official Facebook pages, today.

From the AVN’s official Fans page, the anonymous, courageous admin “VC” kicks off the conspiracy mongering:

This is seriously dodgy. Catherine Hughes has now been appointed to govt advisory committee. VC

Anne-Marie Koelewyn And Catherine Hughes ‘Light for Riley’ is part of the group…………. This is just ridiculous …..

Rixta Francis Bizarre is the only word I can think of to describe this. You can’t make this stuff up.

Jo Fletcher You’re right it’s deliberately done to benefit particular interests.

Clyde Shelton is a fake name used by Western Australian concrete cutter Jason Van Krieken. Make sure your families and friends are aware of Van Krieken’s callous activities.

The AVN admins “VC” and Dorey openly attack Catherine Hughes in response to one of Catherine’s defenders:

Clyde Shelton I’d call her out for what she is, a big pharma sock puppet!

Donna Harris Kay Bryan the pro vaccine community make light of other family’s loss and death of a child daily. If you lose your child to a vaccine related death and speak about it you are vilified. So don’t come on here high and mighty suggesting how we should act.

Perhaps join another group.

Fans of the AVN Kay Bryan She doesn’t care about others, Kay Bryan – if she did, she would care about those who have lost children to vaccination. She doesn’t. We care about ALL children and want healthy, happy, intelligent kids who are able to live up to their potential. What do you want?

MD [Meryl Dorey]

Fans of the AVN Kay Bryan, the article is about corruption. What was the real reason for the fast-tracked WA pregnancy vaccine program? What are Catherine Hughes qualifications to sit on an advisory committee? Is a person who mocks a segment of the population an appropriate person to be sitting on a govt advisory committee? BTW, how was the death of Riley Hughes avoidable? VC

The AVN then deepens their attack on Catherine Hughes. claiming that the Light for Riley campaign – based on the death of four-week-old baby boy Riley Hughes, from whooping  cough – was “entirely orchestrated” in order to push vaccines:

Kirsty Mckenzie Its getting out of hand.To much dodgey going on.

Sumukhi Dasi An emotionally charged uneducated scienceless twit ( they’ll most likely chuck her an honorary Phd) is one of a handful of people making scientific decisions that will affect all Australians! They have got to be out of their pseudo-science, poisonmongering, cotton pickin’ minds!

Alison Gaffney Who appointed these members? We need to get in touch with them to share or dismay and concern. And yes a have a true rep in place to care about the dangers.

Fans of the AVN Alison, given the WA pregnancy vaccine program was not initiated in response to the death of Riley Hughes, the logical conclusion to draw is that Light for Riley was entirely orchestrated from the start. I will be writing to my representatives to alert them to this, because they have been comprehensively deceived. VC

The reader will notice that one commenter loved the Sumukhi Dasi comment. That commenter was the AVN page admin:

On the AVN Inc. page, the anonymous, courageous admin “VC” continued:

This is seriously dodgy. Catherine Hughes has now been appointed to govt advisory committee. VC

AVN members illustrate that they know as much about conflicts of interest as they do about vaccines:

Sabine Sa Val Fascinating indeed if true….and not surprised….had a hunch about this….

Jamie Elizabeth Crook Australia has officially been handed to HELL in a handbasket

Jamie Elizabeth Crook complete conflict of interest…. disgusted

Janis Cole The ladies in this group would eat her for dinner (without need to spit the bones out) which is why they shut down the conversation with Ex/Anti Vaxxers
Well educated passionate people 💗💗💗 – keeping up the fight for kids everywhere 

Time to shut down this grotesque organisation which has the infliction of pain as its only driving factor. This organisation needs to be immediately deregistered in the interests of public health and safety.


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