There is always a cost with anti-vaccination misinformation

On Tuesday 25 October, a commenter on the AustralianVaccination Network Facebook page asked this question:

Hi, are you able to direct me to some information on the tetanus vac? we have not vaccinated our 15 month old at all to date but we are starting to think about this vaccination as our son becomes more and more active. Thanks for your help.

One day later, Meryl Dorey answered this question in a manner to which we have become accustomed:

Hi [***] – take a look at the AVN shop – there is an article there by Dr Kris Gaublomme on the tetanus vaccine that I think you will find helpful – it is available as a download.

Knowing the answer in advance, I thought I should double-check: indeed, it is available in the AVN’s online shop, for $2.50.

Also, knowing the answer in advance, I thought I would check the internets for a version which is, well, free (although no less misinforming). Failwhale comes up with the goods, again:

This sort of money grab is not unusual for Dorey. Although I am not insinuating any form of copyright infringement, or theft, on her behalf (this time); Dorey likes to sell things which are freely available, even when she steals them.

For accurate information regarding Tetanus (a preventable and lethal condition), and the vaccine available in Australia to prevent this infection; please see:

The Australian Immunisation Handbook section on Tetanus.

Do not get your vaccination information from anti-vaccination organisations.

Your child’s life may depend on it.

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