At the AVN it is acceptable to harass a grieving family.

This will only be a short post.

One week ago I emailed Meryl Dorey asking her if she was going to stand by her claim to eject from the AVN any person who has harassed a grieving family.

Good day Mrs Dorey

Can you please advise me as to when Andrew MacDonald, of Brighton, Queensland, will be “ejected” from your organisation?

Can you please advise when this has been done?

I will take a lack of response to indicate the refusal on your behalf to take this action.

Kind regards…

This screenshot was attached to the email. It shows the text of the email MacDonald sent to a grieving family as well as Dorey’s statement:

One week (and some hours) has now passed since Dorey received my email.

No response has been provided by Dorey. I guess we have the answer.

If Meryl Dorey decides to enlighten us as to her decision, I will add an update on this post.

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  2. Dan Buzzard says:

    Dorey has long given up responding directly to Skeptics. The AVN is a very cult like organisation so no one is going to be kicked out for attacking people who don’t agree with their ideology. We can expect to see more of the AVN members deplorable behaviour in the future.

  3. No doubt Dorey would claim it’s not harassment, but condolences from him… or they… or whatever’s going on in his head.
    I do hope Dr. Brian Martin finds room for such examples in his Uni of Gothenburg presentation on the nasty tactics of those who oppose the AVN.

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