Why does Meryl Dorey refuse to respond for her demonstrable mistruths and false accusations?

Meryl Dorey refuses to answer her critics. She will play this out for as long as she is allowed. I refuse to allow Dorey to continue to ignore the evidence against her claims and accusations. I’m a little stubborn with things like this. The media should do the same. The media should be paying very close attention to the libellous and demonstrably wrong claims Dorey continues to make; even after being corrected; even after she has been proven to have committed libel.

So, to ensure that Meryl Dorey cannot claim she is unaware of the claims of her critics, I like to let her know:

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Here is the comment made recently, by Meryl Dorey, on the AVN Facebook page:

Mery Dorey certainly does not care if her actions and words are "illegal, immoral or hurt anyone else".

Meryl Dorey needs to answer for her actions and words, just like any person of integrity would.

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  1. AndyD says:

    While the “need to be aware” comment could be taken as just another general slur against people exposing the AVN, I actually read it as something like “when those people write about the magazines that I have sold you but not delivered, remember what I told you about their lack of concern for your babies.”

  2. Still hearing crickets, I take it? Her “need to be aware” comment is a great example of the increasingly dangerous rhetoric that anti-vaxxers are employing.

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