Jane Beeby is running for local government? Really? That Jane Beeby?

Something funny happened tonight. We found out that Australian Vaccination Network Committee member, Jane Beeby, is running for local government in the Clarence Valley, in Northern NSW. You would remember Jane Beeby from such classics as “may your next shot be lethal one Jason” and “I’m absolutely pro vaccine for septics”.

Montage of Beeby’s lethal desires

So, a few of us decided to go to her campaign’s Facebook page to ask her some questions regarding disclosure to her potential voters about her views and, um, desires.

Of course, the banhammer came out; as did lying about being “impersonated”; suggesting that we are “haters”; refusing to answer some pretty straight forward questions; and, YEEEEEEEAH, the legal threats.

Just so everyone is aware that Beeby is the account holder of the account for which she claims to have been impersonated, here are two screenshots showing that Beeby hasn’t changed one little bit from her dishonest AVN admin days.

From Beeby’s Facebook profile. Posts from Maclean, and has the URL we know so well.

and, the comment from the same profile, on the AVN Facebook page:


So, anyway. Here are some screenshots which everyone should enjoy. The bulk of these were deleted by Beeby. As expected.

BAM! Gone


OH HAI NICOLA BEEBY 🙂 I find it strange that YOUR SISTER is denying all of this.

ZAP! Gone…

ZIPPO! Gone…

ZORT! Gone…

SNUH! I mean, HUH? LEGAL THREATS ALREADY? I hope I have some evidence that this Beeby is the same Beeby that is the sister of Nicola Beeby who was also an admin on the AVN Facebook page…oh wait

Beeby left a few other comments on the wall. But, she deleted other commenters after this little episode.

Oh, did I mention that Beeby attempted to make out that she had no idea what we were talking about? No? Well, Beeby tried to make out that she had no idea what we were talking about:

WHACK! Oh, no wait. It’s still there.

Because belonging to the Committee of an anti-vaccination organisation, and desiring that critics of anti-vaccinationists die from a lethal shot, is not in the public interest, and doesn’t relate to “the job at hand”. Okay.

To all Clarence Valley Councillors, and the Daily Examiner at Grafton: hi there!

Enjoy, Ms Beeby.

Please send all legal correspondence to reasonablehank@gmail.com


Update, five minutes after publishing this post: Beeby has shut down her campaign page.


For some more historical context to the Beebys, and their friends, see this post from Jason Brown: Third episode in a continuing series… Really, it is worth witnessing Jane Beeby tell someone: “gargle with bleach peter, it will help with the smell of shit of your breath”.

Vote 1, indeed.

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0 Responses to Jane Beeby is running for local government? Really? That Jane Beeby?

  1. OH NOES! She appears to have deleted her page?

  2. Love your work Hank….love your work 🙂

  3. Ken McLeod says:

    If anyone doubts that Jane Beeby belongs or belonged to the ratbag anti-vaccination group AVN, see page 2 of the AVN 2009 Annual Financial Statement at http://www.scribd.com/doc/39772086/AVN-Financial-Statement-2009>

    Does anyone really want their community to be represented by this sort of crank?

  4. Ros Byrne says:

    Well done for holding her accountable – something she needs to get used to as a politician.

  5. Mike Both says:

    Nice pickup Peter, I’ll be curious to see what becomes of this. :^)

  6. A politician that is not honest about her background? I’m shocked!

  7. Christine Bayne says:

    Jane was a committee member in 2010 as she signed the 09 annual return presented at the 2010 AGM.

    I have only one question for Jane. I’d like her to explain the approx $90,000 income the AVN received in 2010 by failing to supply sold goods.

  8. Dan Buzzard says:

    This is no surprise. We know how much anti-vaxxers love death and suffering.

  9. Guy Curtis says:

    What flabbers my gaster is the denial when it is clearly the same person. Not just the denial that she is she (although if she admits it she has to admit wishing death on people), but the denial of her beliefs and affiliations. I’ve stood for political office. During the campaign a man rang me up and I was asked my position on separation of church and state, I said I was for it, the bloke I was speaking to said he was against it, I went on to calmly explain why I took that position – I may have lost a vote or I may have gained one with this explanation, who knows. Call me crazy, but I like to know where politicians stand on things so I can make an informed choice, don’t the AVN claim to be all about informed choices? An honest response from Beeby would have been to say, “yes, I am involved with the AVN” and defend why she agrees with them and not with science – she may gain some votes and she may lose some, but the denial is just silly.

  10. Ken McLeod says:

    Can you direct me to her denial of belonging to the AVN please, It should be rather easy to confirm or refute.

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