I can’t think of an innocuous word which has garnered more revulsion than “supposedly”.

In the microcosm which is the battle against anti-vaccination misinformation , “supposedly” attracts more attention than any single word should: this single word is the clearest demonstration of the callousness, cruelty, arrogance, and wilful ignorance which is inherent in the ultra-denialist anti-vaccination movement in Australia.

Listen out for the word in this 3 minute video:


Here is the comment from Meryl Dorey which became one of the driving forces of Stop the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network. From the AVN Yahoo! discussion group April 30 2010. “Supposedly”:

This is the comment for which Steve Cannane was able to extract a notpology from Meryl Dorey. Dorey wasn’t really sorry. She “would be sorry” if any offense was caused.

Just to show that nothing has changed at the AVN, this comment appeared on the AVN Facebook page, on August 15 2012. The commenter is Tristan Wells, who also goes under the pseudonym Punter on other AVN fora. Wells is one of Dorey’s favourite go-to germ theory denialists.

These people deny that babies have died from Pertussis. They blame the parents, or they blame the hospitals. Anything but the deadly bacteria. All in the name of the faith of anti-vaccinationism.

This is the reason a group of people in Australia (Stop the AVN) decided that enough was enough. This group is still growing by the day.

Speak out against these anti-vaccination disease advocates. When you encounter them, hold them to account. Provide your friends and family with accurate, reputable information. Speak up, and speak up strongly. Comment in online fora. Ring radio stations. Write to newspapers.


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  1. I’ve come under a bit of criticism lately for not showing an adequate amount of respect for anti-vaccination liars. Supposedly, I’m the rudest person on the face of the planet because I say nasty things to anonymous liars who are supposedly mothers of children damaged by vaccines.

    I’ll be quite happy to show respect for anti-vaccination liars, but these vile excuses for human beings have to do something to earn that respect. Like ceasing their lying about the dangers of vaccines, stopping the practice of accusing everyone who supports vaccination of being paid for their opinions, ending the continual claims that vaccines cause autism, SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome and maybe just shutting up and stopping their war on healthy children.

    Do some of these things and they might get the respect they supposedly deserve. And I use the word “supposedly” there in the same way they do – to suggest that they deserve nothing.

  2. Vivalesvaccines says:

    I think I love you, Mr. Bowditch. 😛

  3. @advodiaboli says:

    A healthy 19 year old dying right after his flu shot? Why would anyone “report” this to Meryl? Really- think about it. Supposedly she is an authority on vaccines, are we to believe?

    Caring and kindness aside, there are no reports of death attributed to influenza vaccination in Australia. What 2 year old in Brisbane in the early part of 2010? I presume this is Fluvax. In total there was one case in which Fluvax cannot be ruled out by the coroner. Nor can it be ruled in with any more weight. Who is this woman to conclude where experts can’t?

    The 70 year old? Certainly not flu vaccine. To insist this for ones own agenda is bitterly cruel, mocking families and scaring the community. People need answers, not conspiracies. Truth is preferable to lies that evoke blame.

    So what do the authorities say?

    “The TGA is concerned by assertions that a number of deaths resulted from influenza vaccinations. In fact there have been no recorded deaths from influenza vaccine in Australia.”
    August 3rd this year:

    Yet pertussis can be “supposed” as a COD when it is absolutely certain, and flu vaccines made a certain COD when they clinically equal a total of zero. Just who is rabid and vicious, here again?

  4. Rosalind says:

    I have to stop reading Meryl’s stuff. It just makes me so angry. I’ve studied immunology and live in a community. That people would elect not to vaccinate their children is both foolish and selfish. When people say they’re not vaccinating their kids because they think they can just coast by using herd immunity I immediatly think of ‘the little brown hen.’ Selfish, selfish, stupid idiots. They can’t even claim ignorance because every educated and sensible person would tell them to vaccinate, not to mention their doctor.

    • Paula says:

      I have to say I agree completely. I have also studied immunology as part of my science degree. You would have to laugh at some of the claims that the AVN’s members come up with if they weren’t serious.

      Who is this Punter (aka Tristian Wells) anyway. Ive read a lot of his arrogant comments over the last year or so. If he was one of my kids Id lay him over my lap and spank him. Such a disrespectful and hateful person! Of cos hes the first to complain whenever someone disrespects him.

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