Australian chiropractor Laurence Tham to present for US anti-vaccine chiropractic group

One would think that the past year of embarrassment for Australian anti-vaccine chiropractors would be enough for some pause for thought. But, I guess, when someone has the capacity for anti-vaccination belief, one can think anything is appropriate.

Recently the Flying Floreanis™ visited an anti-vaccine chiropractic religious event in California – CalJam – run by well-known deranged chiropractor, Billy DeMoss. Jennifer Barham-Floreani and her husband Simon Floreani even had their pictures taken with anti-vaccine king-pin Andrew Wakefield, as well as the barking mad DeMoss – that’s one huge F-U to the Chiropractic Board of Australia right there.

I guess it’s because Australian chiropractic hasn’t found itself embroiled in enough mockery-laced opprobrium that go-get-’em, practice building obsessed chiropractor Laurence Tham has decided to go over to California to present at DeMoss’ Dead Chiropractic Society (if only, right?). He even tags DeMoss in his post:

Tham 18 DeMoss DCSAnd here’s the event on DeMoss’ site:

Tham 17 DCS June 4 2014Regular readers, or followers of Australian chiropractic, would remember Tham from such posts as, Anti-vaccine chiropractors 41 – The Wellness Evangelicals,  in which we saw that Tham, a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (of course), is/was a member of the anti-vaccination fundamentalist pressure group, the (former) Australian Vaccination Network. Tham is also heavily involved in the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, a research organisation heavily imbued with anti-vaccinationism. In the post we also saw that Tham was effusive in his praise for Australia’s prime anti-vaccine hatemonger, Meryl Dorey. Tham did take some notice after I published that post. This is what you now see when you click on his video which promotes Dorey:

This video should have never existed

This video should have never existed

So I do find it odd that Australian chiropractors who are well aware of the damage their anti-vaccinationism has done to their profession persist in hanging out with people of the calibre of DeMoss.

As a reminder, let’s see what DeMoss has come out with of late. Chiro pride, folks. Chiro pride.

Nothing like a bit of exploitation of your underage marks [redactions mine]?

DeMoss 141 kidDoctors are a danger to your health because they are a tool in the depopulation of the planet…

DeMoss 140 dangerous to go to MDAnd some good old germ theory denial…

DeMoss 139 germ theory denialChiropractic is in some serious trouble.

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