Australian chiropractor’s baby book creates antivaxers – in their own words

Registered Australian chiropractor Jennifer Barham-Floreani (JBF) is a regular feature of this blog for her unabashed anti-vaccinationism. She regularly presents at overseas anti-vaccination chiropractic events alongside such gods of anti-vaccinationism as Andrew Wakefield, Barbara Loe Fisher and Billy DeMoss (I’ll include a list of blog posts at the end of this post). JBF featured in my most recent chiropractic blog post, only three weeks ago:

When the CBA made its August 2013 declaration against anti-vaccination misinformation, Jennifer Barham-Floreani brazenly stated in public –  the very next day – that she would not be complying with the CBA’s demands. And she’s still registered, for some reason:

But high-profile chiropractors say they will continue providing information about both sides of the vaccination argument.

Chiropractor and author Jennifer Barham-Floreani says it will not stop her colleagues from giving patients advice.

“Chiropractors will certainly be working towards making sure that the information that they convey to parents is the latest, up-to-date information that presents both sides of the vaccination debate,” she said.

JBF and her husband, registered chiropractor Simon Floreani, are/were professional members of the thoroughly disgraced antivax organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. Only last year Simon Floreani was cautioned by the Chiropractic Board of Australia for having anti-vaccination paraphernalia on show at the Floreani business, Vitality. It is in that blog post I included a very brief rundown of the anti-vaccine chapter in JBF’s baby book, Well Adjusted Babies:

Also seen on Catalyst, in the Floreani business, was Jennifer Barham-Floreani’s book Well Adjusted Babies, which contains a 40-page anti-vaccine chapter so rife with misinformation it would almost make Meryl Dorey blush (almost). Notable citations in the chapter are ex-Dr Rebecca Carley, Not-a-doctor Viera Scheibner, the NVIC, Jim Carrey, “British vaccine expert Andrew Wakefield” (I’m serious), and homeopath Isaac Golden. Golden is cited, of course, as an authority on the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis. We now know Golden’s reputation was officially trashed in the recent Federal Court case in which the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission succeeded against Homeopathy Plus!, the court finding that Homeopathy Plus! “engaged in misleading conduct and made false or misleading representations regarding the effectiveness of the whooping cough vaccine and homeopathic remedies as an alternative”. I would argue strongly that Barham-Floreani is doing precisely the same thing.

To quote the Barham-Floreani gibberish which no longer even borders on reckless endangerment; it is a stark example of it, fit for inclusion in any dictionary:

Homeopathic vaccinations are an effective and safe alternative to conventional innoculations and warrant your investigation. [p380]

One can only hope the Chiropractic Board of Australia has read the Barham-Floreani chapter on immunisation. I’ll even send them a copy. I am imagining they will need it.

JBF’s anti-vaccine book even got a run in Mamamia, where it was disclosed that Miranda Kerr’s people – Kerr being a friend of the Floreanis – ordered the removal of a testimonial she gave which appeared on the book’s cover, as well as the removal of her quotes from all promotional material, like this:

JBF 55 Well Adj page Miranda Kerr June 23

The Floreanis are still the stars of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, as you can see from the recent CAA Annual General Meeting. They are The Teflon Two of Australian anti-vaccinationist chiropractic.  The CBA appears unable to touch them. Or unwilling. Or inept.

This brief history of the Floreanis was brought about by a  post which was made in the secret anti-vaccination Facebook group, Vaccine Free Australia (VFA). The group is hardly secret. It has appeared in multiple media articles over the last two weeks, and it has a membership of over 4000 people.

On December 16 2015, only four days ago, a Perth anti-vaccination activist started a thread singing the praises of JBF’s book, and attacking Mamamia for their June 2015 article:

Lara Warwick  Dear Mammamia, thank you for giving publicity to the book ‘Well Adjusted Babies’. Had you not said anything I wouldn’t have noticed it in a book store recently. Even though your publicity was negative, I assure you this book will be shared, and used positively. Because of you, I was able to read this book with a smile on my face knowing you had led me to it. 
Thanks! 😘 (maybe I should actually send this to them).


JBF is herself a member of the rabidly anti-vaccine Facebook group:

JBF 67 VFA member

The members of VFA quickly responded with their glowing testimonials of the book, its anti-vaccine chapter, and their local chiropractors who recommended the book and its anti-vaccine message.

Tammy Bennett, from just north-west of Hobart, noted the “discreet” anti-vaccination message of the book:

Tammy Bennett Saw this in my Chiro’s office… very good read! Apparently the Chiro’s got ‘in trouble’ by their association recently for having anti-vax literature in their office waiting rooms and have been aadvised to remove it… but this book is discreet, love it!

Julia Page, from Queensland’s Gold Coast, also noted her chiropractor’s influence:

Julia Page  Mine has it, too 🙂

Viki Punos, from Perth, noted that her chiropractor discussed his anti-vaccination beliefs with her, including that vaccines were the “cause” of some condition in her child:

Viki Punos  I took my daughter to the chiro recently, first thing he asked was “is she vaccinated?” I answered yes (this is my oldest vaxed to 4yrs) he replied “that could be the cause”…then went on to explain that he was anti vax

Viki Punos  We got talking as his wife and I were pregnant at the same time. It’s not often you bump into people with similar views.
But, having said that, even the form I had to fill out asked the question if she was vaccinated and up to which point…

Antivaxer Louise Iris Laval gave the anti-vaccine chapter a glowing review:

Louise Iris  I don’t follow everything the author wrote about but found the vaccine section excellent

Kelly Santic, of Darwin, confirmed that her chiropractor also recommended an anti-vaccine book written by US antivax chiropractor Tim O’Shea, called The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is Not Immunization:

Kelly Santic  Chiro also told me to have a look at book called Ticklish and The sanctity of human blood..

Brisbane anti-vaccine activist, Jay Dee, concurred:

Jay Dee  Love the sanctity of human blood

Warwick – in reply to Sydney’s Aimee Buhagiar – stated what the CBA appears to be unable to find out for itself; JBF’s book “makes a strong case against” immunisation:

Aimee Buhagiar  Does she sat to vaccinate or ?

Lara Warwick  Pretty much doesn’t condemn either side, encourages your own research, and makes a strong case against it.

Jax Treea, of Rockingham Western Australia, confirmed that JBF’s book helped her “solidify” her anti-vaccine beliefs:

Jax Treea  Great book helped to solidify my decisions

Ross Cole, of New South Wales, believes that JBF’s book is “written by a doctor”, which it is not:

Ross Cole  And written by a doctor unlike mamamia’s posts

Heather Ellson, of Brisbane, noted the influence the book had on her whilst pregnant:

Heather Ellson  Loved that book when pregnant 🙂

Di Artio Lasala, of Melbourne, first saw the book at her chiropractor’s business:

Di Artio Lasala  Love that book! Saw it in my chiro’s waiting room and I then bought it.

Warwick, of Perth, repeated the positive claim, made above; that the vaccine chapter of the book is “excellent”:

Lara Warwick  I don’t agree with everything in the book, but her chapter on vaccines is excellent.

Hollie Boyd, of the Gold Coast Queensland, also gave the book’s anti-vaccine chapter the thumbs-up:

Hollie Boyd  I totally agree!
My mum bought this for me when I had my daughter almost 3 years ago

Kristie McDonald, of Melbourne, claimed that her chiropractor gave her a copy of the book when she was pregnant:

Kristie McDonald  My chiro gave it to me as a gift when pregnant… Loved it…

Rachel Baker, of Ringwood Victoria, also claimed that her chiropractor gave her a copy of the anti-vaccine book, when she was pregnant:

Rachel Baker  Same!

Natasha Daubney, also of Perth, claimed that she was also provided a copy of the antivax book by her chiropractor; when she, too, was pregnant:

Natasha Daubney  I was gifted this book by my chiro in my last pregnancy. I must pull it out and read it some more!

Nickie Fawkes, of Brisbane, just wanted to tell the world what she thinks of Mia Freedman:

Nickie Fawkes  Mia shitman troll

Bec Cameron, of Perth, purchased the anti-vaccine book due to the recommendations from the anti-vaccine VFA Facebook group:

Bec Cameron I just got this book two days ago 🙂  curtesy of this groups suggestions xx

Amanda Barton, of Queensland’s Hervey Bay, noted how the anti-vaccine “bible” impressed upon her decision-making process:

Amanda Barton  BEST BOOK EVER! It’s my bible and it helped me make a lot of amazing decisions x

Jasmin Vesnaver, of Bunbury Western Australia, attacked Mia Freedman, whilst noting that Ms Freedman is not a doctor; surprisingly just like Ms Barham-Floreani is not a doctor:

Jasmin Vesnaver  I’ve read some of this book and it’s great! Hahaaaaa suck shit mammamia!!!!!

Jasmin Vesnaver  Seriously, it’s come to that point where if mammamia suggests it, I avoid it! If she ridicules something, I’m probably gonna love it!!!!

Jasmin Vesnaver  Can we just add that the author is probably more qualified than Mia Freedman? Is Mia freedman a doctor now?

Rabid anti-vaccination activist Prue Neiberding, of Trafalgar Victoria, calls JBF’s book her “Baby Bible”:

Prue Neiberding  I’m pretty sure this is the one Orlando Bloom’s ex was ridiculed for praising. I call it my Baby Bible

Natalie-anne Brewer, of Queensland’s Bray Park, stated that her chiropractor recommended the anti-vaccine book, at the time of the birth of her child:

Natalie-anne Brewer  I was recommended this book by our chiro when my baby was born but haven’t been able to afford it. I check in op shops every time I go but doubt anyone will be giving away such a gem of a book.

Abbie Fetter, of Bridgetown Western Australia, likens the JBF book to another book called How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, which was written by anti-vaccine US doctor, Robert Mendelsohn:

Abbie Fetter  Great book. A must have for all mums. Also “How to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor”

Clinton McCauley is a chiropractor based in Mt Barker South Australia. McCauley was also a board member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia South Australia from 2011-2013. He tags Barham-Floreani in the VFA group, drawing her attention to the “awesome testimonials”:

Clinton McCauley Jen Barham Floreani awesome testimonials here!

JBF 68 VFA McCauley testimonials

Some readers may remember the callous anti-vaccine chiropractor, McCauley, from a previous post in which it was shown that he cruelly shares anti-vaccine memes which include the photo of a deceased baby boy.  The photo of that baby boy is being used without the permission of that baby boy’s bereaved parents:

McCauley 1 Riley juxtaposed with another dead baby

Finally, the VFA thread concludes with Stephanie Cowper, of Cairns Queensland. Cowper credits Jennifer Barham-Floreani’s book with starting her on her anti-vaccination journey:

Stephanie Cowper  This is the first book I read which got me questioning vaccines. A fantastic read which I have passed onto friends.

Rachel Baker, of Ringwood Victoria, states – in reply to Cowper – that the book had the same initial impact on her decision to follow the anti-vaccination path:

Rachel Baker  Same!

I have left out many comments which were solely testimonials for the book.

This keeps happening. I have nothing to add. So, I’ll just repeat what I said at the beginning of 2015:

Why is it left to members of the public to do anything about these outliers to reason and evidence? We’ll certainly know what internal action is being taken when it is consistently made available for the public, to whom the CBA owes the greatest duty of [public health and] safety.

In general, if the public doesn’t know which chiropractors are practising non-evidence based malarkey and worse, such as anti-vaccinationism, then, how can the public make an informed decision about their choice of chiropractor?


Update December 30 2015

On December 8 2015 anti-vaccine crackpot Billy DeMoss uploaded a Simon Floreani interview to his YouTube channel. Floreani gives a glowing plug for DeMoss’ anti-vaccine event, CalJam. CalJam features a cornucopia of anti-vaccinationists and conspiracy theorists, including Andrew Wakefield, Sherri Tenpenny, Tim O’Shea, Alex Jones, Dane Wigington (chemtrails guy), amongst the line-up of public health menaces.

At 10:00 in the Floreani interview, Floreani plugs their book, Well  Adjusted Babies, and makes some surprising claims about its vaccine chapter. I’ve kept a copy in case the video  gets deleted:

Floreani: We’ve written a leading edge, best selling book with vaccine topics in it that has been vetted by the Government and put forward as one of the only books that chiropractors can actually use to talk about the “v” word.  But, at the same time that’s  one of the only books in the world that is rivaling what to expect when you’re expecting and getting into the ears of the parents…coming from Oz where…

DeMoss let’s have the title of the book

Floreani Well Adjusted Babies…

DeMoss Right, right, right…

Floreani …is allowed to be used in this country and yet this is the country where we’re not supposed to talk about the topic, so, of course, with that balance of some heavy regulation and some big hater groups who are funded by Big Pharma, we  just let it roll, because like I’ve heard you say a million times, if you don’t receive some scrutiny then you’re not important…

DeMoss …you’re not doing anything. If you’re not rocking the boat, I mean…


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