Antivaxers Gone Wild 2 – more tribute pages!

Two days ago I published a post about a new Facebook page which has been created in my honour by the Victorian anti-vaccination lobby, called The Unreasonable Wank.

Well, they were so happy with their efforts they’ve made two more.

First up, showing their range of comedic talent, there is…Unreasonable Wank. Nailed it.

The about page:

Watch this space.
Wink wink, wank wank.

UW2 1 about wink wink wank wank

This bizarre page, which we must remember was created to bring down this blog, as well as to further the cause of Australian anti-vaccinationism, is as equally cringe-inducing as its namesake:

Lynette Kennedy At last he is finally EXPOSED!

Unreasonable Wank Well baby, im quite fond of exposing myself – but only the good bits…. Want to find out more?

UW2 4 page Kennedy

Then there’s…oh man:

Do you want a hot load?

UW2 6 hot load page



***Bangs dick on table***

UW2 5 page posts

The posts to page…oh boy:

I wank all over people. Wink-wink, wank-wank

UW2 3 Trahan

Vogon poet laureate of the anti-vaccination lobby and long-time member of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, Christine Phethean, makes an appearance:

Christine Phethean 

Buffing the Banana
Holding Your Sausage Hostage
Jackin’ the Beanstalk
Rounding up the Tadpoles
Slap Boxing the One-Eyed Champ
Spank the Frank
Applying the hand brake
Attacking the one-eyed purple-headed warrior
Auditioning the finger puppets
Boxing the bald champ
Charming the snake
Checking for testicular cancer
Choking Kojak
Squeezing the cream from the flesh Twinkie
Straddle your paddle
Taking matters into your own hands
Teasing the weasel
Thumping the pump
Tickling the pickle

UW2 1 Phethean

Brett Smith, the anti-vaccination lobby’s sexist thug, also chimes in:

Lucas Jackson Kelly

Special shout out to Reasonable Hank. He’s just found out there is a Measles Outbreak in Sydney!!!! Run to the Hills, Run for your Lives!!!

UW2 2 Brett Smith

Strangely enough Christine Phethean and Brett Smith both have me blocked on Facebook.

The second tribute page is named, outrageously, Reasonable Hank.

Here’s the about page:

Hi, I’m Hank and I’m reasonable. Really, its true. Other people like me, so there! When was the last time you were as validated as I am every day?

RH1 1 about

Then there’s the posts:

RH1 posts

Hands up who broke the 12 year olds.

About reasonable hank

I'm reasonable, mostly.
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