‘The weak are meant to die of infectious disease’ – chicken pox party mum

Hollie Singleton is the anti-vaccination activist Brisbane mother who has become infamous in the last few days for being the person who wants to infect children with chicken pox, by holding chicken pox parties. Singleton has been roundly condemned by every reputable health department, medical association, health professional and politician who has been sought for comment.

Singleton was even allowed to Gish Gallop her way through a very soft Sunrise interview, just this morning:

Singleton 1 Sunrise party scrapped

“Each to their own”, David Koch stated at the end of the outrageously inept interview.

Each. To. Their. Own.

This is Hollie Singleton’s view on death eliminating “the weak.” Each to their own.

This is Hollie Singleton, commenting in the Vaccine Free Australia Facebook group, on December 12 2014. Read through this a few times to see exactly what she is saying:

Truth as I see it is too harsh for most to accept: illness keeps population in control and is meant to eliminate the weak and build a stronger species. I’m not liked for that belief, but it is really how I believe we should be understanding our kind.

Singleton 4 VFA December 12 2014

…illness keeps population in control and is meant to eliminate the weak and build a stronger species.

Only two paragraphs up Singleton lamented the lack of community spirit:

The lack of true community is also the problem

But it’s okay for “the weak” to die. There’s a love heart at the end which makes everything better.

This is not the first time we’ve heard such callousness from an anti-vaccinationist, about chicken pox and death. Remember the AVN representative who rang bereaved dad Chris Kokegei, in 2010. From my earlier blog post:

After the Sunrise interview Chris Kokegei received a phone call from his Sunrise contact. They had received a phone call from a woman who claimed that she was also the parent of an injured child, and that she would very much like to talk to Chris. Chris gave the okay for Sunrise to pass on his mobile phone number to the mystery caller, not expecting anything untoward.

The woman rang. She had an American accent and she introduced herself (Chris cannot precisely recall the name given), saying that she was from the Australian Vaccination Network. He had no idea who she was, or what the AVN was about. The woman immediately conveyed her concerns to Chris that he was advocating something which was dangerous and ineffective (the Varicella vaccine), and questioned him as to whether he should be doing this. His advocacy was going to harm more children, he was told. When Chris told her she does not have the evidence to back up her claims, the woman told him to go to the AVN website to find all of the information. The woman also told Chris that his son must have been weak, to have succumbed to such a harmless disease. These things are a matter of survival of the fittest, he was told.

On September 2 2010, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network even mocked the death of Chris’s son, Michael Kokegei: they laughed about his death:

It’s not April Fools today, it’s spring!

AVN 6269 September 2 2010 admin mock the death of a child chicken pox

It is good to see that Singleton is being held to account by another mother, whose son is best friends with Singleton’s son. It appears that Singleton’s son infected Shannon’s son. Shannon also has a brother who is immunocompromised due to chemotherapy: one of the very contraindications Singleton notes in her soft-touch Sunrise interview. Singleton’s hypocrisy would melt steel beams.

Shannon noted, furiously:

The media being “biased” is because the entire medical community feels your chicken pox party is misguided.. exposing your kids and others to unnecessary risks (1% will have serious complications), including shingles, death etc. You over-inflate the risks related to vaccinations, and under-estimate the risks of the disease, as do all anti-vaxxers.. Well, looks like my son is in the 15% of vaccinated kids who can still catch chicken pox… Thanks for nothing. I doubt if we lived in a 100% vaccinated world that he would have caught them off your son. I’m just grateful he’s not immuno-compromised, and I guess we’ll just quarrantine ourselves to stop killing anyone who is…

Singleton 2 profile Shannon

Shannon further outlined her perfect reasons for feeling aggrieved:

My boy has only had pox in the last few days.. it’s within the incubation period of last seeing his best friend. The only kid we know with chicken pox.

…perhaps get your kids vaccinated to reduce the risk in the first place? That, and because Hollie is on national TV boasting about spreading it?? And because my kid’s bestie being the posterchild for not vaccinating, puts my kid’s risk of exposure higher than if his bestie was just another vaccinated kid at school?? And because people like my brother recovering from chemo are at greater risk from decisions like this?? Enough reasons to be a little ticked off??

I blame her for thinking she knows better than her childrens’ doctors and not vaccinating… and then using that as a position to grandstand on, to the detriment of my kids, her kids, my brother, and our community.. I would be lying if it hasn’t made me re-evaluate the relationships between our families. Is chicken pox enough to break up a 6 year old friendship? How about measles? Meningitis?? Would it then be too late??

Singleton 3 profile Shannon cont

Kudos, Shannon. Kudos.

I hope Singleton’s hubris and nonchalance about the welfare of other children will lead Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Health Minister Cameron Dick to consider bolstering Queensland’s health complaints act, to bring it up to speed with the NSW Health Care Complaints Act, which was amended due to the anti-social public health threat posed by Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccination cabal, the AVN.

It may also be time for serious consideration to be given to criminal prosecutions for people who willingly practice child abuse by deliberately infecting children with potentially life-threatening diseases.

Why should we even need to consider this?


Because there are many more people who are willing to abuse children by deliberately infecting them.

From Vaccine Free Australia, on December 12 and 13 2015; Jean macpherson planned on infecting her grandchildren:

Macpherson 2 VFA grandkids

McPherson 1 VFA germs parties

I’ll leave the last word of hypocrisy to Singleton, herself. Singleton is upset with the media, claiming she has been stalked. This is the same person – whose Facebook profile is set to public – who has given interviews to several media outlets, including several television networks, after bragging in the Vaccine Free Australia group (December 7, below), about the benefit to her business from increased media exposure. Now she threatens them with “harassment suits”, whatever they are. From December 14 2015, at approximately 1500 hours:

Singleton 5 VFA media stalking harassment

From December 7 2015; Singleton bragged to her friends about the media exposure she will receive so as to promote her business. She even included a winky face:

Singleton 6 VFA December 7 2015 viral business media

On December 11 2015, Singleton commented on the Brisbane anti-vaccine protest event page:

Yay! I was interviewed today for the Sunday Mail (in Brissy) about Chicken pox, and I’m very happy to keep climbing the media ladder!

Singleton 11 Bribane Protest3 December 11 2015 happy for media

And Singleton was still thumping her arrogant chest regarding live media interviews, on December 14 2015, on her profile, at 2132 hours:

Oh god I’m famous now! If I get a live interview, it’s on!

Singleton 9 profile live interview its on

So, Singleton complained about “media stalking” and “harassment”, on Monday afternoon. Then, only six hours later, she bragged about wanting a live interview. And three days previously she bragged about “climbing the media ladder!”


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29 Responses to ‘The weak are meant to die of infectious disease’ – chicken pox party mum

  1. shellity says:

    If you have a pox party, people will suffer.
    If you tell people pox parties are awesome, people will get upset.
    If you speak to the media, the media will report what you said.
    These are called “consequences”.

    • Andy says:

      Perhaps a further consequence needs to be for informed people to contact Sunrise sponsors to advise them of the dangerous tripe they are passively supporting.

      If it can be done with speaking venues for Tenpenny, it can surely be done with regard to a local repeat offenders like Channel 7, who often seem to put controversy ahead of community interest.

  2. So if her mindset was to be switched, people who die from vaccination are weak and shouldn’t be allowed to live! It’s just disgusting and disturbing

  3. “Truth as I see it is too harsh for most to accept: illness keeps population in control and is meant to eliminate the weak and build a stronger species. I’m not liked for that belief, but it is really how I believe we should be understanding our kind.”
    So batshit crazy it hurts. Infectious diseases can strike down otherwise fit and healthy people too.

    Without western medical intervention I would have died at birth, guess this lady thinks the world would be a better place if I had.

    • Someone on Facebook commented appropriately that, as Singleton wears glasses, this means she is meant to be unable to tell the difference between a stick and a brown snake, on her next bush walk. It’s just the way things are…

      • Yep lets just let nature take it’s course. Her stupidity would be funny if she wasn’t putting lives at risk. But, then I would say that, being the big pharma shill that I am and stuff.

  4. Nancylamb says:

    I find it hard to believe that a mother would prefer that her child suffer, and possibly die, instead of giving him or her a vaccine. A touch of parental sadism . . .

  5. capnkrunch says:

    You have to give her some credit for coming out and saying that the weak should die. At least she doesn’t pretend to be a decent person like some others.

  6. “The outlet I’ve needed to go viral.”
    Irony, you are so delicious. Yes, Holly Singleton, this has indeed ‘gone viral’ and it’s out of control. That’s what viruses do, vaccine preventable or otherwise.

  7. amy says:

    i’d like to know her position on say… any medication at all, ivf, doctors in general

  8. Heather says:

    I hope, when this silly twat gets cancer or some other disease, that the doctors remind her cancer is there to cull the weak, and that chemo isn’t the “natural” way before they kick her to the curb.

  9. Icabod says:

    Certainly no anti-vaxxer believes that their child will be “weak and dies of an infectious disease.” Neither do they believe a “natural” disease will leave their child with and lasting disability. Instead they delude themselves to believe that they are Good and Right and Pure, and Special.

    What but rarely comes out is their disillusion when a child dies from disease.

  10. Joan Koch says:

    Chickpox as a child, shingles as an adult. Chicken pox is a form of herpes… The gift that keeps on giving. As for the comment about controlling the population… How about she explains that to a parent who has lost a child because they have a suppressed immune system and her child has just passed on one their diseases. What an insensitive lout she is.

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  12. Helen Wood says:

    I had chicken pox in the 1960’s at age 5, the disease nearly killed me. I have memories of drifting in and out of consciousness and delirium and the family doctor at my bedside many times, night and day throughout the illness. Then to compound the illness, I then had the measles within days of recovering from the pox. To blatantly claim that Chicken pox or any other contagious childhood disease are mild and then hold so called parties is insane and borders on child abuse. the Anti-vaxer movement is very much like a cult with followers, who have a conspiracy mindset and rely on obscure research articles that have not been peer reviewed or published in respected scientific journals.

    • Lee says:

      “To blatantly claim that Chicken pox or any other contagious childhood disease are mild and then hold so called parties is insane and borders on child abuse.”

      Not borders on, it *is* child abuse. One anti-vax mother recently proudly claimed on Facebook that she burst her husband’s chicken pox blisters and then swapped the insides of her children’s mouths with the contents. Chicken pox in the mouth is often quite painful. These mongrels disgust me.

      • Helen Wood says:

        Yes I agree…….I watched the Sunrise interview and Singleton seems to be after her 15 minutes of fame. Also she is willing to immunise her children for polio and other diseases only confirms that she craves the attention of the media. I have tried to debate immunisation and the crazy belief of the connection with autism with intelligent anti-vaxxer ,or should I say I thought they were intelligent, that was until the spouted that most of their evidence was obtained from YouTube!

  13. Andy says:

    “…illness keeps population in control and is meant to eliminate the weak…”

    Is there a rule book of life somewhere that makes this factoid clear? Who wrote these rules and guidelines for what life is “meant” to be on “meant” not to be? Do the rules include a complete list of which threats we should avoid and which we should just accept as “meant to be”?

    Are seat belts allowed – or are car crashes also meant to eliminate the weak? What about housing and heating and other mod-cons we take for granted? Shouldn’t we just live naked in the forests and let nature decide who lives and who dies?

    Where can we get a copy of the rules?

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