Adelaide antivaxers now hosting chicken pox parties

Fresh from the horror week suffered by the Australian anti-vaccination movement – due to a now world famous chicken pox outbreak at a Brunswick primary school; an antivaxer’s baby being hospitalised with whooping cough; and the infamous, callous Hollie Singleton and her plans to infect other people’s children with chicken pox, at a chicken pox party – members of the anti-vaccination movement are planning another chicken pox party, in Adelaide. The plans are being made in the very same Facebook group – Vaccine Free Australia – in which Hollie Singleton alerted her colleagues to her plans.

On Wednesday December 16 2015, Agnes Dombrowoska of Adelaide informed her anti-vaccine colleagues that she planned to attend a chicken pox party on Friday (tomorrow, December 17 2015, at the time of writing):

Agnes Dombrowoska Question: we are going to a pox patry on Friday. What is the best way to get it? Our girl usually doesn’t get virus and chicken pox is viral

Dombrowska 1 VFA CP

Dombrowoska’s colleagues respond:

Courtney Hebberman As chickenpox is very transmissible,close contact could very well result in infection.
Some people can have a few spots to many.

Allison Walker And just because she doesn’t have any spots, doesn’t mean she wont get it, BTW.

Sylvia Ura Yep very true Allison Walker– my girlfriend had routine pre pregnancy blood work and it showed she had antibodies to chicken pox even though she’d never had the symptomatic form of the illness. She is unvaxxed so thats interesting smile emoticon

Grace Rayner  I’ve never had spots and my mum took me to pox parties as a kid!

Kerry Mazur Same with me

Tammy Bennett Remember it can take up to 21 days for spots to appear, so she will be contagious before then as well.

Agnes Dombrowska I’ll have all my friends over in that time for sure because then it’s immunity for life not some stupid undetermined period

Agnes Dombrowska … I thought it’s only 10 days, good to know

Tammy Bennett Sounds brilliant… my kids and hubby got it from a vaccinated neighbour, but kids get through it sooo much better than adults. My husband suffered terribly… that’s why I truly believe kids should be made to be exposed to this as children and not suppress with vaccines that may or may not produce immunity across 3 shots filled with MSG and guinea pig and human cell tissues… Ewww yuk!

Joanna Castro-Micos Where?? Can we come? smile emoticon

Becky Miles The trolls will love this. Expect the media to find you

Nicole Becker Edwards My friend born in 1969 had no chickenpox as a kid. Lived through all younger siblings having it. Got worried when their own kid got chickenpox (am I gonna get a horrific adult version) … Never got it. Then their next kid got exposed but never developed symptoms. So I guess their family genetics allowed immunity to be developed without any symptoms.

Grace Rayner Hopefully same for my sister and I! Been around it heaps. Never got symptoms.

Sarah Amel D’Amico I was near my brothers as kids when they had chicken pox i never got them but now i have immunity so she may not get them but may get the virus or immunity from bein there if that makes sense

Emma Louise from Melbourne states she also would like  to deliberately infect her children:

Emma Louise I have a 4 year old and 5 month old… That’s too young right? We are in Melbourne PM me if…. Hi trolls Xx

Agnes Dombrowska 4 – 5 y.o. that used to be most common age of getting it. My oldest was 4 at the time when she had it but youngest is 5 now and i dont want to have to deal with it at school times partly because if other families child is immunized with a shot it’s not for life and therefore they can get it and it can effect you for life if a teenage boy gets it.

Allison Walker Thats mumps. Not CP.
There is so much misinformation out there!

Dombrowska 4 VFA

Jasmin Vesnaver Are you ready for the media to knock on your door? Oh boy…the gates are open and the trolls are having a field day!

Leisha Allen mocks the deaths of children who have died from chicken pox and its complications:

Leisha Allen I can’t believe that pox parties are becoming taboo. Those who’ve attended one could probably still remember it as there would have been so many kids it would have beat a birthday party. And then they all got time off school together so there were many days playing at their houses or tucked up on the couch watching disney with some popcorn. Can’t say i remember the itching but i do remember mum painting me with lotion with was lovely. I don’t even remember how i died from it

Dombrowska 7 Leisha Allen

Melissa Huxtable In life….you can drink yourself stupid with alcohol and friends….take an array of drugs….illegal but as the newspapers report…can buy from china…giving folk inside knowledge on how to….can take a plethora of pharmaceuticals…have a range of sexual activities…be poisened by food….happens regularly…watch the most hideous violence and inappropriate behaviours that have negative affects on folk…studied and proven…which the governments allow for such materials to circulate….my family and another family were nearly taken out by a confirmed medical patient…who they still let drive…the authorities did not even bother to tell us any rulings on the case…yet a childhood infection is magnified to surreal proportions…have many folk missed something???
I personally like my family at home when any are sick and prefer not a heap of visitors…however the point is that it is glaringly obvious the agenda that is being pushed regarding childhood vacc.

Deanna Major I’m pretty sure I have seen this already screen shot

[VFA member’s father who is not anti-vaccine] … This brief fact sheet may be of use. It seems that the risk of developing a significant complication from catching the wild virus is much much greater than the risks from being vaccinated.
Chickenpox – immunisation
Immunisation against chickenpox can protect your child from getting chickenpox and from the possible serious…

Melissa Huxtable Unfortunately just giving a shot…vacc…for chickenpox is not limited to the above article…there are many other issues to he considered…ethical… human rights….immune condition of a child…..and a better understanding of health…

Betül Kurt Oruç A chicken pox party, Awesome!

Abbie Fetter I have a friend in USA, that was mailed a lollypop and pair of pajamas used by an infected child. Both her girls got the vius and recovered, as expected. They made sure their diet was as clean as possible and prepared to be home that week.

Dombrowska 8 VFA chicken pos lollipops

I’ll add to this thread as comments come in.

As with our call for the Queensland health complaints act to be bolstered so as to more easily hold health misinformants to account – along with a call to investigate the possible criminal prosecution of those who abuse children by deliberately infecting them with preventable diseases – I would also like the South Australian and Victorian governments to do the same.

These children need stronger health complaints legislation to protect them and their friends from anti-vaccination zealots.

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