A Very Vaccine Free Australian Christmas 2015

Anti-vaccination activists in the secret Facebook group, Vaccine Free Australia, decided they would share some of their favourite one-liners which they use when family members harass, vilify and bully them at Christmas time. Deana Nichols kicked off the November 30 2015 post:

Deana Nichols Gah! Many xmas family gatherings approaching… What’s your favourite one liner to shut down pro-vax talk?

VFA 111 Deana Nichols christmas one liners

Rage-filled anti-vaccinationist – and Meryl Dorey’s favourite member of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics NetworkTristan Wells argued that any good anti-vaccination activist should dare their family to take his vaccine challenge:

Tristan Wells Tell them to take the entire infant immunisation schedule adjusted for their body weight. To give an idea, a 70 kg adult would receive around 400 vaccines over the course of 18 months. If they think that would be a walk in the park then they should take them. If not, they should shut up about other people thinking such a dose might not be such a good idea for their children.

Here is a lump of coal for Wells. He earned it:

coal lump

Wells kicked them off in the right spirit:

Danielle Thompson “Have YOU done 2 years of reading scientific research papers to make decisions on your own child’s health? No? Ok bye”

no idea 1

Danielle Thompson Informed decisions!

no idea 2

Tristan Wells I don’t think that one is very effective Danielle Thompson. What it does it reinforces the idea that research is the key. And (in the minds of vaccine fanatics) who has done all the research? The doctors of course!

So you are reinforcing the primacy of the medical community.

Now I realise that doctors have in fact done virtually no research on this issue but vaccine fanatics assume that they have.

Coal pile

Cherie Proctor Unfortunately it’s true.. They don’t get it… They trust their drs know :/

Leah Ashlyn “This topic is not up for discussion” is a good one.

Belinda Dow I don’t discuss vaccination status with potatoes and then deliver facts to the roast potato you’ll be eating on Christmas lunch passive aggressively

I have no idea what Dow is talking about; so, here is another related potato, available at your favourite First Dog on the Moon website. It’s Ian the Climate Denialist Potato:

Ian the Climate Denialist Potato First Dog on the Moon

Buy your Ian the Climate Denialist Potato, here.
Copyright First Dog on the Moon.

This next one is just dishonest, as we expect from anti-vaccination activists. The mocked up image provided by Christie does not “list death as a possible reaction”. And it does not list “RISKS”:

Donovan Christie Vaccine insert lists ‘Death’ as a possible reaction !

MMR Merck fake package insert

This is what the real Merck MMR II 2015 package insert says:

a causal relationship has not been established…

MMR Merck package insert MMRII deaths not causal

But, back to our amusing Christmas guests:

Crystal Dumais Shut up ! I am eating 🙂

Kate Hunt If they’re so safe, would you like to discuss the $3billion+ that have been paid out to vaccine injury victims in the USA, when 75% of claimants don’t get anything, and only an estimated 1-10% of vaccine injuries are ever reported?

no idea 3

Angela Herd That’s a goody!

Bill Oddie Ecky Thump

No. This is a Goody.

Bec Cameron Let’s agree to disagree. Or… Do you really want to ruin a beautiful day?

tetanus 2015

Tetanus. Ruins days.

Alisha Wood is a registered nurse, as well as a breastfeeding counselor for the Australian Breastfeeding Association, in Brisbane. Wood raises a good point:

Alisha Wood Ask them about their sex life. That sas talk will shut down faster than it takes them to say ‘the science is settled’.

Amanda Carson Lol

HPV photos

Human Papilloma Virus.

Monique Walker “You cannot mass medicate an entire population and expect there to be zero biological fallout. It defies common sense.”



Paul Lobwein “Let’s talk masturbation did you say?” “Sure lets do that I like to …….”   🙂

Crystal Dumais Bahahahaha gold!!

zoster virus cornea Dr Daya Sharma

Shingles. Courtesy Dr Daya Sharma. Can make you go blind.

Jasmina Jak Don’t even get into it.. If they push, maybe just say this is not the time nor place. If they ask again, repeat this is not the time nor place.

whooping cough baby hospital headline 2015

Whooping cough. Never the right time.

Amanda Malady I’m going on a cruise for Xmas to avoid all this kind of crap!lol can’t think of anything worse then being cornered by family and in laws on Xmas day!!! If I was with them, I would say let’s not discuss….unless you have done hours/ years of research and have facts to back up your statement. Not Pharma funded government brainwash….oh, and my child is healthy as you can see, so what’s the problem?????

Measles cruise ship

Measles. Just a boat-ride away.

Camille Kazovic Ask them about their vaccination status. Most adults aren’t up to date with boosters etc and if they aren’t you can use one word – hypocrites!

shingles 2

Shingles. Adults take note.

Nikki Mitchell It’s 100% my/our choice, i’m 110% satisfied with the choice i’ve/we’ve made & i’m really not interested in a debate. How’s your job/house/trip or whatever other boring topic we cover at family catch ups

Diphtheria 2 collected

Diphtheria. Imported into Brisbane after a trip in 2011.

Bernadette Karajic My baby is not going to be that one in a million that dies.
Natural immunity is superior to vaccinations.
It is when I say I am prochoice, so lets leave it at that.


Meningococcal. 100% natural.

Caitlin Withers I’d just laugh really loud and walk away…

Polio calipers woman


Emma Wright Just ignore it. Who’d even talk about vaccination. It’s Christmas. None of their beeswax anyway.

Measles death Wales headline 2013

Measles. Everybody’s business.

Emma Raihania For things like Christmas I would just straight up say we’re never going to agree so I’m not talking about it I don’t want to argue at a family event

Whooping cough Jabbed family

Whooping cough. Courtesy Jabbed.

Sonia Alonie “It’s Christmas, I don’t want to talk about your sick determination to poison babies.”

Meningococcal 2 baby 2015

Meningococcal. Poisons babies.

Pauline MacGibbon Mind your own business! Does it every time.

Chicken pox headline 80 kids

Chicken pox. Everybody’s business.

Jessica Constable I said to my Dad last time he ranted about me and my sister not vaccinating “Keep going Dad and I’ll leave”. He stopped after that. That’s probably only useful on close family though

Influenza deaths headline 2015

Influenza. Thrives in close families.

Sammi Zajko I just say… “im happy to have this conversation with if, after you have done the same amoynt5of research that i have done on the topic. ” shuts them down straight away. Usually the only “research” they have done is watching Sunrise. Lol

Sunrise Riley

Whooping cough.

Natasha Chapman Id rather my child have a natural disease than one inflicted by me!

chicken pox infection

Chicken pox. 100% natural disease.

Crystal Dumais I am anti drugs! I don’t believe my child should be having drugs heheheheheehe  🙂

whooping cough baby ECMO

Whooping cough. Drugs eventually don’t work.

Harrie Truscott i recommend going in with a casual spirit. i tend to stick to history – looking at my family and how we handled childhood illness and if they bring up herd immunity i ask when they were last vaccinated and mention the ‘protection’ time frame and they assumption im an idiot backs away into the back of their brain.

Polio iron lung

Polio. Stuck in history.

Linda Geiger Could you say there are so many reasons it would take too long but I’d be happy to go through it all with you another time. Then have all your stuff printed out ready to go when you do meet up. And maybe mention a few things that really stand out for you. For me it’s hep b for newborns and how the schedule has changed since my day (late 70’s) to name two things.

hepatitis B liver

Hepatitis B. 

Somewhere along the way the whole thing lost its festive, comedy zing. Sorry about that.



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